Wednesday, December 31, 2003


"Proceed with passion today. Get out of the gloom and doom mode that you are so familiar with. This is not a good time to sit at home and mope. Get out in the sunshine, literally as well as figuratively. Don't keep yourself cooped up inside when there is a huge world out there for you to explore. Today is a day to keep things light and energetic. Remember that happiness is a decision that you have to make."

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I am happy today...

...because I won't be reporting for work tomorrow. My application for leave was approved. (Yehey!)

...because he already arrived in Manila from the province. I might be able to see him a week earlier than expected.

...because I'm with my family this New Year's Eve and I could not ask for more.

...because I am going to get a haircut tomorrow.

...because I already bought some things from my wishlist (although there are still more left but that's okay).

...because I'm gaining weight due to the holidays but it's not a big deal since my family, friends and he will still love me for what I am.

...because I have a job that pays (eventhough I know I'm not going to last that long) and a job that is stressful (since I know it will help lessen the weight that I gained over the holidays). Hehehe!

...because my sister's godsister arrived from London and is checking out if I can qualify for a job position in the nursing home she's working in. I'm gonna be a caregiver for all I care, but I would be glad to go to London.

...because I still exist to experience 2004 and to be 24. (I heard there is this 21-year old actor who died because he "accidentally" fell from a 9th-floor balcony.)

That is enough reason to say good-bye to this year and look forward to next year.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

2004: Year of the Monkey
Monkey - 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
(Next year is MY year. I hope it's going to be better. Looking forward to it.)

The phrase Happy - go - lucky is perhaps coined just to describe the Monkey. Monkeys crave fun, activity and stimulation. They always tend to have a good time. Sparkling wit and that rapier-sharp mind are their main strengths. Monkeys are natural entertainers. To add to it, Monkeys are also good listeners and tackle complicated situations with ease.

This Sign's natural curiosity lends it the desire to become knowledgeable on a broad range of topics.

The Monkey tends to get into trouble due to a certain lack of very high morals. This Sign's first interest is pursuing its own pleasure. It's just the way the Monkey is. However, this kind of carefree self-involvement can lead to all kinds of scrapes.

In love and relationships, the Monkey makes a fun, exciting lover -- but one that may have the potential to stray romantically. Monkeys might just be a bit too curious for its own good.

The Monkey's love of self-indulgence can also lead to other types of trouble. This Sign may have little self-control concerning food, alcohol and other pleasurable activities.

Monkeys must try to learn to think of others ahead of themselves, at least some of the time. This Sign's world will be more complete once it realizes the world doesn't revolve around it.
Those who will be rendering overtime for work this weekend will be given additional cash incentives. I did not go on OT. Not that I don't need the money, I do. But I accompanied my mom yesterday to watch one of the Tagalog movies for MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival). We had some sort of a date, just the two of us. It's been a while since we did that. Then today, my sis and I cleaned our room. It's spic and span right now and I'm proud that I got my hands and knees all filthy.

Now I'm thinking if I will still do extra work tonight so I can get extra cash. But then I realized I missed my house. These past few months, I just go home to eat and sleep. My schedule revolves around my work. I know I am a corporate slave, but I don't want to be a robot. I want my life back before it's too late.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Sad Christmas Eve

I'm here at work spending Christmas Eve in the office. This is the first time in my life that I'd be spending Christmas Eve away from home. I was so decided not to go to work today despite the fact that my application for leave was not approved. What made me change my mind?

It was because I had to choose between sacrificing only one day, whether Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, and I chose to sacrifice this night.

I knew that this job requires me to be flexible in my dates. I also am aware that we, employees, have the right to a few days vacation or sick leave. I was responsible enough to file it earlier so as to get a slot. Since I don't trust them to approve my New Year's Eve application for leave, I might as well be absent that day.

I was chatting with my best bud earlier. She made me realize that if both my applications for Christmas and New Year's Eve were not approved, I'll end up being absent for TWO days. I may end up jobless when the New Year starts. Will that help my family? No. I know they are the reason why I want to stay at home tonight. I want to be with them. Who knows we won't be together next Christmas, right? But I got to look at a bigger picture. My family needs me to have a job. Despite the fact that I am actually forcing myself to go to work everyday and I am not happy anymore, I have to do this unless I have a better alternative. Better means higher pay and lesser stress. But that seems improbable as of the moment.

So what am I to do? My friend has a point. I sacrifice one special holiday. I won't eat the food we prepared this morning. My family was, well, sorry I have to go to work. But we don't have much of a choice. I cried on my way here. Now were being served food. Is this a compensation for the sorry asses who need to work tonight? I don't think it will suffice.

For those people reading this, I hope that unlike me, you have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS. From my heart, I truly wish you do because it will help lessen the load a bit. At least I know there are people happy celebrating this season with their loved-ones.
The review below can also be seen at ToRN.

CLICK HERE to view.
The Journey Ends

(an account of a witness of "The Return of the King")


The board is set and the pieces are... well, stuck in traffic. That's what I thought on our way to the moviehouse. I was itching to get there because I know there is already a long line in front of the cinema. I'm glad I have friends who were able to save some seats for me, my sister and my mother. We got, in my opinion, the best seats in the house.

I was surrounded with family, friends and familiar faces around me. It was a comfort knowing I'm sharing the most-awaited moment with people close to me. Yes, this end to JRR Tolkien's trilogy is my most-awaited event of the year. I have been waiting for this since I saw "The Two Towers". After buying popcorn and drinks so we can keep the ROTK tumbler, I snuggled comfortably in my seat.

The movie left me speechless. But after two days of reflections with myself and conversations with my sister, I have chosen some scenes I love and some scenes I think can be omitted or modified.

The movie started with Smeagol and Deagol. I've been expecting this since I was reading spoilers galore in the internet prior to my actual viewing. The scene itself is not part of the ROTK book but I already knew the reason why PJ (Peter Jackson, the director) made it the opening scene. It portrayed the "evolution" of Smeagol to Gollum throughout the years while he was under the influence of The One Ring.

I noticed that compared to the previous two movies, this one is quite fast-paced in the sense that there was a lot of "switching" from one scene to another. So after the Gollum story shows Frodo, Sam and Gollum near Mordor.

The White Rider and the three hunters then found Merry and Pippin in Isengard. This scene is also not a part of the ROTK book and Gandalf did not say "Get up you tom-fool of a Took!" But then, well... I won't see all the things I like. Like when Pippin found the palantir underwater. I mean, it would have been funny when Grima threw it at them and made Saruman angry. Where is Saruman? There never was a closure. Treebeard told them Saruman and Grima were locked in Orthanc. But I never saw their shadows.

The Gollum-Smeagol Stinker and Slinker scenes were very effective. Andy Serkis made a fabulous performance!

The King of Rohan was what I expected. Theoden's character was clearly depicted in the movie.

What's with Arwen and her having foreseen their son? I don't like the scene that shows the reforging of Anduril from the shards of Narsil because Arwen requested Elrond to do it. And why was the ring affecting her? UGH!

Minas Tirith was beautiful! Too bad Denethor was portrayed as a madman wanting the throne of Gondor for himself more than a Steward who lost his judgment after he saw the palantir. I guess the character was an excuse for Gandalf to be violent and use his staff to "make Denethor come to his senses". Funny since I never imagined Gandalf to be violent that way. If I can recal correctly he also did that to Pippin when Pippin was offering Denethor his services. Haha!

I like the snips from the previous two movies when a character is remembering the past-- like when Boromir died. I also like the lighting of the beacons and when Gollum threw the lembas. He should not have done that but it was effective in creating a "friction" between Sam and Frodo. Great additions!

It was a sad scene when Faramir cried and Pippin sang. Such a sad song for a hobbit to sing, but beautiful song nonetheless. I wonder why Denethor was ever so hungry.

The "I canot give what you seek" scene of Eowyn and Aragorn made me long to see Faramir-Eowyn scenes in the Houses of Healing.

Where was Dernhelm?! It should have been better if it went with Eowyn's "I am no man!" scene.

Legolas shouldn't have shot an arrow at the dead when he knew they were dead, right?

Anyways, Shelob was scary! The scene when Galadriel offered hope to Frodo was a nice touch too.

It's weird cause during the pyre of Denethor, it seems like Gandalf and Shadowfax were the ones who pushed Denethor to the fire. Weird.

Some tearjerker scenes are the death of Theoden, Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate, the Sam-Frodo scene on Mount Doom: "Then let us be rid of it once and for all! Come on, Mr. Frodo! I can't carry it for you but I can carry you! Come on!" and of course during the crowning of the king "you bow to no one" scene. *sniff*

The addition of the dead fighting during the Battle of Pelennor is not a bad change. It would have been improbable for them to win the battle if the dead did not arrive.

The eye of Sauron was like a spotlight in Mordor. I don't think it was necessary cause it made Sauron a bit funny instead of scary. But I guess it would help the non-readers understand the scenes more. But then again, they could have deleted the spotlight part. Just a suggestion.

King Elessar sang in Elvish. Cool!

No entdraught therefore, no taller Merry and Pippin, no crowning in the fields of Cormallen, no Frodo giving the crown to Gandalf first before Gandalf crowned King Elessar, no Houses of Healing, no Scouring of the Shire, but over-all, the movie was a fantastic end to the trilogy. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

Hope fades, into the world of night, through shadows falling out of memory and time. Don't say we have come now to the end. White shores are calling. You and I will meet again and you'll be here in my arms just sleeping... ~"Into the West", Annie Lennox
Wonderful Weekend

I attended my second cousin's wedding last Saturday. I got this fortune from the wedding cake that read "Bells are ringing and the dream you're dreaming will come true tonight". It did. Not really my biggest dream of all, but at least I was happy.

Saturday night we were at the local amusement park. He bought me this cute dolphin lamp and I remember him before sleeping and after waking up coz I always see the lamp on the bedside table.

Both of us have weak stomachs so we did not go on wild rides. Plus he treated me out to dinner in my fave pizza place prior to going to the park so I'd rather keep my food in my stomach after that.

I was glad he liked my gift after all the effor my sis and I gave to find it. Hahaha!

While I'm writing this he in the province to spend the holidays with his family and relatives. He'd be gone at least a week. Worse, there is not much signal there so I can't even send him a message or call him through his mobile.

Well I wish that you would call me right now
So that I could get through to you somehow
But I guess it's safe to say baby safe to say
That I'm officially missing you

~Tamia, "Officially Missing You"
Almost Perfect

A chapter of my life ended last Saturday morning. A new one started Saturday night. So far, everything is fine except for the fact that I'm feeling sad today. 'Tis the day before Christmas. Since my application for leave was not approved and I am still decided to spend Christmas with my family, I am in danger of getting terminated from work because of my attendance. On January 6, it will be one year since I started working in the company. If I lose my job because I want to spend Christmas and New Year with my family (and of course, I filed for leave already about 2 and a half months ago), SO BE IT.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

My life just ended. Let's see if I have the strength to start it later today. Or will it just end for me? No more beginnings.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Last day at work this week. I am looking forward to my rest days. I filed for a 3-day leave and I'll be going back to work on the night of December 25th.

Due to some unforseen circumstances, my life starts on Saturday. I hope I will be able to make the best out of it.

Home is behind, the world ahead
There are many paths to tread
Through shadow to the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade
All shall fade, all shall fade

~Pippin, "The Return of the King"

To lighten the mood, here is Garfield again:

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Bits and Pieces

A lot of people in the office are talking about the UP Lantern Parade later today. Some are even asking me to watch. I don't know why but I don't seem excited enough to sacrifice my sleeping time to watch it. Maybe because most of the people who made my life in UP memorable and bearable are not around anymore to keep me company. So, why bother?

I feel tired and sleepy today despite drinking a cup of coffee and a coke in can within my work shift. I am not much of a coffee-drinker lately nor a softdrink-lover for that matter, but I had to get a dose of caffeine just to keep me going. I have an inkling why but I am just scared to admit it to myself. Some things are better kept unrevealed.

An officemate is going to watch "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" tonight. It's the premiere by Globe. They're giving free tickets to the first 400 Gentexters. I remembered when my friend and I used to wait for the premiere of "The Fellowship of the Ring" about two years ago. We were there at 10AM. It was so funny since I was just dragged to that premiere. I never thought I would thank her for introducing me to JRR Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings. We were, I think, the 16th and 17th Gentexters who fell in line for the movie two hours before the screening time. Imagine that! But it was worth it.

I still have a Gentext card but I couldn't go since I have work tonight. And besides, she is not with me anymore, so it would not be fun to watch alone. I'd rather wait for the TPTS advance screening and share the movie with my friends and fellow Tolkienites.

I wish it's the weekend already.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Living proof...

that I have "hobbit blood".

Got this picture a few days ago from my cousin in the States. This is John, her son, my nephew. He is half-Filipino and half Italian. Look closely... curly hair, chubby, short. He's wearing shoes so we won't know if he has big hairy feet, right? Hehe! But he is so cute!

My nephew, JOHN PEDRES MARCELLINO (whom we fondly call "The Hobbit")

Monday, December 15, 2003


My countdown clock is reading: 1 day, 15 hours, 25 minutes before the premiere of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King".

I still have to wait for 7 more days for me to watch it.

Sunday, December 14, 2003


I went to dinner with some relatives and my family earlier this evening. The food was great! *burp* But I only had 3 hours of sleep, and I still have one shift to finish.

Sunday morning and I'm here at work. I'm alone in my area. I know my sister just watched "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" premiere on HBO. Damn. If I only knew I'd be missing this much, I never would have swapped my Saturday rest day. But then again, the person I swapped with would have missed spending Saturday with her friends in Enchanted Kingdom. That person (who is also my friend) was the one who requested a swap. And since it's over and done with, I better stop this rant. But I promise not to swap work schedules anymore since my personal schedule is greatly affected.

We had dinner in a sort-of restaurant-- the kind that we get to buy fresh seafood in the nearby market then tell the people in the restaurant how we want them cooked. That dinner was for several reasons: 3 of my second cousins had birthdays last week, one of them is getting married next week, another second cousin came from the province for a convention here (haven't seen her for about 17 years now).

Sacrifice self for family.

I know that she (the cousin from the province) is living with a lesbian for about 20 years now. I know also that they're in love because they lasted that long, but homosexual marriages are not legal in this part of the world. Then my cousin was telling us how she wanted to marry someone-- someone who can take her to another country, who can help her fulfill her dreams. So, through the internet, she looked for that someone. To make the story short, her options narrowed to two-- a guy from the US and another from the UK. After meeting those men in person, she has decided to marry the UK guy next year, probably for reasons that are quite obvious since she kept on bragging on how they would tour around the world, how she named beneficiary of his insurance (worth US$1M- Whew! Actually, there are still a lot of stuff he gave her--digital cam, mobile phone, monthly allowance-- oh, I don't want to fill the entire webpage), and how he gives her the time, love and of course, money.

She said she already loves him. I just hope that they do live happily ever after coz she is being treated like a princess. I just hope they spend time together and get to know each other more in the coming months. I have nothing against relationships that start online (I should know better! Haha!) as long as the people involved don't lie or take advantage of one another. Of course, it's always better to meet each other personally and spend time together face-to-face (and not keyboard-to-keyboard if you know what I mean).

But what about her lesbian live-in partner? She'll also get benefits even if my second cousin gets married. Money can be shared, right? No matter how odd it may seem, I'm surprised they made an agreement about their unusual situation. My second cousin admitted that the lesbian gets jealous, but she already told her she wants to get married. But the lesbian will still be someone special.

Sacrifice love for money.

Hey, money is the answer for everything right? Oh well. I hope it is. My mother was, well... kinda envious with her. It is as if my second cousin won the lottery. And it felt like she was giving me hints... Oh well, if she only knew that I have personally experienced meeting someone online. Then learning to fall in love in the process of knowing that someone in person. Too bad he's not The Prince of Wales or someone that rich. If you ever get to read this Ma, I will not marry just for money. Money and love would be more like it. Hahaha! Since I'm not that financially desperate yet, I think I'd rather work hard, get rich and marry the man I love. If one day, I'll be posting that I'll marry Bill Gates or the Prince of Brunei, then maybe I already went beyond desperation.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I'm feeling lazy again.

You said it right, Garfield.
I have to go to work tonight. I can't wait for Sunday. No, actually, I can't wait for next week. I don't think I'll have enough rest this weekend. That's why I'm looking forward to next weekend.

Thought to Ponder

I think I need one.

All images courtesy of Garfield.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Don't like the singer that much, but I love this song...

Young girl, don't cry
I'll be right here when your world starts to fall
Young girl, it's all right
Your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly

When you're safe inside your room you tend to dream
Of a place where nothing's harder than it seems
No one ever wants or bothers to explain
Of the heartache life can bring and what it means

When there's no one else
Look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend
Just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength
That will guide your way
If you will learn to begin
To trust the voice within

Young girl, don't hide
You'll never change if you just run away
Young girl, just hold tight
And soon you're gonna see your brighter day

Now in a world where innocence is quickly claimed
It's so hard to stand your ground when you're so afraid
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold
When you're lost outside look inside to your soul

When there's no one else
Look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend
Just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength
That will guide your way
If you will learn to begin
To trust the voice within

Life is a journey
It can take you anywhere you choose to go
As long as you're learning
You'll find all you'll ever need to know

(Be strong)
You'll break it
(Hold On)
You'll make it
Just don't forsake it because
No one can stop you
You know that I'm talking to you

When there's no one else
Look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend
Just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength
That will guide your way
If you will learn to begin
To trust the voice within

Young girl don't cry
I'll be right here when your world starts to fall

~The Voice Within, Christina Aguilera

Your dreams may be a bit disturbing, but this is more likely to reflect fears from the past than dangers for the future. Do write them down, however. You may learn a lot about yourself by studying the symbols.

I hope so... I really hope so...

One of my cousins is (also) going to the States. She's going to be an immigrant and may leave before the year ends. She is a nurse. (No surprise there.) It seems like nurses are having more options when it comes to working overseas. If I knew I would have taken up B.S. Nursing instead. But no use crying over spilled milk. I just hope she finds the fulfillment of her dreams there in foreign soil. I'm going to miss her though... not knowing when we can see each other again.

I wonder when my time will come...

On the other hand, we went to the amusement park earlier and I wish I had a camera with me to get some pics of all those beautiful lights. I realized it's only a few days before Christmas. Those were the moments I cherish-- times when you spend time with your family admiring the surroundings, not caring if we don't get to eat there or get on the rides, knowing that we're together and that it is reason enough to make the moment unforgettable.

I plan to go back there again and enjoy the rides next time. Too bad I have to shorten my trip because I have to go to work. Just one more week and I'll have a few days off for myself and my family.

I'm also excited for ROTK!!!

Cause every moment we share together is even better than the moment before... if everyday was as good as today was, then I can't wait until tomorrow comes...
~Westlife, "Moments"

Thursday, December 11, 2003


is really slow when you're NOT having fun.


is what I feel right now.

All images courtesy of Garfield.


Nine months ang counting...

Happy 9th Monthsary, Lisse!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


I just had to spoil myself with these CLIPS.

I had goosebumps while watching. I can't wait. I am so excited!

More descriptions here.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The tickets...

sold like hotcakes on a cold morning. No more tickets left! They're SOLD-OUT!!!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Ready for ROTK!

After a stressful shift, a hearty breakfast and a few moments of deep breaths (I still can't get over the fact that I HAVE TO WORK on Christmas eve and New Year's eve), I met a co-TPTS member who gave me 40 tickets for the advance screening. I already have 30 reservations and I still have 10 tickets spare.

I am so excited! I'm buying a ticket for my Mama as her birthday/Christmas gift (hehe! nagtitipid) and a ticket for my sis as her Christmas gift too. Not to mention some of my friends at work will also be watching plus the TPTS peeps and some close friends not related to work or TPTS.

I can't wait!!!

Too bad I could not attend the Globe premiere on the 17th for Gentxters. I have work. Oh well.

I got this from TORN

I hope they'll consider, not just for Best Adapted Screenplay. *cross fingers*
Christmas break?!

Give me a break.

It's been more than 11 months already since I started this job. I never have been absent and I do overtime as much as possible if my body can take it. Then 2 and a half months ago, I filed for leave for December 22 until the night of December 24 (Christmas with the family) and the night of December 31 (New Year with the family). Yes, I filed it THAT early because I know there will be a lot of applications for leave for the holidays. I saved those leaves especially for those days. I am happy because I will be able to watch the advance screening of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". I learned they approved December 22 and 23. Guess what?! They DID NOT APPROVE my application for December 24 and 31!

I could not believe it at first because it was filed that early and they told me they are increasing the slots for leave on those days. But then this?! Despite the fact that I still have 4 days left in my vacation leave allotment for this year... They still did not approve.

We'll see about that.
I think I am desperate enough to sacrifice one rest day to do, yet again, another overtime for work. God help me. It turned out to be one very busy day due to the snowstorm in the northeastern United States. Thank God for tropical countries.

Saturday, December 06, 2003


Don't mock me or scorn me. Don't place me on pedestal and make me face all my imperfections. I know I'm not perfect. Life already has it's hurtful way of making me realize that. I don't need you to remind me how pathetic I am. I'm already kneeling on the ground. Why make me crawl? Would that make you feel better? Or would you think it would make me feel better knowing that you have seen through me?


A person once said that reality is just a point of view of the majority. I don't want to be transparent and visible to the real world. Because in reality, the more transparent I am, the more points of view will be taken, the more these judgments deviate from what I truly am. I want to be known only to myself as much as possible. I want to be part of fiction, not reality. I want to be a character who can easily be created, changed and destroyed... a character who does not care if her actions will trigger negative reactions from others. I want to be an insignificant character like a small rock on a dirt road which nobody notices, nobody cares about, nobody knew existed... until maybe one day, somebody will stumble upon it and change that somebody's life.

But I still have a smile on my face. Because I know that despite the hurtful words, I know you are that somebody whose life has changed because of me.


Back to reality:
My Muse is at it again. Maybe I think of these weird thoughts due to lack of sleep (24 hours awake already and counting.) Or maybe it was the fact that I got to be surrounded by books again when I found myself alone, browsing them in the local bookshop. Or maybe it's another "over-sensitivity attack". But I should know better. Only one person can make me put these feelings into writing. Too bad that person may not be reading nor will ever read this entry.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

New Worlds

After a successful first convention sponsored by Via Astris during the premiere of Star Trek Nemesis, we will now be having a Long Expected Party--- that is the second science-fiction and fantasy convention scheduled on January 17-18 and of course, sponsored by The Philippine Tolkien Society during the screening of the last installment of the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

Latest update is that the convention is going to be held in Rockwell, Makati at the Parking Quad of the Powerplant Mall (co-sponsored by Fully Boooked).

Ain't it grand?
~Spandau Ballet~
(Come sing with me!)

So true funny how it seems
always in time, but never in line for dreams
Head over heels when toe to toe
This is the sound of my soul,
this is the sound
I bought a ticket to the world,
but now I've come back again
Why do I find it hard to write the next line
Oh I want the truth to be said

Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true
Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true

With a thrill in my head and a pill on my tongue
dissolve the nerves that have just begun
Listening to Marvin (all night long)
This is the sound of my soul,
this is the sound

Always slipping from my hands,
sand's a time of its own
Take your seaside arms and write the next line
Oh I want the truth to be known

Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true
Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true

I bought a ticket to the world,
but now I've come back again
Why do I find it hard to write the next line
Oh I want the truth to be said

Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true
Huh huh huh hu-uh huh
I know this much is true
This much is true
I know, I know, I know this much is true
The King has Returned

I am so excited! "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" has already premiered in New Zealand.

A few days more and I can't wait!

What if your date to the premiere is this gorgeous huh?

"The board is set,
The pieces are moving;
We come to it at last,
The Great Battle of our time..."

~Gandalf the White

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I can't wait to go home. My sister bought this:

and I can't wait to read the articles!

Read more about this issue here.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Our Secret

I love Garfield!

I'm not good. I'm up to no good. I'm nasty, nasty, nasty!
Time to Panic?

I love Garfield! He never fails to put a smile on my face.

I never had to take off my jacket when I went out of the office building to buy food. It's colder outside compared to the air-conditioned office. Christmas is in the air.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Spent the first day of December 2003 sleeping. What a way to temporarily escape reality!