Thursday, June 28, 2007


Do you love Harry Potter? How about those amazing Transformers?

Admit it: you were a fan of something at some point in your life. Books, TV shows, movies, comics, and many other creations in the media can make an indelible impression on anyone and stay for the rest of our lives.

On July 9-15, get the chance to get together with like minds and celebrate what you love at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall! The New Worlds Alliance, in conjunction with Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Level Up! Games, Dream FM, Fandom Cafe, presents New Worlds: Transformed.

In this week-long affair, find fellow fans among the Trekkies, Tolkienites, Wizards from Hogwarts, Robots of Cybertron, Highlanders, the Jedi, Narnians, Slayers, Stargate explorers, residents of Arkham, local Heroes, the Lost ones, Xena's Amazons, Anne Rice's Vampires and Witches, the Dragonsworn, Gamers and many others and live your fandom. Play the games, watch the films, be awed with the toys, browse the books, walk around with your favorite characters and experience FANDOM unhinged.

The best part? Entrance is free!

For more information, please visit the New Worlds website.

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