Friday, February 22, 2008

Sisterly Pride

I just wanna let the whole world know I am proud of my sister who passed the most recent Philippine Nursing Licensure Examinations!!! *woot*


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(picture courtesy of Ian)

We are so proud of you!!! =)

70's Night Out

Despite the problems at home, the toxicity of work and the uncertainties of life in general, last Monday night was a date I had been looking forward to. We just waited for the perfect setting and the lack of work schedule clashes. I don’t want to go into details but I can still vividly remember the memorable and mostly funny moments of that night. It has been a while since I went out at night for fun and it was a welcome change. Besides, it was one Sponge Cola gig I don't wanna miss.

We bought a really late birthday present for Chris. I know last year's Star Wars Trilogy poster present was still much cooler but then again, this year's was just as sweet. This was his reaction when he saw it.

Oh Sh*t!

Hahaha! The gig was a short one. It was a slow set but I like that-- less rock-and-roll-y. My sis even missed it but she surely enjoyed the "after party". We had short talk with the band members but mostly with Yael and Chris. For those who have been asking me if they're nice in person, yes they are REALLY nice. I hope we get to watch another gig soon. Less crowd, more talk.

Oh I haven't tasted the Stormtrooper chocolate cupcakes but they sure smelled good!

Sponge troopers

Yael on vocals

For more info about the personalized cupcakes (they are cute, aren't they?), just go to Gel's Multiply site. All photos courtesy of Ian Roxas (thank you!). =)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finding What's Missing

I'm a bit jaded about Valentine's Day. I have been in a long relationship before but I still see it as a commercialized event. If you asked me what I did on Valentine's Day, I'd tell you I went to work and went home early and slept the day away. It was refreshing. I missed the traffic and the PDA's too! Hahaha!

Maybe my heart is missing because lately my mind's on overdrive. I've been too focused on work that what's left of my so-called social life is distributed to family and really close friends. Everytime I feel the usual heart-thumping followed by cheek-flushing, I'd distract myself. No, I am not giving up on love. I still feel it. I think I just need a jumpstart.

It wasn't a boring Valentine's Day though. I wore black because we had this famous couples costume contest at work and my friends and I joined (and we won!).

Ate Dennis as Harry Fotah and me as Cho Va

hippie (John Lamon and Yoko Sayo) and geeky couples

My shift was actually fun that day. I just enjoyed my officemates' company and it's all good. See more pictures here.

I actually found bits and pieces of my missing heart when I saw this PostSecret Valentine video:

Postsecret: A Valentine Video

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If that doesn't work, just click this link. This really touched me. May we find the love that we need and want, not just on Valentine's, but always.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was waiting for my sister to arrive. I was in the mall near our place. This is what usually happens when I'm bored.

I think I need a long vacation.