Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Idle Hands...

...make senseless scribbles.

On Love

Be still my heart!!!
Am I just missing someone from the past too much or does it have to do with someone in the present?
Or maybe it's just palpitations due to excessive caffeine intake?

On Life

Flat line. Clinically dead. Non-existence. Void. Boredom. Plateau. Flat Line... Evil cycle.
So much for my happy ending.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Things Come to an End

July's nearly ended. Time flies fast especially when you're having fun. It has been a wonderful geeky month for me and my sis. We're back to the usual daily grind.

books and boxes

view from the top floor

The "geekfest" technically ended last Sunday when I finished the last book of the Harry Potter series. I spent the entire Sunday in our room reading it. The day before that, we were at the book launch at Fully Booked, The Fort. My fellow Hogwarts Philippines students (and faculty) had fun despite the no-open-book policy inside the store to prevent spoilers. We have been patient enough to wait for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and a few more hours wouldn't hurt. Despite being tired and sleepy, we couldn't help but read the first few chapters of the book until our eyes couldn't take it anymore.

Accio books!

books galore!

I won't be making a book review. I prefer to discuss my thoughts and opinions in person with fellow Harry Potter fans. I just strongly suggest that if you have read about Harry Potter's life from books 1 to 6, read this book for closure at least. Make sure to read the 6th book before you read the 7th one. We've grown up and matured with J.K. Rowling's characters. She made the kids believe in magic and the kids-at-heart believe that there is still magic in this world. I cried when I was reading it and I cried even after reading it. It was sad because I can't believe the series already ended.

Kudos J.K.! :)

More pictures in my album here!

Chiqui's album is here.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Human Contradictions

Thoughts for today:

From Paulo Coelho's "Like the Flowing River"
Words by Jamie Cohen

We are in such a hurry to grow up, and then we long for our lost childhood.

We make ourselves ill earning money, and then spend all our money on getting well again.

We think so much about the future that we neglect the present, and thus experience neither the present nor the future.

We live as if we were never going to die, and die as if we had never lived.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sedaris books and Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 1 for SALE!

Brand new David Sedaris books for sale!!!

Original price: Php659.00
Discounted price: Php400.00

Holidays On Ice
Original price: Php395.00
Discounted price: Php250.00

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Original price: Php359.00
Discounted price: Php250.00

Barrel Fever
Original price: Php695.00
Discounted price: Php400.00

Also available, Ultimate Spiderman (Volume 1) Power and Responsibility. Open and slightly used.

Original price: Php990.00
Discounted price: Php400.00

You may email, text or PM me if you know me personally. If not, please feel free to comment on this post instead. Preferably sold to someone who has easy access to Makati and Manila. Prices are negotiable.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of New Worlds: Transformed (NeWT), so if you haven't dropped by 2nd floor. Archaeology Hall, Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati in the past week, you just missed your chance. Hehehe!

wand duel with Carl

we *heart* Hiro Nakamura!

My sis and I went there last July 11, which is Harry Potter Day. We watched the last full show of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on IMAX after our volunteering duties. We went back to NeWT on July 14 and watched the movie again, for free this time, courtesy of Powerplant Cinemas. We had free snacks (Yay!) and we were in our Hogwarts Philippines uniforms.

Potterheads in Powerplant Cinemas
picture taken from Rocky's album

We went back yesterday, July 15, to witness The Philippine Tolkien Society's "The Hobbit" storytelling in Fully Booked.

Benc as Gandalf

There were more people during the weekends. A lot of different fandoms were visible and thus, we met a lot of our friends too! There was a cosplay contest last Saturday. First place went to Optimus Prime (woohoo!), second place went to the ever-charming Jack Sparrow of Black Pearl Philippines (way to go Hank! Note to self: must take my picture with him next time) and third place went to cutie Bumblebee. Congratulations! :)

with Optimus Prime

with my sis versus Optimus Prime
picture taken from Mark's album

with Nina and Bumblebee

There was another cosplay contest yesterday but we went home early. If you missed your chance to see all these, well better luck next time. :)

Click this link to watch GMA's Saksi clip of Harry Potter Day.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Pinoy Harry Potter in the Press

We saw pictures from yesterday's Manila Standard (front page!) and Tempo (page 5). There will also be more pictures and an article in Manila Bulletin tomorrow(July 14). There was a radio guesting in RX 93.1 and several news clips. A couple my officemates told me they saw me on TV! Hah! I told them it wasn't me. It was my alter-ego. Hahaha!

More press releases here.

We're even on Yahoo!


Ooops... Wrong fandom. :)

New Worlds: Transformed!

July 9-15, 2007 - 11 AM onwards
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter High

Finally! Movie 5 is out. Just waiting for book 7 and this Harry Potter-y month of July is gonna be complete. I was dog tired yesterday but tired doesn't mean I didn't have fun. I actually had the time of my life. If you saw the news last night and read today's paper (Manila Standard and Tempo), you'll know what I mean. Some people may find it embarrassing but since I shared this with my sister and my friends from Hogwarts Philippines, I learned that "acting" in front of the camera was actually fun. Hahaha!

We spent most of the day in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell since it was Harry Potter Day for New Worlds: Transformed and I didn't expect a number of media coverages (plugging QTV's Kids on Q this Saturday, July 14, 10AM-11AM and RPN 9's I-Watch News on July 12 at 10:00 PM). After that, my sis, mother and I went to Mall of Asia to catch the last full show of the movie. My sis and I just took off our Hogwarts robes and went there. Some people smiled, glanced and stared. Some were even snickering as we pass by. I couldn't care less.

Hogwarts girls
with my sis, Jovan and Princess

playing Gnome Toss
with my sis, Jovan, Princess, Ivy and (not in the picture Carlo)

with Carl, my sis, Ivy and pretty little Ella*

I won't make an official review of the movie or else I'll just gush. Yes, there were shortcomings but I really don't mind the disappointments that much because I know the movie is not be an exact copy of the book. It's an adaptation. I am scheduled to watch it again this Saturday, this time with my Pinoy Harry Potter family in Powerplant Mall and this time, in full robes too. I just wanna say that it was my first time to watch IMAX and the movie was worth it. Well, maybe I am just a biased fan but the fight at the Ministry scene in 3D was awesome!!! I'd do it again if only it weren't expensive. I wish it were longer too. Haha!

I slept most of the day on my birthday but yesterday made up for it. It was wonderful! Hope we can all have more days like that.

New Worlds: Transformed is ongoing in the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell until Sunday, July 15. Do check us out if you have the time or if you just happen to be there.

Thanks to all those who remembered to keep in touch with me on my natal day. :)

* pictures courtesy of Rej. View more pics in her Multiply album.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Reasons why I'm happy today:

  • I won't have to work tonight and tomorrow night because I'm on leave.

  • New Worlds: Transformed started yesterday and is ongoing in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell until July 15.

  • "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" movie will be shown in local cinemas starting tomorrow and we already have IMAX tickets.

  • I have family and friends who love me and make me feel special.

Last but not the least...

  • It's my birthday!!!

May you gather your blessings too and be grateful. Hope you all have a happy day! :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

All Tied Up

The past two weeks have been busy. Last Friday was my last day for the supervisor training. I learned a lot and I know promotion is no easy feat. There is no result yet. I'd probably know if I am chosen by the end of the month. I know I should be ready to face the challenges and responsibilities. There will always be criticisms. People may change their views about me and that's fine. I should get used to it. I know it can get tiresome but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I quote a friend's message:

In this lifetime, you cannot avoid gossips and unkind words from other people. This means that, whatever you do, you will never please everybody. It is a universal perception and you cannot dodge it. So, quit trying. Enjoy your life and let them be. But remember, don't resent the fact that people keep checking on you. Besides, if you weren't worth anything, they wouldn't really bother.

I agree. I just have to make the most of every situation and do the best I can do.

Speaking of "ties", I went to an officemate's wedding yesterday and since the venue was out of town, my friends and I spent the night at another friend's house. I had fun, as usual. We sang, ate and drank to our heart's content. I had only 2 hours worth of sleep but I can't complain. It was like an advance birthday thing for me. I'm gonna miss our swimming next weekend but I guess that's a price to pay. I have to prioritize however tough it may be.

I am looking forward to this week. I'm having my birthday on the 10th and "New Worlds: Transformed" will start tomorrow. Harry Potter movie 5 will be on the 11th and we'll be viewing it in IMAX. Good thing we were able to save up money for it. I'll be on leave from work and I am excited! I don't have the means to upload the "New Worlds: Transformed" TV ad yet but check out Nick's video. It's just 29 seconds. See if you can catch me there. Hahaha!

I have to go catch some much-needed sleep now. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Some hard-core Transformers fan may not appreciate the changes this movie depicted, but I thouroughly enjoyed it. It's an action-packed, typical Michael Bay flick. If you love Transformers the anime, Transformers the action figures or general sci-fi or you want to see handsome men in uniform, kick-ass robots with human-like personalities, really (really!) awesome special effects, comedy in the right places, non-stop action that will literally keep you in the edge of your seats or you just want to be entertained, watch this movie. You may wanna watch this in a cinema with surround sound and comfortable seats and you won't be sorry. :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I can't believe it's July again. A part of me is really looking forward to this month and a part doesn't want it to just pass me by. I wanna take this a day at a time, but changes at work shook me up a bit. It was a welcome change though and I expected the information overload, but there are sacrifices being made. I have also been missing some things and some people.

There are moments when I wanted to be alone. Yet it is still different when I spend time with my friends. Lately, I have been spending most of my time at work on my own. My schedule erratic due to my OJT (on-the-job training). Yes, despite my hesitation, I applied for a supervisory position. I did not pass the opportunity this time. I have one more week to go to complete this training and then I'll be back to my usual schedule. Thank God.

I was hoping I can get my weekends off again in time for New Worlds: Transformed and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" book launch. I will be missing an out-of-town get-together with my friends at work (*sniff*), but I just could not miss out on the NWA events. I have been waiting for the July event/s for a year! It is one of the instances when I wish I could split myself.

Despite the hullabaloo, a part of me isn't 100% happy. I am excited that my month has finally arrived, but sometimes I think of the reason why I am not "allowed" to be completely happy. I wonder why when a one aspect of life is going smoothly, another aspect tends to be messed up. I think of my father when I'm at home. I think of how he can get well. When I have fun, I feel guilty because I know there are still problems at home that need to be addressed. I think of the people who are willing to help and willing to listen. I am grateful they are a part of my life.

I don't wanna end this entry on a sad note. I just wish us all the happiness. If not, then I wish us all the mindset and outlook to see life in an optimistic way. It's gonna be difficult especially during bad times, but these too shall pass.