Monday, March 04, 2013


It was the first Sunday of March and the promise of summer was broken by an early morning downpour. The sky was crying. It would be the last day that I would see my father's body. Did he like rain? I am not sure. I know he loved nature. He always made sure the birds that visit our house get their small parcels of bread. There are many aspects of my father that I didn't know. Some of them were revealed through the words and memories of his friends, relatives, people he loved and people who love him.

Consistent to his personality, the sun shone while a group of people went to the crematorium, where we would eventually get his ashes. He never wanted to make other people suffer for his benefit. He was a kind-hearted man, probably the kindest I've ever known.

A week before that, I remember watching one of his favorite television shows with him. I was lying on the sofa and he was stroking my hair. I will miss those moments. Those simple, yet treasured memories that will fill my heart with longing. Our home is not complete without him. I woke up earlier and felt like everything that happened was a blur. I could write a book describing the kind of life he lived. That is just from my perspective. I know that there are others who also grieve because we lost a man who touched a lot of lives. These people also have their own fond memories of my father.

He will always be loved. He will always be remembered. He is already missed. Papa, wherever you are, I know you are happy. Thank you for teaching me more lessons... Life is fleeting. Life should always be treasured, no matter how deep I get in my daily routine. Do not always worry about the little things because life has its way of taking care of itself. Relationships should be treasured. It always pays to be kind to others. Thank you for the life you lived. I am grateful for having a father like you. I wish I could have told you all of these when you can still hear me, but I am sure you still know how I feel. I know you will always guide us. Have fun on your next adventure, Papa! I love you very much!