Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was sipping my favorite ice-blended milk tea when I noticed a commotion outside. People from all ages were trying to get a better view. It was the kids' expression of awe that caught my attention. It made me remember my own childhood. The world was then a place to explore. Life is an adventure. Happiness can be found in simple things. Nothing was routine. Boredom does not exist. I was easy to please.

We were halfway in watching the show when the sky was lit up again. I realized I never really lost the child in me. Simple things can lighten my mood-- the great weather that night; the wonderful live music from two stars who overcame a lot of obstacles but still found ways to make their dreams a reality; and the fact that I was sharing the experience with my sister and friends. It was worth the wait.

courtesy of Logan
fireworks taken during the David Cook & David Archuleta concert
16 May 2009

I smile at the memory because life can be like fireworks-- dangerous, beautiful and random. It will never cease to amaze me. =)