Friday, March 16, 2007

Scents and Sensibilities

This is a potpourri of thoughts.


I did not go to work last Wednesday because of the swapped schedule. I'll be working on Saturday instead. Despite the tight budget, I tagged my sis along to watch 300 to see what everyone, including my hard-to-please brother, has been raving about. I have read a lot of positive reviews about the movie but I didn't expect much. My goal was just to see Rodrigo Santoro's (who played Xerxes) almost-naked goodness and that was it. Haha!

I think it was one of the most artistic movies I have ever seen. It was very sensual. I mean, who could have thought an oracle, who is usually portrayed as a wise old man/woman, is played by a very beautiful and sexy young lady writhing and dancing in a way that might have an "embarrassing effect" on men watching in the theaters? Haha! Watching the army of 300 would also have that sort-of effect to women. I mean, imagine goodlooking hunks protecting each other and fighting for their king, right? I never expected that to come from a comic adaptation. The plot was simple but the effects were great. Awesome, awesome cinematography! I love it! Go watch it. :)


I remember when I was a kid and I see my parents fight. I either leave the room to get rid of the noise arising from their argument or I just cry because I don't understand what's happening. I realized there is something worse than seeing your parents fight. It's seeing them argue NOW over some silly stuff. It's them shouting in front of me, a 26 year-old-- someone old enough to have a family of her own. It was a weird feeling and I wanted to shout back. It feels even more awful being there and understanding every bit of their conversation and knowing they're acting like immature kids fighting over some insignificant situation. But since I wasn't brought up to shout back (or even talk back) to my parents (even if I know I am the reasonable one that instance), I just kept quiet and I hated it. It's been days now and I know they're ok. The silly fight's over but I can't help wishing it won't happen again.


Men out there should know that despite people telling you the "natural scent" is better, it's always heartwarming to smell a masculine perfume wafting through the air. When I say "masculine", I don't mean strong to the point of irritating to the olfactory nerves like spraying a bottle of perfume to hide the stench due to lack of proper bathing. I'm not asking for "the Axe effect". I just mean "manly" enough to make a woman's day brighter or in my case, put a smile in my face. I did smile when a nice-smelling stranger sat beside me in the jeepney earlier. He's not even my type but the nice smell can add to "pogi points". Haha! I can only count the men I know who always make it a point to smell good. Two of them are my brother and my father. I guess I'm just used to good-smelling men around the house that I appreciate strangers who are also like that when I am outside the house. Besides, making oneself smell good is also a habit and it takes time when one is not used (or allergic) to spraying cologne or perfume... but if we want good-smelling people around, we better start with ourselves. :)

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