Sunday, July 03, 2016


It's sad, isn't it? Almost getting what you want but not quite achieving it.

They say that if it's meant for you, it'll happen. Maybe in some aspects of life, that is true. It still doesn't make me feel better whenever I see photos of happy people and thinking, that could have been me. I could have been a part of that.

I have myself to blame, I guess. I should not resort to looking at Facebook profiles of people who should be a part of my past. I should have known better. I lost count of those who moved on with their lives without me. While I'm here still thinking, at some point in time, I didn't know if my life would be the same without them. Again, it's my fault. I trust so easily. I get drunk and dizzy with the feelings of love and the hopes of romance or unending friendship. Alas, such is life. I have to toughen up. I need to let go of my "almosts". Life's short.