Friday, March 30, 2007

Order of the Phoenix portrait photos

They're all grown up! Take a closer look on Luna's radish earrings, Umbridge's fancy wand, bloody Dumbledore's Army in the ministry, pretty Ginny and more by viewing the hi-res pics in The Leaky Cauldron.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Harry Potter book 7 cover art

The cover art for the US and UK adult and children's editions of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" were released! Check out the hi-res pics in The Leaky Cauldron.

Scholastic (US) Front Cover Art
by Mary Grandpre

Scholastic (US) Full Cover Art
by Mary Grandpre

Bloomsbury (UK) Full Cover Art
by Jason Cockcroft

Back Cover Text:

Harry is waiting in Privet Drive. The Order of the Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing if they can. But what will Harry do then? How can he fulfil the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Professor Dumbledore has left him with?

Inside front and Inside Back Cover Text: (same as adult edition)

Bloomsbury (UK) Adult Edition Full Cover

Inside Front Cover Text:

Harry has been burdened with a dark, dangerous and seemingly impossible task: that of locating and destroying Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes. Never has Harry felt so alone, or faced a future so full of shadows. But Harry must somehow find within himself the strength to complete the task he has been given. He must leave the warmth, safety , and companionship of The Burrow and follow without fear or hesitation the inexorable path laid out for him!

In this final, seventh installment of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling unveils in spectactular fashion the answers to the many questions that have been so eagerly awaited. The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, reread and read again.

Inside Back Cover Text: (Author Biography)


Ah... so orange is the color of the moment. I'm so excited! :)


We make mistakes. It is up to us if we let these mistakes teach us lessons. They ought to make us strong... but shit happens.

One of the worst feelings in the world is suffering for a mistake done by somebody else. It sucks when we've done all the best we could and, still, we experience all the hassles because of another person's error. Something happened at work today that made me really sad and very upset. I don't want to go into details but I had a tough time. All I can say is, it feels awful to experience this when I've tried my best to be a good employee.

I am just grateful for the little blessings I had today. Thank God for my friends who stayed with me, especially those who had the misfortune of seeing me cry and get all messed up. Thank God for a couple of cousins who never forgot my sister's graduation and financially helped us in our time of great need.

All I need is time to vent and get this over with... but it still feels like crap.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Heading Nowhere

We were supposed to talk. You know, people talk to try to make things better, clear things up or make things right... but more than half of the time, I kept my mouth shut. He wanted me to speak, maybe because he was bored or anxious or both, but I can't. Besides, he already knew what's bothering me. If not, either he doesn't know how to read English or he's not sensitive enough. Obviously, it's the latter. I often wonder why some men need to be spoonfed when it comes to them knowing what's going on. Oh well. I just knew that once I opened my mouth, the tears will flow. I had to pinch myself whenever my throat constricts just to prevent myself from crying in front of him and looking like a fool. It hurt. Still does.

The "talk" actually gave him the chance to explain himself and honestly, I'd rather listen, but I didn't hear much. It was disappointing. I feel like I'm suspended in midair and I don't know where to go. I hate it.

I took some pics of the place where we "talked". We stayed there for less than an hour but it seemed like forever. I hope he'll prove me wrong. Maybe we could still fix this, but I have to say, the damage has been done.

He was hospitalized last night and had an operation. I hope he'll be alright. Yes, I still care.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Out of Sync

If I were music I'd be out of sync.

I took my 2-year recertification written and typing exams last night. I failed my first try of the written exams. Was I nervous? Maybe. I passed the second try because I don't wanna find myself looking for another job. Not yet anyway. I don't need that now. The typing exam was ok. Better than last year's score. I am not looking forward to the call processing but I know I have to get it over with.

I've feel zoned out. I can't wait for May. One of my bestest friends will finally come back here after some years in the States. I long for the sea and the fresh air. I need to unwind. I can't wait for July. I long to be with fellow-geeks for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention. I wanna read the last Harry Potter book. I wanna watch the next Harry Potter movie. I need a change in the routine. I need to go out and mingle and have fun and get crazy.

I miss seeing the stars at night. I want a full-body massage. I want my paycheck to go back to normal. I wanna take pictures of beautiful sceneries. I am bothered. I am restless. I am bored. I hate it. I don't make sense and I know it.

Not-so-random thought:
I don't think there is any other guy who understands me more, but I doubt he can give me the love I need. So be it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Scents and Sensibilities

This is a potpourri of thoughts.


I did not go to work last Wednesday because of the swapped schedule. I'll be working on Saturday instead. Despite the tight budget, I tagged my sis along to watch 300 to see what everyone, including my hard-to-please brother, has been raving about. I have read a lot of positive reviews about the movie but I didn't expect much. My goal was just to see Rodrigo Santoro's (who played Xerxes) almost-naked goodness and that was it. Haha!

I think it was one of the most artistic movies I have ever seen. It was very sensual. I mean, who could have thought an oracle, who is usually portrayed as a wise old man/woman, is played by a very beautiful and sexy young lady writhing and dancing in a way that might have an "embarrassing effect" on men watching in the theaters? Haha! Watching the army of 300 would also have that sort-of effect to women. I mean, imagine goodlooking hunks protecting each other and fighting for their king, right? I never expected that to come from a comic adaptation. The plot was simple but the effects were great. Awesome, awesome cinematography! I love it! Go watch it. :)


I remember when I was a kid and I see my parents fight. I either leave the room to get rid of the noise arising from their argument or I just cry because I don't understand what's happening. I realized there is something worse than seeing your parents fight. It's seeing them argue NOW over some silly stuff. It's them shouting in front of me, a 26 year-old-- someone old enough to have a family of her own. It was a weird feeling and I wanted to shout back. It feels even more awful being there and understanding every bit of their conversation and knowing they're acting like immature kids fighting over some insignificant situation. But since I wasn't brought up to shout back (or even talk back) to my parents (even if I know I am the reasonable one that instance), I just kept quiet and I hated it. It's been days now and I know they're ok. The silly fight's over but I can't help wishing it won't happen again.


Men out there should know that despite people telling you the "natural scent" is better, it's always heartwarming to smell a masculine perfume wafting through the air. When I say "masculine", I don't mean strong to the point of irritating to the olfactory nerves like spraying a bottle of perfume to hide the stench due to lack of proper bathing. I'm not asking for "the Axe effect". I just mean "manly" enough to make a woman's day brighter or in my case, put a smile in my face. I did smile when a nice-smelling stranger sat beside me in the jeepney earlier. He's not even my type but the nice smell can add to "pogi points". Haha! I can only count the men I know who always make it a point to smell good. Two of them are my brother and my father. I guess I'm just used to good-smelling men around the house that I appreciate strangers who are also like that when I am outside the house. Besides, making oneself smell good is also a habit and it takes time when one is not used (or allergic) to spraying cologne or perfume... but if we want good-smelling people around, we better start with ourselves. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Emo Check

[NOTE: I haven't been blogging lately. Modem's broken. :(]

Beautiful dawn - melt with the stars again.
Do you remember the day when my journey began?

("High" by James Blunt)

I can't explain it. Maybe it's stress. Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Maybe it's the time of the month. I don't know. It sucks. Really sucks me into a sort-of void...

I've tried changing a bit of my work sched. For the first time last week, I went to work on a Saturday. I'll be doing that for 2 more Saturdays this month because I agreed to swap a day off with a friend. I have no idea what had gotten into me. I have never done that before. I guess I need to break the pattern. I need spontaneity. It was our batch's anniversary last March 7th. I've been working there for 2 years now-- the longest I've worked in a company so far. I have a lot of rants about it but I better place those in my private blog to keep off any "unwanted" readers. Anyway, if I don't need the money, I'd probably give myself at least a week's worth of break. Besides, it's summer already in this part of the world. I need some fresh air, more sun and lots of water...

My mind's been wandering lately. I'm still doing my usual daily routine but I feel like something's not right. I need something to put me back to the ground. I feel lost.

Running in circles, coming in tails
Heads on a science apart
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Aww take me back to the start

( "The Scientist" by Coldplay)

On a lighter note, my sister's graduating this month! Whoopee! Congratulations to my parents for letting us all finish college! Woohoo! Hehe! Time flies fast. I wish her the best. :)

You Mostly Have Your Emotions in Check

Sometimes your emotions get out of control, but you usually are a pretty stable person.
You can find a lot to be happy about, as long as things are going your way.
But if a few bad things happen to you, you tend to go in a bit of a downward spiral.
Luckily, you usually come out of it okay and no worse for the wear.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

All Ears

There are times when a lot is going on in my life that it feels like I would burst if I don't tell my story to someone. There are times when I need to talk to someone who does not judge, who laughs or frowns at the right time or gives advise when needed. Someone who will spare me some time and listen... just listen. I guess that's difficult to ask because there are also times when no one would care to listen because everyone is busy with his or her own issues in life, no matter how I try to share what's on my mind. I realized it's a part of life. That's probably why I just learned to be quiet and listen to what people have to say. Maybe they need to let it out more than I do.

I'm just grateful that despite that fact, there will still be someone, somewhere at one point in time, who would be willing to listen to what I have to say. Thank you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ladies' Night

I didn't go to work last night. I had a swap with an officemate because I really wanna watch the Sponge Cola performance in Tia Maria's. I'll be missing a swimming party this Saturday because I'm going to work on Saturday instead. Oh well, I guess I can't have it all. Last night was great though. My sis and I were in Tia Maria's Malate at 9PM and ate dinner there. It was our ladies' night out. I was glad I missed work. The breather between work days is so atypical and I think I need more of that. My sis and I had a few drinks to last us until 12 midnight when we finally saw them on their way to the VIP area on the second floor. That was my first SC gig for the year and it was fun!

A couple of college friends even surprised me. They knew I was gonna watch the gig and they waited outside. They were in the area but didn't get in to watch the performance. That was nice.

I still have the sniffles and my Ma's been warning me about not getting better because I lack sleep. But I miss watching the band and listening to their songs. I've watched previous gigs but each time is different. Last night was a really perfect timing. The venue was near our place too so I couldn't let that opportunity pass. Too bad they only performed one set. Good thing we were still about to snap some pics. Hehe! Hope we can watch them again soon.

Click here to view the album.

TK-2342, glad you liked it. :)