Thursday, December 30, 2004

Welcome 2005!

I may not blog for the remaining days this year but I'm wishing everyone a very prosperous 2005.

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

year-ender quiz

Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson

"Fall, with you I fall so fast
I can hardly catch my breath
I hope it lasts"

In 2004 you fell in love. Let's hope it lasts.

no work, no pay but all fun

I love the Holidays!

After a grubbin' Christmas, I was sane enough to file for leave as soon as I was allowed get some. For three days now, my sis and I have been sort-of tour guides for my visiting second cousin. It was a hectic two-day adventure with my Ma in tow. Two days ago, we went to a nearby mall and got to stroll along Baywalk in the evening. The cool air and bright lights were relaxing. Then we went to this theme park and for the first time in my life, I was "brave" enough to ride this loopy roller coaster. I am not much of an adventure park fan since I have a weak stomach in terms of overstimulation of the cerebellum (in other words, I don't like it when I'm hanging upside down or I free fall because my brain gives me distorted images of my surroundings). That's why I am such a bore when it comes to having theme park fun.

My sis, my Ma and my cousin Phil taken using N6610i

Yesterday, we went to this posh mall for window shopping. No money for the real shopping but it was still fun. I found a lot of LOTR fun stuffs (real swords-- Glamdring, Sting, Hadhafang, Gimli's axe; Legolas, Theoden, Gollum, Merry, Bilbo and Pippin busts; helmets; miniature Meduseld and swords). All of them in one cool place-- Montage in Greenbelt 4 (near Powerbooks Live!) *drool*

If only I could afford them. I can't believe there are a lot of them in one place I nearly cried! Hahaha!

LOTR chess set in Regalos, Glorietta 1 taken using N6610i

Earlier today my cousin left for Bacolod. It's back to normal for us and I am so broke to think that it's payday today. I can just imagine my life for the next few weeks. I've been broke before and it's not a new challege for me.

I just wish for better things to come so, here's to the coming 2005!


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Season's greetings!

Barely three days before Christmas. There are still no decors at home. But I'm feeling a bit festive now thinking I won't have to go to work next week. There won't be any decors at home this year but I'm glad I get to spend my Christmas with my family. That's what's important for me.

Have a Merry (and Pippin) Christmas everyone!

What Christmas Carol Are You?

Quiz time! Since it's nearly Christmas, here goes:

You Are "Joy to the World"

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And heaven and nature sing,

It's not about what you get under the tree
But sharing love with family, friends, and strangers

of horses and doggies

If there was one thing that struck me while watching FPJ's funeral earlier today, it was this pity I felt when I saw the lone horse pulling his carriage. Aside from the weight of the coffin, the poor horse did not even have space to breathe! Oh well. I'm fed up with the media's sensationalizing of this FPJ thing. I hope it stops now since the funeral is over.

Speaking of animals, here's another pic of Ginger, my fave of all Gabe's doggies. This is for Kath (since you find her cute)! :)

Ginger pic taken using Nokia 6610i

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ringer party

I had a blast at the TPTS party in Gabe's place last night and during the wee hours of the morning. I had to attend it not just because I wanna see my TPTS friends but also because I don't wanna miss watching the ROTK DVD (Extended Edition). I love it! Love it! Love it! We got there and there was food galore! A lot of people showed up too (compared to last Halloween party). After eating, we watched the LOTR Symphony with Howard Shore. It was amazing! The music and the artwork combination is surreal and beautiful.

This pic of the goodies taken from Carandil's album.

This pic also from Carandil. This is us while watching the movie. From the bottom and far right is my sister, Ayn, me, then Reitch and Ricky (the new TPTS couple). Hehehe!

I wondered why they cut a lot of scenes when they were all worth watching in the movies. I love the deleted scenes. I have a lot of fave parts so let me mention some. The Easter Egg featurette with Dom and Elijah (who though a German journalist was interviewing him) was really funny! Then there was this intriguing Viggo-kissing-Billy thing that made me wish I were a man. Hahaha! The most memorable for me was the part when they were showing the last filming of each actor. Viggo cried but it was the part when they were filming Elijah's last scene that made me cry. PJ can't seem to end it all. After the final take, he hugged Elijah and it was so emotional. Wish I were a part of the LOTR crew, but I guess as a fan I am still a part of the LOTR fandom. Tolkien lives! *sigh*

This is my picture taken by my sis using Nokia 6610i with Ginger, my fave of all Gabe's doggies.

Friday, December 17, 2004

tough luck

If you were here in the Philippines, I bet you've heard all about the recent death of a well-known Filipino actor who also was a presidential candidate during the last national elections. I am not a fan but all I need to do is to turn on the TV to realize he had touched, influenced and helped a lot of people. He had a stroke, was in a coma for a few days and died.

But I don't think people should act as if he were a saint if he lived his life like a hero in their eyes. It's natural for many people to visit him and look in his coffin but I felt weird when I saw someone touch it and made the sign of the cross. I mean, it's a coffin, not a holy statue forgodsakes!

Earlier this morning it was on the news that the mansion of a prominent political figure caught fire and his youngest daughter, who was only 16, died when she was trapped inside the bathroom. The reason for the fire was faulty electrical wires from the Christmas lights displayed along the elegant staircase. Truly a nightmare before Christmas.

Politics does attract tragedy. Also got me to think an advantage of not haviong Christmas decors/lights at home. :)

Monday, December 13, 2004


I do believe in karma. It was not until I got the balling rolling that I realized someone was willing to pass the ball back to me. I never thought a few words would affect me that way. But I guess if those few words came from him, than it would affect me one way or the other.

But why now?

Cause what goes around, comes around
What goes up, must come down

~Alicia Keys, "Karma"

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Who likes C.S.I.?

C.S.I. Las Vegas for that matter. Leave a comment if you do. Just took this quiz from my sister's blog.

You're Gil Grissom.
Observant, brilliant-- you've got half the other
CSIs beleiving you know everything.
Your people skills aren't exactly that good,
however-- you seem to have trouble relating to
others, and are happier with a case than with
another person.

Which CSI Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I knew it! He is my fave of all characters. Brooding, quiet, mysterious and very wise. =)

Men are from Mars.

Yes, and women are from Venus.

I dunno if it's just that time of the month or our difference is just taking its toll. Is it my over-sensitivity or his nonchalance?

I know that if there's one thing that keeps this relationship going it is the belief that "opposite poles attract", but sometimes when i just need compatibility I can't seem to get it because of our different beliefs, interests and attitudes. I know I should look for things exciting since he is totally different from me, but I am having a hard time right now.

Blame it on PMS.

We watched "Ned Kelly" and got my dose of Orlando Bloom. Funny how he played the role of an Irishman. I like the Irish accent and I am attracted to several Irish lads.




Orlando played Joe Byrne and it suited him well since Joe is a ladies' man. Not a woman in this movie can turn him down. His character died like a true Irish too-- he couldn't wait for the fight to stop and got a pint, so a bullet hit him. Hahaha! Anyways, it was fun but I'm not that into action and all that modern-Robinhood true-story thing.

Today is our 21st month. This will be the second Christmas we'll have. Are we going to reach our third Holiday season?

Oh and by the way, still no Christmas decors at home. Am I pining for something that will not happen?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I think this news is blogworthy.

Aside from the feast day of the Immaculate Conception and aside from the fact that my friend just informed me she just met Alan Lee, let him sign her book and gave him a TPTS pin, I went home today quite surprised because my Ma finally spoke to me after about a week and a half! The reason behind her breaking her "wall of silence" was a favor to send her some load for her mobile phone and teach her how to get a ringback tune. Hahahaha! Funny! But I'm happy that it happened.

It seems like things are going to be better for Christmas. No, we still don't have Christmas decors here at home, but this is one big step.

Now, what can I do to celebrate? Hmmm... I'd probably watch Ned Kelly since it's showing right now and get my dose of Orlando Bloom. Hehehe! =)

the one who got away

Been snooping around some folders in my office's public drive. Here's what I found. I read it and I saw myself nodding in agreement to most points this anonymous writer brought up.

I can still remember this person-- my "one who got away". I wonder how he is doing right now. I wonder if he's thinking about me too. I wonder if I am also his "one who got away". Hey, if you're reading this right now, just wanna hope you're fine. Just want you to know I'm thinking about you too. But I guess he won't get to read it. I'll never know... will I? =)


In your life, you'll make note of a lot of people. Ones with whom you shared something special, ones who will always mean something. There's the one you first kissed, the one you first loved, the one you lost your virginity to, the one you put on a pedestal, the one you're with... and the one that got away.

Who is the one that got away? I guess it's that person with whom everything was great, everything was perfect, but the timing was just wrong.

There was no fault in the person, there was no flaw in the chemistry, but the cards just didn't fall the right way, I suppose.

I believe in the fact that ending up with someone, finding a longtime partner that is, does not lie merely in the other person. I can actually argue that an equal part, or maybe even the greater part, has to do with the matter of timing.

It has to do with you being ready to settle down and commit to someone in a way that goes beyond the little niceties of giddy romance.

How often have you gone through it without even realizing it?

When you're not ready to commit in that mature manner, it doesn't matter who you're with, it just doesn't work. Small problems become big; inconsequentials become deal-breakers simply because you're not ready and it shows. It's not that you and the person you're with are no good; it's just that it's not yet right, and little things become the flash-point of that fact.

Then one day you're ready. You really are. And when this happens you'll be ready to settle down with someone. He or she may not be the most perfect, they might not be
the brightest star of romance to ever have burned in your life, but it'll work because you're ready. It'll work because it's the right time and you'll make it work. And it'll make sense, it really will.

So that day comes when you're finally making sense of things, and you find yourself to be a different person. Things are different, your approach is different, you finally understand who you are and what you want, and you've become ready because the time has truly arrived. And mind you, there's no telling when this day will come. Hopefully you're single, but you could be in a long-term relationship, you could be married with three kids, it doesn't matter.

All you know is that you've changed, and for some reason, the one that got away, is the first person you think about.

You'll think about them because you'll wonder, "What if they were here today?"

You'll wonder, "What if we were together now, with me as I am and not as I was?"

That's what the one that got away is. The biggest "What if?" you'll have in your life.

If you're married, you'll just have to accept the fact that the one that got away, got away. Believe me, no matter how fairy tale you think your marriage is, this can happen to the best of us. But hopefully you're mature enough to realize that you're already with the one you're with and this is just another test of your commitment, one which will just strengthen your marriage when you get past it.

Sure, you'll think about him/her every so often, but it's alright. It's never nice to live with a "might have been," but it happens.

Maybe the one that got away is the one who's already married. In which case it's the same thing. You just have to accept and know that your memories of that person will
probably bring a nice little smile to your lips in the future when you're old and gray and reminiscing.

But if neither of that is the case, then it's different. What do you do if it's not yet too late?

Simple...find him, find her. Because the very existence of a "one that got away" means that you'll always wonder, what if you got that one?

Ask him out to coffee, ask her out to a movie, it doesn't matter if you've dropped in from out of nowhere.

You'd be surprised, you just might be "the one that got away" as well for the person who is your "the one that got away." You might drop in from out of nowhere and it won't make a difference.

If the timing is finally right, it'll all just fall into place somehow and you know, I'm thinking, it would be a great feeling, in the end, to be able to say to someone,

"Hey you, you're the one that ALMOST got away."

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I have a Visionary Soul?

You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connect to your soul.
You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.
Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.

You have great vision and can be very insightful.
In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.
Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.
You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

Sunday, December 05, 2004

a thought and a smile

a thought:

Divine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows.
~p. 484. "Angels and Demons". Dan Brown.~

a smile:

Pretending to be something you're not. (Ain't that cute?) =)


Wanna see what I look like right after waking up?

Most girls don't wanna reveal this freaky side. It's ok. I can do it as long as I'm hiding behind my Legolas pillow. Hehehe! =)

Taken using Nokia 6610i. (Finally!)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

our lives

I was on my way to work earlier when I noticed that like our house, a lot of houses on my street don't have xmas decors too. Our street does not look that festive compared to last year. It makes me feel relieved knowing that my house doesn't look out of place in our community. It also made me feel sad wondering why that happens. Do they have the same reason as ours for not putting up xmas decors?

Good news for me is that I bought the cellphone I wanted. My Ma is still caught in the wall she is creating for herself. I could find some cracks in that wall every now and then but she is still not speaking to me. Made me wonder what I did. Since she did not advise me about not spending my money, I bought the phone anyway. My Pa was able to buy his prescription eyeglasses too and that made me happy even if I'm broke right now. =)

I hope it's the start of something better for us and I hope my Ma starts sharing her thoughts again to us. How would I understand her if there is no communication? I don't even know the reason why she is not talking to me in the first place. It is frustrating.

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Of a better life
In this world
Divided by fear
We've got to believe that
There's a reason we're here

Yeah, there's a reason we're here...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

See the truth, all around
Our faith can be broken
Our hands can be bound
But open our hearts
And fill up the emptiness
With nothing to stop us
Is it not worth the risk?
Yeah, is it not worth the risk?...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

We can't go on
Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds
I've got to let out what's inside...

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Can we get it right?
Yeah, can we get it right?...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

"Our Lives"
~*The Calling*~

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dear Santa

It's December already. Even if I don't go and see those twinkling Christmas lights around, I'd still feel it because of the longer nights and shorter days, I also love the cool weather. I just hope that the typhoons will quit hitting the Philippines because we are suffering enough as it is. Hahaha!

I just realized that of all the years that my family is trying to make ends meet, we still somehow keep up with the Christmas spirit. It's just sad to say that in my 24 years of existence, this is the first Christmas that we do not have any decorations at home. If Santa were to spread the cheers this season, I hope he does not forget our home. =(

"St. Stephanie"

I dunno if this is just one of her melodramatic moments but my Ma's attitude is already getting on my nerves (and getting on my tear ducts as well). My Pa will give his pension so she could buy tickets for Bacolod, but she did not even buy tickets. I gave a chunk of my 13th month pay for my Pa's prescription eyeglasses (diabetes affects his eyes), but still no word from her. I dunno what her plans are because she is not talking to me nor my sister. I dunno what I did to deserve that. She had a problem with my sis, why rage war against me? Now she has this wall around her that we could not break. Everytime I'm at home, she's locked in her room. Not even a nod or a stare. Nothing.

My Ma has this tendency to absorb all hardships around her. She feels like she's this superwoman who can carry all the burdens of her family. She has also this mood that affects, not just one, but all people around her. When she graduated High School, she worked so that her younger siblings can finish studying. But laziness seems to be popular those days, they did not even finish High School. Now, her siblings have their own family (kids galore!) and until now, they still depend on my Ma. It would actually be fine with me if we can just afford to feed all of them, but we cannot. Both my parents are not working anymore. Five mouths in our family are even too many for my salary. Now, it seems like everyone there in the province don't know what to do without my Ma's presence. I guess that's why she is suffering because deep inside, she knows there's not much she could do since she has no money. It seems like she wants to maintain her status of being the savior of her family or of being the "most successful" daughter who lives in Manila. Who wouldn't?

Probably she thinks that I am not worried at all about what's happening out there. She probably thinks all I'm thinking about is just myself. Ma, if I am as selfish as I wanna be, I would have left home since I started earning my own money. I would have gotten a place of my own. I would have not thought of my sister's schooling or the monthly bills or the groceries. I wouldn't have given a damn. But you see, I can only do this much. I cannot cry over something I cannot control. I know this is tough since it's your mother who needs you right now. We are not preventing you from going to the province and taking care of her. Remember, she is also my grandmother. Also remember, you're going there to spend time with her as much as you like. Don't think about going there and saving the people from poverty. So what if you arrive in the province with only a few pesos to spare? So what if you don't have gifts for them this Christmas? Why don't you just go there and do what you can do and not worry about the things you can't change?

We are hurting too, not just you.

God, give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Monday, November 29, 2004

the real deal

I thought it was just because of my sister's antic that my Ma found disrespectful that's why she did not go with us to watch a movie yesterday. I thought my Ma's pride is ruling her again that's why she has not been speaking to us for the past couple of days. My sis is even attempting to apologize to her but she won't open her door (literally!) Then I learned from my Pa that my Lola (Ma's mother) is very ill right now. I think this is the real and deeper reason why my Ma is not herself lately.

My Lola is 93 years old. She is very weak and the news right now is that she is coughing up blood. My suspect: Pulmonary Tuberculosis. TB is easy to cure especially with meds and proper care. I am just worried that due to financial difficulties in the province and due to her age as well, that a cure won't be a possibility. My mother wanted to go home to the province to see her Ma. That means, no more cellphone for me. She needs the money for her fare and for the meds when she gets there. I am also worried that she may catch TB out there especially with her weak lungs.

I wonder why this always happens whenever I look forward to something wonderful in my life. I was going to make this Christmas one memorable season for us but I guess it's going to be a sad one. Am I cursed? =(

Sunday, November 28, 2004

lazing around

What have I accomplished for the past four days? I just finished two books and I am currently reading Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". Personaly, I like it than "The Da Vinci Code". As usual, I couldn't seem to put the book down. Symbols, clues, religion and physics make me read, pause then think and use those degenerating brain cells of mine. Can't wait to finish that book!

Thursday night, my family and I went to see "Alexander". It was a bit dragging but I love the portrayals of Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and surpisingly, Jared Leto. Earlier today, my sis and I watched "National Treasure". My Ma was supposed to watch it with us but it was a long story and hers was I think, a shallow reason why she ended up not watching it with us. Anyways, if I were told before that Dan Brown wrote the story, I would have believed it. Watching the clues and hearing The Masons and Knights of Templar gave me goosebumps. Typical Brown.

They're gonna make a movie out of "The Da Vinci Code". It will be directed by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks will play Robert Langdon when the make "The Da Vinci Code" movie. In my opinion, Hanks, physically, is not Robert Langdon. I see the character more like Hugh Jackman with some wisps of gray hair. Hahaha! Read this article for more inside scoop.

Oh I love these days when I don't worry if I wake up on time for work. I can sleep and stay up any time I want! It's Monday tomorrow and it's back to reality for me. *sigh*

Friday, November 26, 2004

much-needed break

Finally, I was smart enough to follow my instinct and file for leave. I know we didn't have work yesterday because of Thanksgiving (Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!). Then I'll have this Saturday and Sunday off. Today is one of the best days to skip work.

'Tis my sister's 18th birthday too. I can still remember when I celebrated my "debut". I never wanted a huge party even if we could somehow afford it at that time. I wanted a small celebration with friends and family and that's what I got. Six years later, it's my sister's turn to step into the legal age. Now, she is an adult and all actions and decisions she makes are all her responsibilities. Well, I just wish her all the happiness in the world. It will be tough, but it will be worth it. :)

Last night, our budget allowed the whole family to have dinner outside together. Those are rare times nowadays and I'm quite glad I was hungry enough to enjoy the food too. Hahaha! We watched a movie after that. Slept late but it was well worth it. Hope we could have more of those bonding moments. It's getting more difficult because all three of us "kids" have our "own" lives now-- getting busier with whatever, no time for the parents and all that. Sheesh.

Anyways, got a well-deserved haircut today. I felt lighter and prettier too! Hehehe! Probably my way for preparing for the holidays and all that. I mean, I was invited to an inaugural party next week and I don't wanna look stressed out and ugly (although I feel exactly that). It's going to be a mini-reunion too. I hope there will be no changes in schedules that will make me miss it (NOT!). Hahaha! I am such a bad girl. I guess I am not ready to face those people I met way back in high school. Isn't it weird when most of my batchmates seem to be getting married and having babies nowadays? :p

This is one of the reasons why I can't wait for December to come. A few more days and I can proudly say I will own something valuable bought from my own money-- product of blood and sweat. Hahaha! (Picture taken from Nokia, model Nokia 6610i)


Happy 18th Birthday my dear sister!!!

There may be no 18 candles, no 18 roses from boys, no 18 gifts but I do hope you're happy. I wish you all the best in life because I know you truly deserve it. God bless and best of luck in all your endeavors. Welcome to the adult world, my sister! :)

Monday, November 22, 2004

let it burn

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I hope that will be the case. It's been 2 weeks since we last saw each other. Makes me think we're on opposite ends of the planet because of our schedules. Now I learned he'll have a totally different schedule starting today until probably the end of the year. That makes me worry about us not meeting during the holidays and that sucks. Now, we have to make more sacrifices in terms of finding time for each other. I never thought keeping the fire burning will be this challenging.


Spent yesterday with my sister instead. That's one good thing about having a sibling with similar interests as mine. Did some shopping for her school requirements and to top the icing on her birthday cake (birthday on November 26), she finally bought the 9-disc VCD boxed set of Harry Potter plus this Harry Potter bag from Dakki. We got home and watched the third movie (again). Made me think of reading HP books 4 and 5 again, probably after I finish reading Frank McCourt's "'Tis" and Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". Yeah, finally bought a copy and my brother can't seem to put the book down so I let him read it first.

Can't wait to finally get my 13th month pay! My mother (bless her heart!) told me to buy a new mobile phone for myself before I give the rest of my pay to my parents. Yay! She said she feels sorry for me when she compares me to other yuppies with hi-tech gadgets while I still carry my 3-year old non-colored, "monotonous" mobile. Haha! Since I cannot afford the new (and more expensive) models, I searched for a unit that will be pretty nifty but affordable as well. I still want our Christmas to be special. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Paradoxical Commandments of Leadership

Read a friend's post from this site's messageboard and somehow I can find some answers for the questions I had from my previous entry.

Paradoxical Commandments of Leadership

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered --- love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives --- do good anyway.

If you're successful, you'll win false friends and true enemies --- succeed anyway.

The good you do today will perhaps be forgotten tomorrow --- do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable --- be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest man with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest man with the smallest mind --- think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only hot dogs --- fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight --- build anyway.

People really need help but may attack if you help them --- help them anyway.

Give the world the best that you have and you will get kicked in the teeth --- give the world the best that you have anyway.

If better is possible, then good is not enough.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

on my own

No, this is not about my lovelife. I still am pretty much attached although we only see each other once in a while.

If there are days when I really want to be independent from my family, this is one of those days. I can't plan what I want to do with myself or with my so-called career or with my earnings because I know that I have to consider a lot of opinions first before I finally make a decision. I also notice that most often than not the final decision is not mine.

Why would I settle for something less when I could have more? Why would I be content with what's in front of me when I could still reach farther out? Why would I limit myself to the decisions of others if I am capable of making my own decisions?

That's probably why, at age 24, I am still scared to go out of my boundaries-- my security wall. Anyone care to let me out of here?

Oh and by the way, if there's one person I look up to for her being independent, that would be Ulan. I heard she decided to stop blogging. No more sharing of her thoughts. Yes, I will miss the stories and the pictures. :)

Monday, November 15, 2004

connecting people

There have been some friends whom I have not seen for quite sometime now. Last Friday, my normally silent mobile phone was busy when three of them called me one after the other.

The first call was from a friend I haven't seen since his birthday. We just updated ourselves with our lives. As usual he told me he is swearing off dating, but I bet a thousand bucks that he won't last that long and he'll look for another date in no time. I know him well enough to believe he can't live without someone special. He is planning to buy a car of his own from his own earnings. To think my salary is a bit higher than his, he was able to save up for a new car! Good for him he knows how to save and good for him his own earnings go to his own pockets. *sigh*

The second call came from a friend I knew from the previous company I work with. She was asking if I still work there since she wanted to follow up her clearance. I told her I resigned way back last March. She was calling from Cebu! She has a small business there and she moved back to Cebu last year with her daughter. It was nice to hear from her again. What I couldn't forget was the first question she asked me: Are you married already? Hahaha! I told her no and marriage is a something I don't plan to do in the near future. I am enjoying my life now and I don't want to complicate it by getting married.

The third call was the most surprising of all. After almost three years of no communication, a friend from high school told me I am the godmother of her son and she wants me to go to the inaugural party next month. I was flabbergasted! I can even remember the things we used to do in high school. We used to look for cute guys in the campus. Now, she has a child of her own. She went to the U.S. last year when she got pregnant and bore her child there. Now, they're here and she's asking me for a gift for my godson and she had to remind me her baby is not used to local stuff. Haha! I know they can afford that, but now I have to budget my salary again for the gift. I hope I don't have work that day so I could go. To think I don't have any leave credits left since I filed them all for the latter part of December. We'll see.

It just feels weird and nice at the same time to be "reconnected" to their lives. If people remember me only when they need me, I am still thankful because I am still being remembered.

Super Me!

I think when people around me are stressed out, I get stressed out myself even if I have no reason to. But since I am a bit obsessive-compulsive and a major worry-wart, I always feel stressed. No wonder I often feel ugly and old. After I watched "The Incredibles" a couple of days ago and "X-men 2" in HBO last night, I wished I were a "super". Wouldn't it be cool if I got an anti-stress superpower? Hahaha! As Mr. McCourt would say, fun, fun, fun galore! :)

Friday, November 12, 2004

the Bible in 50 words

This is cool. Just wanna share this with y'all! :)

The Bible in 50 Words!

God made

Adam bit

Noah arked
Abraham split
Joseph ruled
Jacob fooled

Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharaoh plagued
People walked
Sea divided

Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peeked

Prophets warned
Jesus born

God Walked
Love talked

Anger crucified
Hope died

Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained.


Nah! Narcissism.

It can be useful sometimes. :)

Monday, November 08, 2004

Natural Highs

I got this chain email from a friend. I am not into forwarding forwarded email messages, but I got to think about these feel-good things listed down. I think I need some of these things in my life right now.

1. Falling in love. (Falling over and over is a nice feeling, but it's not that easy to catch for me. It's maintaining love that's a bit tough to do.)
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. (Haven't done this lately. I forgot when I last did this.)
3. A hot shower. (Yeah, I love hot baths. I always take the time to heat the water up especially these past few days when the weather is getting colder already.)
4. No lines at the supermarket. (Now this one is a rare sight in my part of the world.)
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail.
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. (No car yet but I would love to do this.)
8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. (Now this makes me stop what I'm doing and makes me sing along.)
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. (Love this but I never get to do this anymore.)
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Chocolate milkshake. (or vanilla or strawberry!)
12. A bubble bath. (Wishin...)
13. Giggling.
14. A good conversation. (True. I miss this.)
15. The beach (Haven't been there for years!)
16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.
17. Laughing at yourself. (Hmmm... laughing at a character in a book maybe.)
18. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. (Done this before. It depends who I'm talking to.)
19. Running through sprinklers.
20. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
21. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. (Not in front of my face. *sigh*)
22. Laughing at an inside joke. (My friends and I do this! Bad, bad me.)
23. Friends. (who are always there. Thank you! :))
24. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
25. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. (Woohoo! This is a great feeling!)
26. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner). (Both in one time. Yum!)
27. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
28. Playing with a new puppy. (I miss having a pet dog.)
29. Having someone play with your hair.
30. Sweet dreams. (I need these!)
31. Hot chocolate. (on a cold night, yeah!)
32. Road trips with friends. (it's been a while. :()
33. Swinging on swings.
34. Making eye contact with a cute stranger. (as if! hahaha!)
35. Making chocolate chip cookies.
36. Having your friends send you homemade cookies.
37. Holding hands with someone you care about. :)
38. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change. (True!)
39. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you. (If the expression is enthusiasm, not anxiety. hehehe!)
40. Watching the sunrise. (If only I don't need to go to work...)
41. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day. (correction: every evening and dreading going to work!)
42. Knowing that somebody misses you. :)
43. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.
44. Knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think. (yeah, like standing up for myself. :))
45. Knowing you don't have to worry about anything anymore! (Is this possible?)

Now I know what I'm missing.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


I should be saying curses right now to think that this was supposed to be my sixth straight day at work. But then again, I did not go to work for two days this week so it's not much of a deal for me to freeze here in the office after my Saturday shift. That makes only about seven work days for me out of eleven for the payroll cut-off for the 15th and I can just imagine how far I would stretch my budget after payday.

Weird how obsessive-compulsive I could get when it comes to budgeting my pay for the daily expenses. I guess being the family breadwinner for more than three years now plus the fact that school starts again for my sister within a few days, I have to develop this choleric personality from my natural melancholy-phlegmatic one.

I was also asking myself why I had a dream yesterday about this certain Irish singer, who happened to be in my opinion one of the most gorgeous lads alive, and that dream was so comfy and nice I wish I never woke up. Does that mean I need a change in my life right now-- a change that would make my reality not so damn boring that I won't have to long for nice dreams to keep me going?

Friday, November 05, 2004


Back to work tonight. Before I got back to reality, here are some sci-fi and fantasy tidbits I wanna share:

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...
There was a boy who lived...
With One Ring to rule them all..

I woke up early today to catch the Star Wars Episode III trailer on this local morning TV program. Now, I want to watch "The Incredibles" so I can see the trailer on the big screen. I am so excited! :)

A few days ago, with the help of some HP website, my sister opened the door in J.K. Rowling's website, revealing more spoilers from HP Book 6 for those ever-craving Harry Potter fans.


Three chapter titles were revealed:

Chapter 2 - Spinners End
Chapter 6 - Draco's Detour
Chapter 14 - Felix Felicis

To quote a friend, "On with the speculations!"

There are several reasons why I can't wait for the LOTR:ROTK DVD (extended edition) to be released. Though I do not have a DVD player, I am going to do my best to watch it. I'll get to watch Saruman's "death" and of course, how Eowyn and Faramir fell in love in the Houses of Healing. But most of all, I don't wanna miss this!

Drool on, fangirls! :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

down with the flu

Pardon my absence but I've been sick for the past few days. I almost lost my voice and I have the cough and sniffles. If only I can insure my vocal chords since I use it to earn a living. Hehe! Will be going to the doctor tomorrow since I've been absent from work for a couple of days. This sucks!

I learned Pop Myx will show some footages from "The Return of Mos Eisley Night" tomorrow, November 4, 12NN. I'll get to see it though! :)

Oh, and 52 days before Christmas. That was fast. :p

Sunday, October 31, 2004

more Mos Eisley pics!

You're all invited to check out a few pics I got from The Return of Mos Eisley.

Click this to view my online album.

Here are a couple:

wizards: Saruman and Gandalf

Tolkien folks in Mos Eisley

Happy Halloween!

'tis time, 'tis time.

Round about the caldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.--
Toad, that under cold stone,
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot!

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire, burn; and caldron, bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire, burn; and caldron, bubble.

Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witch's mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg'd i' the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew,
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Sliver'd in the moon's eclipse,
Nose of Turk, and Tartar's lips,
Finger of birth-strangl'd babe
Ditch-deliver'd by a drab,--
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger's chaudron,
For the ingredients of our caldron.

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire, burn; and caldron, bubble.

Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Open, locks, whoever knocks!

~"Witches' Chants", MacBeth. Shakespeare W.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Return of Mos Eisley

Now that was what you call FUN!

Spent the evening and early hours of the morning with friends, music, stories and laughter! It's been a while since I got that mixed up in one night. My decision not to attend work that night (Halloween party in the office. Ugh!) was definitely worth it.

A few more happy memories added in my life. Thanks to my friends and new acquaintances. Congratulations to the New Worlds Alliance especially to the Star Wars Philippines for a successful event!

Cheers! (One glass of oh-so-yummy Mudslide for you!) :)

Here are some of the pics taken by U l a n. (View her online album.) Mine's will take a low-tech and slower process, so please bear with me. Will link it up ASAP. :)

view of the stage

the costume contestants (that 12-year old girl in an C3PO costume won 1st place)

special prize went to the youngest cosplayer, 3-month old Baby Joey

an elf-maiden in a Gandalf hat?

is it really a Gandalf hat or a sorting hat? Hehehe.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

TPTS Halloween Party

Two of my fave pics taken by a friend. Sa uulitin.

Me, Miao, Sunshine DOP (a.k.a. Jasmine the "TPTS Idol"), Hector

Reitch, Aldrin, Miao, Ayene, Me, Ayn, Sunshine DOP, John Ray

Ayn, Me


October is about to end and I haven't even experienced Oktoberfest (Read: booze, music and lotsa FUN!).

Last Saturday, I went to our TPTS Halloween Party and I enjoyed it a lot. Food, food, laughs, stories, LOTR and more food! I miss hanging out with my TPTS buddies, especially when I'm just having fun-- no thoughts and worries about Org plans and activities. Whew! It was a swimming/overnight party. We played trivial pursuit and I won a Legolas bookmark. Since I got one already, I gave it to a friend, who is also a Legolas fanatic. I do believe in good karma because a few moments after that, another friend gave me her Legolas pillow (that I wanted so much)! Yay! I was torn because I can't decide whether I'd swim or just stay dry and listen to stories. Since I don't play frisbee, I stayed dry (although I miss swimming). It was even the first time I got to watch the extended edition of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers". Imagine that. I guess I am such a loser since I don't have a DVD player.

Anyways, after that fun weekend, I went back to work and I was so disappointed. There were some changes in the attendance policies, break schedules that I think I felt that "dreaded feeling"-- similar to what I felt before I resigned from my previous job. They even started "flagging". Sheesh! I caught myself thinking about changing jobs again. Oh I wish there is an opening for a CSR in Singapore so I can leave that place. I felt suffocated there. It's like they're watching my every move. Why can't people just honestly do their jobs and not mind anyone else's business?!

Last Friday, I got a free invite for "The Return of Mos Eisley Night: The Halloween Menace". I was having second thoughts to attend since I have work that night starting 9PM. But after work Tuesday morning, my delivish side decided to attend the party and make use of my "sick leave". Yes, I am sick of work and I need a night of partying. It's been almost two years since I went to a great night spot (like Hard Rock Cafe) and party with my friends. Since I am a member (inactive though. Hehe!) of Star Wars Philippines and TPTS is also an invited ally (from the New Worlds Alliance), I am going to get my well-deserved and well-earned leave from work and party all night! Woohoo! =)

Anyone from work who read this and has a problem with it, don't tell my supervisor. Deal with me personally, ok? Hahaha!

Thought for the day:
"Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken."

Friday, October 22, 2004

moving on...

Yes, I am indeed. I attended a seminar yesterday and I did not go to work last night. To summarize what I learned from the information an immigrant lawyer told us, as a Physical Therapist I can apply for an immigrant visa if I have enough finances for processing. I would need about US$6,000. Now tell me, where am I going to get that kind of money? Sell my soul? Too bad for PT's since employers will not pay for the processing. Nurses on the other hand can be sponsored by an employer all-expense paid. All they need to do is to pass the required exams and that's it. They can even get reimbursements for what they paid when they took the exams. Made me wish I took up Nursing instead. Oh well.

Today I will be passing my requirements for the callcenter job in Singapore. Whichever opportunity comes my way first, I'll grab it. Wish me luck! :)

Interesting fact:
The authors of "The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception" and "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail" are Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. Notice their last names can be re-arranged to form this character's name: Leigh Teabing. If you've read "The Da Vinci Code", you'll know what I mean. ;)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Masskara Festival

This is one of the events I am missing since my family left Bacolod City and lived here in Manila. I miss the crowd and the smiles. I miss the food and the company. The last time I was in my hometown was about 8 years ago. It's been a long time.

Yesterday was the highlight of the Silver Anniversary of the Masskara Festival in Bacolod City. The good thing about local TV networks is that they were able to telecast the event live via satellite to those people who couldn't go to the City of Smiles and watch the event up close. The local government saw to it that it would be a successful event and will live up to the title "Philippine mardi gras".

picture by Bernard Billedo

For those interested in knowing a short history of the Masskara Festival, please click this. More pictures of the event here.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


I woke up earlier and did not eat anything because I was still upset. I prepared for my training (Saturday OT) tonight and when my Ma saw me she asked, "Where are you going?" In exasperation, I half-shouted, "I told you yesterday I'll have training 'til 2AM tonight!" Aside from the hunger my stomach is feeling right now, there is also an uneasy feeling inside because of that. Now, I remember why when just graduated college, I had this impulse to run away from home. I want to feel independent. As long as I'm there, I won't feel that. Chained.

It's been one awful week. This day topped it all. For the next two weeks, certain options will be presented in front of me. I will pass my requirements for a callcenter job in Singapore to this placement agency. Next week, I have this interview by immigration lawyers for a possible sponsorship as a PT in the U.S. from another agency. I filed for leave but it was denied. So, I will absent myself that day. It's do or die. Literally.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


I knew from the start that this day is one of the most awful days this month. It all started with a cab driver who did not use the meter on my way to work. Hello? As if I'll give you a tip. I ride on a cab to work every night for the past couple of years and I know an asshole cab driver when I'm with one. I was almost late because someone used my PC and changed the settings. So, I had to retrieve my preferences before I start taking calls. I also learned that they implemented this "stick to your break sched" policy which means no more sharing of breaks and lunches with friends and no more sharing of stories. Imagine having breaks every hour then taking calls for four hours straight! No wonder my throat's dry and sore. It was a dragging 10-hour shift talking from one stupid caller to another.

Here comes the climax of this stupid and sad tale. My mother did not remember my telling her yesterday that I will be arriving home late today. I told her I'l go out with friends after my shift and will be home about lunchtime. My phone's battery was drained so I didn't know she was trying to call me. I received a bombardment of text messages upon charging my mobile's battery asking me where I was and that she's worried, blah blah. Typical Ma. I am used to that. I know she gets paranoid when it comes to us not coming home on our specified time. What I never expected (and I think was too farfetched!) was when she called my office to verify if I was still there. I couldn't believe it! (Considering the situation with the people in the company right now, THAT type of attention is not wanted.) I dunno who she spoke with.

Konting tiwala naman sana. It's not like I'm only 16. I'm 24 and as far as I know women my age are old enough to take care of themselves. I understand her concern but I was so embarrassed with what she did. It's not like it was past 12 midnight. It was only past 12 noon and the sun is scorching hot. I really couldn't believe it.

I went home really upset and reminded her that I DID tell her I'll be arriving late. She would not have worried. She is indeed getting old. :(

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


All work and no play makes me a mere toy.

Wanna play? Hehehe.

Oh and by the way, 19th month on the 11th. Great.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


My shift barely started when I heard our Ops manager shout "Don't panic!" At first I didn't know why. I was standing in front of my workstation ready to take calls and I suddenly fell back on my chair. I had to grab the table in front of me and I thought it was just lack of sleep that was taking it's toll on my balance. But I was mistaken. I saw all things shaking, including me on my chair. I was so dizzy I had to close my eyes and I can still feel being moved without my will.

A few weeks ago, we experienced an earthquake too. I knew deep inside that it will stop, like all other earthquakes I've experienced. That confidence wavered when the shaking became stronger and it lasted for about a couple of minutes. Yes, it was stronger and longer than what we experienced before. After that, I had my dizzy spells again (what I call my "mental aftershocks") for about another minute. It was scary!

I got hold of my mobile and asked my Ma how there were. I also asked him if he was ok. I mean, I was on the 20th floor and we were shaking! I cannot imagine how it would have felt for him to be on the 34th floor at that time.

Yeah, we're ok now. Kinda. We saw each other last Thursday and he treated me out for lunch and a movie. All-expense paid. He looked happy. He talked a lot about his new job. I hated to spoil the moment with me asking him about "the issue" I couldn't get over with. I guess I had to wait for another timing. I can wait. I've been waiting for a lot of things all my life. A little more waiting wouldn't hurt.

It was like the earthquake. Everything was fine after waiting for a while. It was dangerous for a few seconds but when I opened my eyes, everything was the same. It's as if nothing happened. No casualties, no loss as far as my eyes can see. What matters is I'm ok. We're ok. Thank God.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


They say what matters is right now. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is just a dream. But I already stopped dreaming. Consciously, that is.

I'm just tired, that's all. Tired of the same boring routine. Tired of the work I don't enjoy. Tired of the responsibilities. Tired of thinking 'til my head hurts. Tired of wondering. Tired of waiting. Tired of being criticized. Tired of being taken for granted. Tired of being stepped on. Tired of my life. A friend told me, maybe I need a drastic change. How drastic?

I just need a real break. Is that so difficult to ask?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

2nd year blog anniv!

I just noticed, it's been a month and two years now since I started blogging. Cool.

Here's to two years of scribbling down the details of my mundane existence! Hahaha! Thanks BLOGGER! :)

techy me!

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

So despite the very strict I.T. Department in our company, I was still able to find out a way to change the LAN settings (Shhh...) in my and my friends' PC's, so we're here in the office right now, an hour after our shift, enjoying the company's resources. Wahahaha! *evil grin*

Our other officemates went to some "gimmick" places this very early Sunday morning since Saturday night parties are not over yet. I prefer to stay here though. I think I won't enjoy it. Probably depends on the people I'm with. That's why I miss my friends from school. Saturday night "gimmicks" seem more fun when I'm with them. I could let my hair down. *sigh*

Thank God this week is over. :)

Happy Birthday, JOY!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Warrior

No, my week has not ended yet. I still have work tonight. Yes, six days straight. I am not just tired, I am also disappointed. I was planning to file for leave on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. I want to make sure that, as early as today, I'll be spending my holidays with my family unlike last year when I cried myself to work because it was the saddest Christmas Eve in my life. For the first time in my life, I did not spend Noche Buena at home. That was last year. I don't want it to happen again.

A Warrior of the Light can distinguish between the transient and the enduring.*

I was informed that our account does not allow leaves filed on December 24 and 31. I was thinking, "What the f%$k?! We earned those leave credits!" I was even informed that they gave warnings to those who will absent themselves and pay is triple on New Year's Eve. I don't care! I will file a leave and if they don't approve it, I will use my unplanned leaves warning or no warning! Even if it affects my attendance rating!

Sorry I got carried away. It's just that if I were to choose my job and my family, I'd choose my family without any second thoughts. I can find another job. But I only have ONE family.

A Warrior of the Light does not spend his days trying to play the role that others have chosen for him.*

I can't see myself still taking calls next year. I don't want to become stagnant and gather moss. My brain's kinda rusty now and I have to make some changes. But how? Only my path will tell. Kinda tough trying to make decisions when there are no options to choose from. But hey, if that Singapore thingie pushes through, I'll do it. I mean, if Bush loses the U.S. elections, goodbye to most callcenters in Manila! Why? 'Coz Bush is pro-outsourcing. If he loses, no more outsourcing here in the Philippines. From the looks of it, the callcenter industry is in danger (unless it's an in-house callcenter that is). But then again, we'll see...

A Warrior of the Light knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment, and-- sometimes-- with just a touch of madness.*

*taken from Paulo Coelho's "The Warrior of the Light".

Emotional IQ

After the Brain Test, here's the EQ Test.

My Emotional EQ is 114.

Your Emotional IQ score is much more than just a number: it's an indicator of success.

Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence scores — not necessarily those with the highest IQ scores — tend to be the most valued and productive employees and have the longest and happiest romantic relationships.

So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is perception — your ability to pick up on what others are feeling.

Because of this, you are unusually good at reading people's verbal and non-verbal cues. You're especially aware of the subtleties of people's actions, and can feel out the vibe of a situation better than many. That gives you and edge many wish they had. People with high perception skills like yours, however, tend to rely on them to the exclusion of others. As a result, they sometimes have underdeveloped abilities in other realms of critical emotional intelligence like managing emotions, empathy, and being expressive.

To truly excel in life and know how to relate to different people, you need to balance out the different kinds of emotional intelligence.

Research indicates that if people who are strong in perception can work to increase their overall emotional IQ score, they can prepare themselves to handle any interpersonal exchange with amazing skill — especially by learning to be empathetic and by being able to express what it is they are feeling or trying to say.

And the good news is that people who try to improve their emotional IQ have far greater success than people who try to improve their IQ.

Take the test here.

Monday, September 27, 2004


This blog space is for a friend. I don't know if he'll get to read this but here goes:

Happy Birthday, Wesley!

I know you like strawberries but since you're far from me right now, here's something for you:

Hehehe! Hope you like them! :)

Blue fever

Ant, Si, Dunc, Lee
taken from Blue's Official Website

I have to say that last Saturday was the highlight of my week and probably the highlight of my month!

My sister, my friend Ayn and I met up at about 5PM last Saturday. Concert starts 8:30PM but I know it would be better to get there early especially since we're on Upper Box and it's free seating. We passed by a nearby mall, gulped our pizza and drinks, then went inside. I must say, the crowd was unexpectedly small. Maybe because there was not much promotion in the local TV stations. The concert officially started a little past 9PM. The opening act was Derek McDonald, this Scottish, Ricky-Martin look-alike. (I promise I'll post my pics once I have them developed). He sang these familiar songs I recently hear being played on the airwaves-- Hurts So Bad, Nobody Knows, Alone Again.

taken from Derek McDonald's Official Website

Cameras were not allowed, but then I am used to these Westlife concerts that I know how to bend and break some rules. Hehehe! If I only have the finances, I would have bought the front seats for my sis and me. I mean, since the boyband era is fast disappearing and this may be Blue's last concert as a group (I certainly hope not, but I gotta face the truth), it would have been cool if I was there in front of the lads taking their pictures up close and if I were lucky, touched Lee's hand or got Ant's wet towel. Rawr! But then those are just wishful thinking. I was broke and I could only afford the Upper Box seats and I bet my Blue pics are so tiny that I would only get a clear view of their faces because of the wide screen behind them. :(

Another thing that made me wish I was there up front was that Blue is very friendly when it comes to pleasing their fans. They won't let a fan down. I mean, there are these security protocols they have to follow so they won't get hurt but unlike other concerts I watched, they were there to mingle with fans! They (literally) reach out to ordinary people! Lee even went down the stage to get this girl so they can sing her The Birthday Song in a capella and they even gave her a kiss each. If that girl was me, I'd probably die up that stage happy. Before they sang "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", Dunc gave this short speech about them cancelling their concert last year due to personal reasons. Then he said "We're really sorry, Manila!" One act I can't forget was when Simon rapped this poem he wrote for the fans. It was touching. You'd know that they are not forgetting they're also ordinary people living extraordinary lives. That without the fans, they won't be up on stage performing. *sigh*

I nearly lost my voice shouting and singing along with their songs. Too bad I didn't lose it completely. I would have had an excuse of not going to work due to voice problems. Hahaha! This guy (please see picture below) never let me down. He's my fave because he's got this great voice and he's not a snob. Lee's voice never faltered. He was still able to reach high pitches despite the fact that he is dancing at the same time. Really great performance! My second fave is Simon since he has this genuine smile for fans he meet. I remember about two years ago when they had autograph signing in Megamall (and Lee was sick so he couldn't fly here), Simon was the one who always looked up to a fan and said "Hi!" then smiled. When they went to Dish, I called Simon's name, he had to look back, wave and smile. Those small gestures mean a huge deal to fans like me! :)

Lee! My man! :)

I must admit, of all the live concerts I watched, Blue was one of those who sound good live, even better than recorded. Not to mention they look oh-so-good too with their sweaty shirts and all! :p