Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ladies' Night

I didn't go to work last night. I had a swap with an officemate because I really wanna watch the Sponge Cola performance in Tia Maria's. I'll be missing a swimming party this Saturday because I'm going to work on Saturday instead. Oh well, I guess I can't have it all. Last night was great though. My sis and I were in Tia Maria's Malate at 9PM and ate dinner there. It was our ladies' night out. I was glad I missed work. The breather between work days is so atypical and I think I need more of that. My sis and I had a few drinks to last us until 12 midnight when we finally saw them on their way to the VIP area on the second floor. That was my first SC gig for the year and it was fun!

A couple of college friends even surprised me. They knew I was gonna watch the gig and they waited outside. They were in the area but didn't get in to watch the performance. That was nice.

I still have the sniffles and my Ma's been warning me about not getting better because I lack sleep. But I miss watching the band and listening to their songs. I've watched previous gigs but each time is different. Last night was a really perfect timing. The venue was near our place too so I couldn't let that opportunity pass. Too bad they only performed one set. Good thing we were still about to snap some pics. Hehe! Hope we can watch them again soon.

Click here to view the album.

TK-2342, glad you liked it. :)


Jac said...

Hey cool! Ladies' Night eh? Ugh I need a break myself.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Yep. We all need a break sometimes. I don't wanna die without having fun first. Haha!