Sunday, July 31, 2005

I did it! :)

Yes, I was able to find that Intel CD-ROM and finally installed the drivers for both video and sound cards! Woohoo! But no, I am not at home surfing the net. Though it's raining, I went to a nearby computer rental shop here to buy a prepaid internet card and I ended up renting. Can't help it. :)

I can't believe my month is almost over. It's August and after that -BER months, then Christmas, then another year is over! Waah! I'm getting old at this...

(pic taken from Potterpuffs)

HARRY Birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

PC-less but Potter-full

Finally the weekend is here.

No, I am not at home, comfortably surfing the net after a tiring week at work. I am renting again. For four days I lost hours of sleeping trying to fix our 6-year-old PC. I have re-formatted and re-installed Windows. The problem is, I tried each CD-ROM and I can't seem to find the sound card driver and video card driver installer (whew!). Sorry to get a bit technical, I just learned a few lessons myself for the past few days. So, we can surf the net but there's no sound and the display looks awful because standard 16-bit color display shows on screen instead of the normal 64-bit. In other words, my monitor only shows 16 colors and it looks bad! Really. How bad? Let's just say, my siblings used the internet last night and they were laughing at what they're seeing. Laughing! After all my hard work... all the lost sleep... *sniff*

Oh well, at least I got to talk with my technical support loads of times this week because he helped me out. I can't believe we got to talk more in that span of four days compared to the previous three weeks!

Last but not the least, I finally finished "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" a couple of days ago! Yay for me! I don't want to put a review in yet. I have to let my sister finish it first and then we'll discuss about it (haha!) and I'll see if I get to write something about it. I know she'll be excited to finally read the book after a hard time in school for the past week... Yes, you read that right the BOOK (not e-book). My cousin Peter wanted to give her a gift and this weekend, she'll be finally buying her first ever hardbound copy of Harry Potter. I wonder now what would happen because all our HP books are in paperback. Sell the hard-bound and buy the paperback next year when it comes out? Hahaha!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

crashing down

Everything came crashing down-- that's what I felt yesterday. I got home and booted my PC and it stuck. I think there is a virus and I cannot even scan it because I could not get to the desktop itself. It stuck in the Windows page and hung for at least 30 minutes. I did some troubleshooting with my personal tech support (a.k.a. him). I will try to do it again today. Last option would be to re-install Windows and bye-bye all files! Waaah! :(

I'm here in a computer shop somewhere trying to print out the last 4 chapters of the "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" ebook. Can you believe how I felt when I realized I could not finish reading because my computer crashed?! It's just frustrating how one relies on ebooks since one cannot afford to buy the real thing. I can't wait for a year to get the paperback!

I gave up troubleshooting the PC since I had to catch some sleep before my much-awaited Gaiman volunteers'/crew dinner. I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was tired. Then I woke up with a fever. So, I informed them I won't be able to come since it was also raining. Hah! And I thought things aren't getting any worse...


I'm feeling better now. I hope everything will be too.

Monday, July 25, 2005

If Only

Right now, I can't a recall a movie wherein the lead actor shed more tears than the lead actress. It was full of male tears and sensitivity that it was a bit ironic they chose a Brit, with their "stiff upper lip and all", to play the male lead role. But the since the lead actor, Paul Nicholls, kinda looked like Jude Law, it was cool. It's a highly-recommended movie date. Oh and while I'm in the topic of dates, it's been almost a month since we last saw each other. I try to not think about it and minimize talking about him. Yes, we still communicate through mobile phone but that's it. I was thinking of watching it with him so he can take some hints on how to make a woman feel loved/appreciated/special. I decided against it. Maybe because of pride. Maybe because I want to save myself from more heartaches brought about by these so-called dates. I watched it alone coz I felt like being alone with myself for a change. I cried inside the theater and I realized it's good I didn't watch it with him lest I look stupid for crying in front of him (again). I can't control my tears when it comes to issues* like that and I don't want to cry in front of Mr. Insensitive (again). I wonder what will happen to us.

Image hosted by
Today, today I bet my life
You have no idea what I feel inside
Don't, be afraid to let it show
For you'll never know If you let it hide

~"Love Will Show You Everything", Jennifer Love Hewitt

Well, there goes my weekend. I plan to finish the Harry Potter ebook before I go to the Monday night. Everyone here is having a holiday because of the SONA. But as people in the call center industry know, there's no such thing as holiday.

According to some scenes in the movie, "In every relationship, there's one who loves more. I don't want to know I'm that one."; "You should learn to appreciate her... Just love her."; "Thank you for teaching me how to love." (Yeah, like the song. Haha!); etc., etc.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

missing Saturday

After sleeping most of my Saturday away and missing Gabe's party (argh! so sorry dear!), I woke up dazed and confused and realized everyone around me is sleeping. It's Sunday already. So much for enjoying my rest days. I'm halfway through it and I just slept it off. Bugger. Instead of a Saturday night gimmick, here I am blogging away with no real point in this entry.

Oh, actually there is. I met with three of my closest friends earlier for brunch after my shift. Two of them is still working in the previous company and the other one is about to start in another company. For almost two years, we were inseparable. After listening to all the rants and more rants and a few raves, I realized that the chemistry is still there after months of not seeing each other. I was glad that we're all the same-- even if we look older or I guess, gauntier. If all friendships are that way, then I'll be able to keep friends forever! :)

By the way, notice how my sidebar's getting crowded lately? Added seconds to our loading time, I know, but I like it. I kinda like it when I know people spend time to visit this blog. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

of e-books and e-jobs

I never thought I would feel this in the middle of the year. I am getting tired of my job. Usually, I say this after a year in a company. But now, I've been in the company for about 5 months and I'm losing interest. If only I can find another one that offers as much as this or more, I'd be happy to apply. I rarely get nice calls from nice people that make me appreciate what I do. Yes, there are valid calls, but when I get these terrible calls, my spirit deflates. These instances make me wish I were in some beautiful far-away place with no worries in life.

If I were to choose I don't want to take calls anymore. Some people think it's easy but it's tiring (and fattening too!) After a while, it gets boring and stagnant. Sure, the pay is pretty ok but I'd rather have a job that pays well, offers benefits, makes me feel good about myself and people appreciate what I do at the same time. If possible, I wanna travel or write or help others or all of the above. Is there such a thing as a perfect job?

Image hosted by

A few days ago, I received an ebook of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" from a good friend. I am not really a fan of ebooks coz I still prefer the traditional ones with their musky, old smell. They make the phrase "curling up with a good book" possible to do. I like to sit in a comfy chair or lay down while I'm reading. I don't want to read ebooks because I get more eye strain from being in front of the PC-- 9 hours for my work shift and 2 or more hours of internet at home. I didn't want to do that... until I got this particular ebook. So now, I have sacrificed 1 or 2 hours of sleeping time just to read a few chapters per day. I ruined my own obsessive-compulsive schedule. My brother even laughs at me whenever I bargain with myself everytime I open another chapter and lose more sleep. I hope I could finish it soon... before my sister gets a break from all her school work. Hehe!

Image hosted by

Isn't this cool? Great article, Faith! :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Saturday Night

I haven't gone to a Sabado night gimmick in a while. In a while, means for years now. This is also the first time I went to a musical gig with my siblings and the first time I shared alcoholic drinks with them. Haha!

Last Saturday, we went to Marikina Riverpark to watch the first anniversary party of Riverbooze Bar. We arrived there quite early after a 2-hour travel from home. I was with my sis, bro and his girlfriend and my brother's bandmates. My brother is a bassist of the Fortress band, who plays there on a regular basis. Good thing they played at about 10:30PM before Cueshe and Hale.

(my brother at the background)

There were fireworks at about 12 midnight. After the fireworks display, Cueshe went onstage and performed their set. Not a lot of people went to have their stuff signed before they went onstage. They actually stayed a table away from us since we were situated near the back stage (a perk of having my brother around). They last song they played was "Stay", their popular single. After the people realized they were huge, fans, mostly girls, stormed the backstage after their performance. At this time, my sister and I were busy sneaking in the backstage to watch Hale set up. They'll be performing after Cueshe.

Cueshe's Ruben and Jay

We saw the members of Hale and found Champ, the lead vocals, picking up his guitar. I said, "Champ, picture naman o." At this time, there were no screaming fan girls yet. They were busy mooning over Cueshe. Then Champ said, "sige ba..." He posed and I went beside him. He has his guitar with him, it was sooo cool! As my sister readied the camera, someone told us (I think it was the manager), "Mamaya na... mamaya na... pagod na ang banda. Pangatlong gig na nila to ngayong gabi..." My smile turned into a frown. I understand. But then I also realized that if I wait until after they performed, I wouldn't have a chance. I am not the stalker-type so I knew I blew it. Darn. Then Champ patted me on the back (yes, he did!) and said, "Mamaya na lang ha..." I just smiled and thanked him for his time.

backstage pass

After this we went over to Cueshe's table. Fangirls already cleared out the scene. They're busy swarming around Hale this time. So, I went to their table and asked Ruben, one of their singers, to have his photo taken with me and my sister. He's really nice and after the photo op, I shook his hand and thanked him.

with Ruben

Hale performed their set including their two hits, "Broken Sonnet" and "The Day You Said Goodnight", some songs from their album and their upcoming single.


I told myself I have to attend one of Hale's future gigs because I have to remind Champ that he owes me a pictorial. Hahaha! I love these days when I forget how boring my life is! =)

For more pictures, click here. I uploaded them in this site because my Multiply site has reached it's monthly limit. Darn.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

do not open

...until July 16, 2005.

window display of A Different Bookstore, Glorietta 3, Makati

Indeed I have opened one today. but it's not my copy. If I were a rich Potter-holic, I would have bought my own, but since my collection is composed of paperbacks, I have to wait for the paperback to purchase one. I have read some spoilers online and I can't wait for next year! Aaaah! Would anyone be able to lend me a copy?

If not, I will be tempted to get a credit card and sell the book after reading it. Hahaha!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

back to living

After the 3-day hullabaloo (and the wonderful July 11 vacation leave), I'm back to my old self-- daily work routine, body aches and pains (from muscle strain due to an embarrassing fall two days ago, menstrual cramps and back aches), lonely moments and the like. That's why I'm always looking forward to planned weekends, events, other geeky/musical gatherings, parties and even the simple hanging out with long-time-no-see friends. I am no party animal but I would love a breather or two just to break my SSDD* lifestyle.

This weekend, if circumstances allow, I might watch my brother's band perform this Saturday in Marikina for Riverbooze Bar's first anniversary SMB party. He's playing bass guitar for Fortress. They'll be one of the front acts for well-known OPM bands like Hale and Cueshe. I hope the digicam batteries won't die on me.

*SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (from Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher")

Monday, July 11, 2005

Endless (Signing of Epic Proportions)

This has been long overdue. This post was written especially for Laurice, who introduced me to Neil Gaiman. Thank you and I wish you were to to share these moments with. This is also for the man himself. If ever you get to read this, I admire you more now that I met you.

It is difficult to sift my thoughts and choose which of them are worthy of being put into words. I will try my best. At this time probably Neil is getting read to leave Manila and go to Australia for his next stop. I wonder what contrast he would think of again when he gets there and what comparison he would have between the Philippines and Australia.

I also wanted to have the pictures ready before I start posting. Despite the political instability in the country, the three days were surreal for me. It was a huge breather from the usual boring routine I call my life. I don't want it to end, but then sometimes we all just have to let go. But the memories will always remain. =)

Day 1: Rockwell Tent
9 July 2005

Post-shift meeting ended earlier than I expected. The odds are in my favor that early Saturday morning. I was on my way from work when my sister texted me that Neil Gaiman passed by in front of the queueing fans at about 9:30 AM and said hello. Fans shouted "leather jacket!" when they saw him holding the famous Gaiman leather jacket with him. I planned to rest awhile when I got home but reading that text made me excited that I hastily took a bath and went to the Powerplant Mall. Got there and met some friends. Had lunch since I know it's going to be a long day ahead, especially since I came from an almost 10-hour shift the night before.

I donned my black Fully Booked volunteers' shirt and really cool ID and went to my post. After dealing with really difficult fans, who would force themselves and their opinions on me just to get a Gaiman signature on their group, and after a few irritating encounters with the so-called VIP's, the program started at about 3PM. "The Late Isabel" performed songs and since Neil was late, they performed more songs until fans screamed for them to stop. Neil was late because he was unable to print a part of the "Anansi Boys", his new book, that he's gonna use for the reading. The trailer of "Mirrormask" was shown on three big screens. When Neil finally came on stage, we can certainly see how overwhelmed he was (he even said Filipinos were like "a wall of noise"). We were just awed by his presence.

Neil reading "Anansi Boys" from his handy laptop

He answered some questions and read a few parts from "Anansi Boys" so well (I think because he's so used to radio plays). I just remembered how British accent turns me on. People were laughing and clapping and sometimes Neil had to shush the crowd. Maybe he's just not used to our noise. Haha! Neil ended up signing for about 700 people from the expected 500. Neil was cranky at about past 11PM and requested people to take pictures without flashes and to have only a maximum of two book per person signed. There were fans from far places like Cebu, hard-headed fans who insisted on having 4 books signed despite Neil's request and there were considerate ones who brought 7 books but ended up having 2 books signed. At that time, I admired Mr. Gaiman more for not letting his fans down despite the fact that he was not informed of the extra 200 people more on the line. He was also surprised that Fully Booked allowed 4 books per person when he is used to 2 or 3 books max. He even had his 10-minute dinner by the monoblock table (the same one we used!) while standing up! Imagine that! Cowboy Neil! No whines whatsoever! Kaka-bilib! It was nearly midnight and when the remaining people gave Neil a round of applause, I can't help but wipe a tear or two.

the booksigning began

I was a really disappointed since I expected the volunteers to have their stuff signed as well but since there was no time, we all went home without even having to shake his hand. My sister had two of our books signed. I was glad she did not sign up as a volunteer at least she had a Gaiman moment that day. I met a lot of my friends there, met some of my online friends in person (hello Lainnir and Starshuffler!) and some people I know but never expected to be there. I tried my best to help out and I was so exhausted. I reached my record of 30 hours without sleep again. We went home a little past 1AM. I heard the signing lasted until about 1:30AM. Poor Neil! =(

I thought I'll have my stuff signed another time instead and wont lose hope as long as Neil is on Philippine soil. =)

Day 2: Fully Booked Promenade, Greenhills
10 July 2005

It's my birthday!

I was not supposed to go to the signing coz I wanted to spend it with my family but since most of books were not signed yet, I had to find a way. Some of my friends went there as early as 10:30AM just to get a numbered stub. My sis and I arrived at about 4PM and there were no more stubs. They said I should stick around since the line is faster today compared to yesterday (Neil wanted to sign only 2 books per person, 1 with dedication and 1 with signature), there may be time for volunteer signing. The line ended earlier than expected. The priority stubs were finished and the line was ending so I lined up myself. I bought two books with me with a cute bracelet I bought for Maddy. I was all nervous and shaking when I was about 3 feet away from him. In my mind, I was repeating what I'm gonna say to him when finally, I had that "Gaiman moment" and totally forgot what I had to say. As far as my memory can handle, it went something like this:

I gave my first book with the piece of paper where I wrote "Karen, Happy Birthday!" for him to write.

Me: Thank you sir! (in a really soft voice)

Neil: You're welcome! (smiles)

Maita (the events coordinator of Fully Booked standing beside Neil's table): She's one of the volunteers yesterday... She helped out...

At this time, I gave Neil a hug.

One of the volunteers (sorry I was in a daze I forgot who it was! Maybe it was Meann): It's her birthday!

Maita: Karen, it was your birthday yesterday?

Me (still looking at Neil and showing him the bracelet): And this is for Maddy...

Neil: Oh cool! I think she's gonna love this! (signs the second book) Is this your book?

Me: Yes.

Neil: Good coz I started writing Happy Birthday... I'm gonna give you two dedications since it's your birthday.

After he signed my second book, I got another hug from Neil! Wahoo! =)

Maita: Was it your birthday yesterday?

Me (to Maita): No, my birthday's today. =)

Maita: Oh really?! Happy birthday!

Neil: And you spent it lining up here?!

At this time people around, even the fans lining up behind me were saying "Happy birthday!" and saying "Wow!", etc. I felt like the room started spinning...

Me (to Maita): And my birthday's now complete...

Neil: Aw...

Then he kissed me on my right cheek! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The room was still spinning and I think I was flushing crimson already.

a hug from Neil
a hug from Neil

I went out and went up again to meet my sis, Shine and Tonette. I was still in a daze. Then I started babbling. At this time, since the numbered stubs were out, Neil allowed more than 150 people more inside and gave his signature in one condition, that they just have one book signed. I think he's an angel for doing that to the fans who waited outside in the heat. Because of this, I decided to help out even if I'm not a volunteer for that day. I was just so happy to help out and went back to do my volunteer job. Since the ground floor of Fully Booked is small and cramped up, volunteers were positioned in front of his desk just a couple of feet away so I was able to get better pics of him signing. Then after the queue, he signed for the volunteers and although I had two more unsigned books, I just showed him my volunteers' ID and got a signature. After that, he posed with us on the stairs. It was so cool! He knows how to mingle with fans! Adorable!

posing with the volunteers
Neil with the volunteers

My friends from TPTS and Nocturne even the scary-looking but friendly bouncers during the event sang me "The Birthday Song" in front of Fully Booked with Neil Gaiman in it. Who could ask for more, right? We went home and decided this is the most unforgettable birthday in my life.

Day 3: Music Museum, Greenhills
11 July 2005

We listened to Neil's interview from NU 107 at about 10:30 to 11:30 AM and went on our way to the Writers' Forum sponsored by the British Council. Wow! Writers like Jessica Zafra were there, journalists, editors from several well-known magazines and newspapers, comic book writers and enthusiasts, artists, the works! We even had free cocktails! Neil was a bit late but when he came in, he received the same loud crowd, same cheers and applause from us. There were lots of cameras flashing and lots of questions with really long answers. Neil is one talkative writer and I love his sense of humor!

I learned a lot of things that day: like he is not against fan fiction and I quote "There is nothing wrong with playing in other people's playground"... but if one aspires to be a successful writer, one has to do more than that. Lesson I learned also is if one believes one is good in something, like writing, one should do it and I quote "No one would do it for you..."

writers' forum
Gaiman on stage answering questions

I plan not to go to the book-signing in Gateway, Cubao anymore. The forum was cut short because of the signing and after seeing Mr. Gaiman leave the stage, I was having second thoughts. But then I thought I wanted to have the pictures taken-cared of and wanted to go home early since I've been out for most of the time for the past three days. I knew the signing would be for a short time too since Neil's gonna have dinner with the winners at 7PM, plus it was far from our place. I was weighing everything until my sis told me she doesn't want to go there anymore lest we catch the Monday rush-hour traffic at about 6PM, so we decided to head home instead.

waving goodbye
waving goodbye to the fans

So, there it is, I wish this could have been an endless event, but then I learned to let go. Thank you to Fully Book (and the owner, Mr. Jaime Daez) for bringing him here. Thanks to Ms. Maita Quesada for not giving up despite all the stress and for always being there for us, the volunteers. Sa susunod! I will also remember when he said there's another event in Singapore next year and he doesn't want to miss the Philippines. Again, I quote his his journal: But thanks again to you all. And yes, I do want to come back.

So, see you next year Mr. Gaiman! =)

Gaiman stuff
my signed Gaiman stuff

For more pictures, click here. To view the "Mirrormask" trailer (no audio), click here. Watch never before seen clips from the movie, click here plus the "Close to You" Goth version click here. Finally, thank you Erwin for including this entry in your article. =)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Friday, July 08, 2005

bukas na!

And I quote:

Off to Manila in the wee small hours of the morning.

~from Neil Gaiman's journal


I know I am excited for tomorrow because I had a dream yesterday that I was late for "The Gathering". In my dream, I was panicking coz it was 2 PM already and I was still at home. Our post-shift meeting at work took a long time. Volunteers' call time is supposed to be 1:30 PM. I hope that doesn't happen. I'll see to it. Really looking forward to tomorrow. =)

It's a bit late. This day has been busy. Gotta sleep now. Two days more before I turn 25. Ugh!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


First of all, thank you for the card and beautiful post cards. Got the mail today. I love them! Also, I was not supposed to blog today but you asked for it. Hehehe! So, here goes...

I don't know why despite sleeping at least 6 hours everyday, I still feel tired and sleepy at work. Maybe it's psychological. Well, if only I can fast forward the days, I wish it were Saturday already. Although I don't want it to be my birthday yet...

I am so excited! I make sure it inspires me to finish the day's work. I've been reading the author's journal and he has been writing about his experiences in Singapore. I wonder what he's gonna write about the Philippines. I am actually quite anxious. During the volunteers' meeting, we were hoping it won't rain or there won't be any rallies or an EDSA 4 of some sort. *shudders at the thought* I hope his experience here will inspire him to write a book. Hehe!

I was also wondering how I wanted to look like that day... Oh, I don't think I have much of a choice to wear a costume coz I will be wearing a black volunteers' shirt. Haha! If only I knew how to put some makeup to look like this:

Finally bought myself "Smoke and Mirrors". It's one of my birthday gifts (hehe) to myself. It's the first Gaiman book I'll ever get to read with his signature on it! Wa-hoo! =)

Smoke and Mirrors

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Image hosted by

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

It's comforting to know that the weather agrees with my mood. It's been raining since dawn and the sun is hiding. I would have loved to sleep in this weather but I don't want to wake up and go back to my work routine again.

Five days before I turn 25 and I have this void inside me... but I know it's only temporary.

Neil Gaiman's Philippine visit updates can be viewed

Monday, July 04, 2005

falls apart

She falls apart by herself
No one’s there to talk or understand

I can't press the Go-to option on my cell phone or else it hangs and restarts by itself. My wallet's zipper can't be closed so the coins keep falling out. My trusty ol' rubber shoes are tattered. My closet fell apart (and is currently being fixed by my bro). My watch's case has a huge crack on it (and is currently being examined by my father to see if he can still fix it). I did washed my bag and sneakers but it seems like it would rain. My so-called love life is in a hold and I woke up with my neighbor loudly playing these mushy love songs such as "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" and stuff like that. Aaargh!

Feels the sting dries her eyes
Finds herself opens the door and sighs

It seems like everything in my life is falling a part. And it's only a few days before I turn a quarter of a century. *sigh*

People see right through you
Everyone who knew you well

At least it turned out my sister has no duty this July 11, so she can attend the Gaiman writers' forum with me. Now, let me find some other reasons to smile about.

Falls apart might as well
Day is long and nothing is wasted

~Falls Apart by Sugar Ray

cool off

I went to our meeting place looking forward to a movie and dinner together-- maybe a couple of stolen kisses too. After two weeks of not seeing each other, I never expected that, pardon the drama, I went home with a heavy heart. Blame his insensitivity and my foul mood, we both were mad and went on our separate ways. He's got some personal issues to sort out. I noticed I get affected by that. I mean, we rarely see each other and when we get together, he was in a hurry. He could have explained to me that he's not feeling well and aside from the career dilemma, he also has a family problem. I could have understood. I'm not stupid. He's feeling low and it's like he's pulling me down with him even when I am trying my best to pull him up. I've been helping him since we got together as a couple but if he doesn't take charge of his life and help himself, I can't do anything anymore.

Ironic that the movie we saw was "War of the Worlds" and we ended up having a mini-war ourselves. I like the movie, of course it's Steven Spielberg. Two thumbs up for Dakota Fanning's acting, but so-so for Tom Cruise. I didn't like the ending either. I was like "That's it?!" Well, I hope I could read the book by H.G. Wells. I can't even write a decent movie review since I got home really pissed off. I fought back my tears and that was really a struggle. My throat hurt. He never even attempted to talk to me before we separated. If people try to solve their problems before they sleep at night, the world would be a better place. At that time, I was more mad than sad, so I put up a brave facade when I faced my mother and sister. It's good that when I got home, the Hallmark channel was showing Ursula K. Le Guin's "Earthsea". At least I did not spend the night moping in my bedroom.

I cannot imagine being in this situation a few days before my birthday. So, I imposed this sort-of time out between us. He didn't agree but he didn't say anything either. So, I took that silence as a yes. They call this a "cool off" in a relationship-- a period where one can take time to reflect until one is decided to reunite or to let go. Which one will it be? We'll let time decide.

ayoko na munang makita ka
ayoko na munang makasama ka
gusto ko sanang mapag-isa
'di na yata tayo masaya
'di na yata kakayanin pa
gusto ko munang mapag-isa

siguro'y ito na nga
intindihin mo na
kailangan lang natin ng pahinga

palayain ang isa't isa
kung tayo, tayo talaga
palayain ang isa't isa
kung tayo, tayo talaga

ayoko na munang lapitan ka
ayoko na munang makausap ka
gusto ko sanang mapag-isa
'di na tayo magkasundo
sumisikip na ang ating mundo
time out muna tayo

siguro'y ito na nga
intindihin mo na
kailangan lang natin ng pahinga
~Cool Off by Session Road

Sunday, July 03, 2005


I am. Definitely. I attended the volunteers' briefing yesterday. I haven't caught a snooze after my shift so I was in the Powerplant mall a bit sleepy and very exhausted. But that didn't stop me from tingling up when I saw all the Gaiman books being sold! Wow! If only I were rich...

Anyways, I attended the briefing and am quite excited for next week. I saw our black t-shirt and our volunteer ID. They were so cool! I'll make sure I take an extra vitamin C so I could avoid having a fever and flu again, which usually happens if I don't sleep for 20 or more hours straight. That's what's gonna happen to me this coming Saturday. But since it's a once in a lifetime event, I don't care... even if it's my birthday the next day. I just wish I don't sleep my birthday away. Haha!

Gaiman valuables

On the left side of the pic is a sample of the Gaiman flyer Fully Booked is giving out for additional promotion. On the lower right side is my British Council invite for the writers' forum on Monday. On the upper right side is my book signing pass. Two were actually given to each of the volunteers without even having to buy a book! Cool huh? But I still wanted to own "Smoke and Mirrors" with Gaiman's autograph. The book is actually sold out in the Powerplant and Gateway branches. Thanks to a kind soul (hi Nina! :)), she went to Bibliarch today and bought some books for herself and got me this book too! Yay! :) Anyways, the piece of paper at the bottom of these stuff are those confidential info for Saturday's "The Gathering" given to the volunteers. Hehehe!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Potter Parties and books galore!

Can't wait for July 16?! Wish you were clutching "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" (Book 6) in your hands?! Don't worry, July's here and it's only a few days left...

Here's a bit of a news from The Leaky Cauldron.

Here are pics of the books being opened... *shivers running down my spine*

And if you wanna be the first in line, Pinoy Harry Potter (Hogwarts Philippines) is organizing the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Book Launch will be held at Fully Booked at the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City from 7am to 10pm. There will be lots of activities!

For more info, please visit Hogwarts Philippines or see and compare it with other book launch parties worldwide in Potter Parties!

first day of the seventh month

July 1, 2005. First day of my birth month.

Got into the top ten performers for the past two weeks at work (quality-wise), so that made my day. Still thinking about the lousy fact that I am still the second-best in his life. So sometimes, I kept thinking about The One Who Got Away instead. Felt like I don't give a damn anymore. Also felt some animosity from a certain someone whom I never thought would react this way. What is your problem? I don't know why that person kept bugging me about my decisions--- albeit they may be small, insignificant ones. I don't think that person is even affected by whatever decision I'm gonna make. Duh? Mind your own business, will you? Get a life. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, you know.