Thursday, November 18, 2004

on my own

No, this is not about my lovelife. I still am pretty much attached although we only see each other once in a while.

If there are days when I really want to be independent from my family, this is one of those days. I can't plan what I want to do with myself or with my so-called career or with my earnings because I know that I have to consider a lot of opinions first before I finally make a decision. I also notice that most often than not the final decision is not mine.

Why would I settle for something less when I could have more? Why would I be content with what's in front of me when I could still reach farther out? Why would I limit myself to the decisions of others if I am capable of making my own decisions?

That's probably why, at age 24, I am still scared to go out of my boundaries-- my security wall. Anyone care to let me out of here?

Oh and by the way, if there's one person I look up to for her being independent, that would be Ulan. I heard she decided to stop blogging. No more sharing of her thoughts. Yes, I will miss the stories and the pictures. :)

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