Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post-Christmas Fun

I promised myself I won't be stuck at home during my days off. My mother is mad at me for doing so but I really need a break. I didn't even get to spend Christmas Eve with my family. At least I went to church with them before I dragged my butt to work. A couple of days ago, I tagged my sis along and we were up and running. Last December 26, Ian had a belated birthday treat and we watched The Bloomfields perform in Eastwood.

with drummer boy Rocky, my fave Bloomie

The Bloomfields on stage

More pictures here.

Last December 27, The Philippine Tolkien Society had its annual Christmas party at Reitch's place. It's been a while since I met with the hobbitsesss and it was fun! Ian took great pics and you can view them all here. Here are samples:

wacky group shot

serious group shot

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pre-Christmas Blues

A few days from now and it's gonna be Christmas once again. As much as I would want to, I won't be able to spend Christmas eve with my family. *sniff* This is the 2nd time I'll be away from home during Christmas eve. I'll probably be able to attend mass with them but I have to go to work after that. Good thing my leave application for New Year's eve was approved. I watched Avenue Q with Ian last Wednesday and I enjoyed it a lot. I have two Christmas parties and a Bloomfields gig I am looking forward to before the year ends. I can't wait for that! I've been working too hard I think and I really need a break. I can't wait for 2008! I know it's gonna be an additional year for me and I'm getting older but I know there are going to be better things in store. I wonder if the new year will bring a new spark to my currently non-existent love life? Hahaha! Que sera sera.

with friends by the Rockwell Christmas tree

Our company Christmas party happened last December 16, 2007 at the Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall. There's good food, good music and free overflowing booze! Too bad we had to end it before midnight because some of us had to go to work. Hahaha! Bummer. Pictures galore here (click click).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Harry Potter Update!

It's been a while since I last blogged and I missed so much from the online community. Harry Potter fans, are you ready for the next movie "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"?

This is the first official pic from Mugglenet:

Here is a sneak peek of the filming from YouTube:

Is it me or is Neville looking really dashing now? Hehe! =)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007


Have you ever wanted something you can never have? It's like looking at a display window and seeing something beautiful. You know you can afford it one of these days but the thing is, it's not for you to own anymore. Someone else owns it. Do you steal it away? Are you going to follow "The Secret" and just believe that the thing is indeed meant for you even if the odds are against you? Or do you wait for something else that may be as wonderful but is altogether different from what you wanted? How sure are you that there is going to be another beautiful one out there?

My mind is wandering again. Good thing my work week starts today. I know I'll be distracted. I think that's a good thing. Oh and I watched "The Golden Compass" last Wednesday. It's like the faster and shorter version of the book. I like the movie. Most of the scenes came from the book so purists can really enjoy watching the film. I can't wait for the 2nd and 3rd installment of "His DarkMaterials". Last night, Jack TV even showed a trailer of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". That's another film I am looking forward to. The actor who plays Prince Caspian is another one I'm looking out for. Hahaha! At least these wants, I know, will be satisfied when I watch the movies. Reality, however, is another scenario. *sigh*

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gaiman High (Again)

Neil Gaiman was here in 2005 and I can't pass this chance to see him again in person. There was no booksigning but then I sacrificed sleep to see one of my favorite authors in person and I am not sorry for it. I even got to see his cute son! Hahaha! I met my friends and bought the books and I even won in the raffle for a signed bookmark! Woot!

click to view album
Pictures speak louder than words in this instance so pls click the pic to view the album. =)

For My Sister

It's been a while since I was online to blog. I just want to tell my sister a very (belated) Happy Birthday (November 26)!!! I can't find the time to make a really nice pic, so I made this instead. I know it shows your "stalker" side (Hahaha!) but I'm sure this will bring a smile to your face.

Tell me if you want me to change this pic. I know you might kill me for posting this one. Hahaha!

Good luck! I know today is the 2nd day of your Nursing Licensure Exams and I'm sure you'll pass. Wa-hey!!! =)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's a fantasy. I've always liked Disney fims. It's like being a kid all over again. "Enchanted" is a bit juvenile but I like the transition from animation to live action. I like the twists. The effects were cool. The actors, dreamy. Haha! It was nice hearing James Marsden sing again (from "Hairspray") though he looked weird in that Prince Charming outfit. Watch it if you wanna see Dr. McDreamy dance in a ball. The songs were cute too. It's a good movie date though the men might need more persuasion to watch it. I watched it alone though but I didn't mind. It's still a feel-good movie even for single viewers. =)

For a moment there, it made me believe in romantic love again. It also made me less guilty of really liking someone who's already committed to another. Oh well. At least in the movie, they all lived happily ever after.


I got these:

Thank you, *T*! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Golden Compass

I'm currently reading book 3 of "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman. I just can't wait to see this on the big screen!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Midday Stroll

I sacrificed some sleep a couple of days ago to be with my friends from work. I miss hanging out with them and since I'm out of the office early, another friend and I had to kill time before the rest of the gang could get out of the office.

Since it was too early for mall hours, we went to Banchetta in Emerald Avenue. It was similar to Salcedo Market, where we often go during weekends after shift, but the space is more cramped and there are less choices. Good thing was I was able to buy a Jack Skeleton skinny tie and shoelaces. I'm sure my sister was glad! Haha! After breakfast, we killed more time and went on our way to meet our friends in Serendra. We ate lunch in Conti's, had desert in Sonja's cupcakes then strolled for a while. We just pigged out and it was fun despite the heat! I wanted to go back there at night when it's not so hot and I can probably try Xocolat's famous vodka.

click to view album
click picture to view album

I just miss these moments and I hope I could experience more of that soon. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Neil Gaiman presents Book of Dreams at Fully Booked

Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked present:

The 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

On November 25, 2007, 3PM at the Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street courtyard.

Award-winning and internationally acclaimed author Neil Gaiman will be launching the compilation EXPEDITIONS and will award the winners of the 2nd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards.

This event is free of charge.

For more info, just go to the Fully Booked website

Monday, November 12, 2007


I was on leave last Saturday (November 10). My sis and I got invited to the Globe Kantabataan Grand Finals in the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. I missed watching live bands perform on stage and I was not disappointed. I had fun! Thanks to my friends (Ian and Chris) who made it special for us. Congratulations to the finalists! You are all winners for me. Keep up the good work. For more pictures (including Sponge Cola, Imago and Hale performances), just click the picture below:

click pic to view album
Suitcase 101
grand champions being interviewed by Patty Laurel

Enjoy! Just make sure to ask permission before grabbing our pics. =)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


scribbled on 6 November 2007 | 8:40 A.M.

It's been a month since I started my "new" job. I am still adjusting and I hope everything will be fine and dandy. I wish I could start saving on my own but I still am broke. Practically all my earnings still go to my family. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The past month has brought some changes into my life. I have a different sleep cycle now and my body clock is coping up. I notice I've been sleeping a lot lately too. I hope I won't spend my days off just sleeping because that's what I end up doing since my days off were changed from weekends to Wed-Thur instead. I have also come to realize some things. Some are not even "realizations" per se. They are actually truths I've learned over the years and my experiences lately just made me remember them.

(1) Not all people are what they seem. Hannibal Lecter from "The Silence of the Lambs" said, "To assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME..." It makes sense. People may trick or con or just be pure evil despite the angelic exterior. People can disappoint. They can be selfish and not care about other people's efforts. They can be lazy or stupid. On the other hand, people can be surprisingly helpful. They may turn out to be the persons I've been wanting to meet all my life. Scary and intimidating people can turn out to be friends I can share jokes and have fun with.

(2) The things or happenings I dread may actually be beneficial to me. Things happen for a reason. Sometimes, the reasons may seem far-fetched or "unreasonable" but eventually, I will learn from them. Maybe a certain thing can't happen because a better thing is on the way or maybe it's just not meant to be. The good things is, human beings are designed to cope with the environment. It may be tough at times but I am surviving.

(3) Real friends will always be there for me no matter what. Eventhough I seldom see them or talk to them, I know they're just a message, email or phone call away. I see to it that I am still connected with them because I know they are for keeps. It may take a lifetime to look for a real friend and without them, the world can be a very lonely place.

(4) Mood swings can strike when least expected but being mysel is still what matters. I can be manic-depressive or obsessive-compulsive. I may scare people away but there are those who give me a chance and stick with me. I can't force people to like me and no one can force me to like someone either. Sometimes, we just need an opportunity to get to know each other. Everything has it's own place and time. I can't please everybody but the Golden Rule still applies.

(5) Allot a time for fun with friends or family and alone time too. It's healthy and it keeps things in perspective. Romance can take a backseat after family and career but a little bit of flirting won't hurt. Haha! That's just in my opinion. I am trying to learn the art of "subtle flirting" on my own. The downside is, the object of my flirtation may not catch my "subtleties". Besides, real men are usually insensitive and full of themselves. Hahaha! Anyway, I usually spend my alone time listening to music while walking home. I like going home really early so I could walk a few blocks instead of take a cab. I would just put on my earphones and it would be a perfect way to end my day. Even a slight drizzle can't dampen my moment. I am having little time for reading nowadays but I read a chapter or two before I go to sleep. During my days off, I balance my time between family and friends (if my friends are available). I also don't complain if I end up staying at home. Sometimes I prefer that.

The list may go on. Maybe I could update this after a year or so. Haha!

Got any realizations lately? Anyone who wants to add something to the list is free to do so. =)

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Break's Over

"The perfect words never crossed my mind,
'cause there was nothing in there but you,
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me,
All I wanted just sped right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out..."*

I finally like a guy who's straight and I can't get him off my mind!

Too bad he's taken. That's just sad.

Now, back to regular programming... Nuninuninu... =)

* "Signal Fire" by Snow Patrol

Sunday, October 28, 2007

SIM and Sniffles

I had a fever last week. It's probably partly because of the weather and partly because of overwork. I stayed at home during my days off and this is one boring week. I'm feeling better now but it started drizzling again. I love the rain but I'd rather stay at home during the cold days and nights. I am still adjusting with the new job and hopefully, I'll do and feel better after a few more weeks. Even my body clock is still adjusting to my schedule.

It's nearly Christmas. I should know because I get out of the office at about 6AM and it's still dark outside. Time flies fast.

I missed the 5th Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention yesterday. It was my first time to miss an annual NWA convention. I was a bit hesitant to go because of the recent Glorietta blast. Then my boss didn't approve my leave for yesterday. That plus the fact that I'm still not well are just enough signs for me not to go. I know there will be more chances to hang out with the fun geeky crowd and I'll be looking forward to that.

Oh and my SIM card is broken. Lucky huh? I think it is my SIM card and not my mobile phone because other SIM cards work on it. It has no signal for about a day now and I am thinking of getting a new number. So, if I know you personally, please email me your contact number or PM me through Friendster or Multiply. Changing numbers is a hassle but I have no choice. I'll be getting back at you soon. Thanks! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wishes and Wants

I just want to offer this blog space to those who died, suffered and got injured in the recent explosion in Glorietta 2. May those who died rest in peace and may those who suffered find peace of mind.











That place is one of my favorite haunts during days off and after shift. I just get goosebumps thinking about the incident, about being secure all the time and about death when it really is the time to die.


In other news, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling stated that Dumbledore was gay and he was in love with Grindelwald. About time... Hahaha! I still am a Dumbledore's girl through and through. More revelations here.

I want a Harry Potter boxed-set and Noble collection's DA wands! I want! I want!

Friday, October 19, 2007


The wedding ceremony I witnessed yesterday made me a little less jaded on my outlook in marriage. Nowadays a wedding is only a signing of a piece of paper and marriage is like a game. Get married out of convenience or out of shame and embarrassment. Try it out and if it doesn't work, game's over. Yesterday was different. My friends (also my officemates) attended a very beautiful ceremony and it was obvious that both their families really took part in it to make it successful. Rarely do I see a young couple in love and ready to face the challenges of married life with God as their number one source of strength. Also rarer is the fact that either family is willing to merge with one another and accept their differences out of respect.

They're one of the most selfless couples I've ever known. They're both talented musicians and active in their church. They even visited the hospital when my father was in the ICU and offered their prayers. It was so sincere that my mother cried. Right then and there I knew that what they have is different from the lovers (and relationships) that I've known. It's not just physical or emotional. Their bond is way beyond that. They share something spiritual and even when they prayed together, it felt like they were in sync with each other. I'm happy for them. I wish them all the wonderful things ahead. I know they will be great parents to the future children.

the newlyweds

the attendees

Thank you, Caris and Vijho. Again, congratulations and best wishes! *hugs*

Accio Boxed-Set!

I just hope I could place my name here:

click here for a bigger picture

I want one!

click here for a bigger picture

*insert long sigh*

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Book Quiz

On the lighter side, here is an interesting quiz taken from Icheb:

You're One Hundred Years of Solitude!

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Lonely and struggling, you've been around for a very long time. Conflict has filled most of your life and torn apart nearly everyone you know. Yet there is something majestic and even epic about your presence in the world. You love life all the more for having seen its decimation. After all, it takes a village.

Take the Book Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

Stress Attack!

*scribbled on 13 October 2007 | 3:30 P.M.

Stress is always a part of life. It's just that each person has different ways on how to cope with stress. I experience falling of my hair, breaking of my skin and missing my periods. The goal is to cope with the changes in environment. That's what I've been trying to do.

I have to adjust my body clock to the time changes my job requires. Even my days off has changed to Wednesday and Thursday now and some of my plans are ruined. I was expecting that though so despite my obsessive-compulsive reaction to that change, I had to find alternatives. Next week, my father will have a follow-up appointment with the doctor. That's another anxiety that's looming around the corner and I don't want to think about it yet or I'll go crazy.

Yesterday, my mother was vomiting, feeling nauseated and complaining of stomach pains. I knew it without a doubt that it was gastric ulcer. My mother has been stressed out since my father was hospitalized. We never failed to remind her to take care of herself too and not forget to eat properly, but she has been skipping meals and lacking sleep.She looked so weak and was losing weight that yesterday, I had to force her to eat soup. She vomited again and I was just so frustrated that I cried! She won't even let me bring her to the hospital. I felt so torn between leaving my father home alone and forcing my mother into a cab (coz my sibs were out at that time). I know my mother and she is one stubborn woman! She won't see the doctor. Maybe she's concerned again about the expenses but I didn't care. We're deep in debt anyway.

Today, I've convinced her to see the health center doctor instead if she's worried about the added expenses. I want her to go to the doctor on Monday because she cannot self-treat her condition. She needs medications. Since I'm working 6 days straight now, I think I need some sleep so I'm off to dream land! May reality be better than my dreams soon! Hah!

*scribbled today...

I'm in an internet cafe and for the first time, I left the office with just the first rays of sunlight touching the ground. I felt good. Since it's not yet too hot to walk, I'll walk a few blocks and take the long and cheaper route home instead of taking a cab. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Across The Wall

I'm gonna miss not working on weekends. I am already missing my friends at work and I know I still am gonna miss most of the coming NWA happenings. It's sad. I guess change is always a part of life. No matter how secure I feel in my comfort zone, there will always be moments when I have to get out of it and cross the wall. =)

It was my interim off yesterday and I decided to cheer up myself a bit and watch "Stardust" with my family (minus my bro who had work). It was the first movie my father watched after he was out of the hospital and he doesn't normally watch fantasy movies, but he didn't have a choice. That's three (me, my sis and my mother) against one. He can't be left home alone too. Hehe!


I love the movie! Of course, there were deviations from the book but I like the ending and the character of Robert de Niro. He was a laugh! We were also surprised to see Harry Potter's Mr. Weasley there. He was the goat turned Billy. The actors did well on their roles but I still can't seem to accept Claire Danes as Yvaine, even when she's glowing and all that. Hmmm... Oh well. My sis and I were also surprised to learn that it was Henry Cavill who played Humphrey. He's gorgeous! He looked more mature and thinner but he's still my choice for Cedric Diggory. Hahaha! I still can't get over it. I first saw Henry Cavill play the son of Jim Caviezel in "The Count of Monte Cristo" and he was also in "Tristan and Isolde". He is gorgeous! (Did I already mention that?) =)

Tonight at 8PM is going to be my first shift for this week. Next week, my days off will be on Monday and Tuesday. I'm still not used to it but such is life. I'm gonna cross the wall and find my star. Maybe I'll find my Tristan Thorne too. =)

Monday, October 08, 2007


I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

~ "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson ~

I've been waiting for some months now. Even before my father was hospitalized, I already applied for the supervisory position at work. I told myself that I did my best and I will accept whatever happens. It's been a long wait but I'm patient. I believe that in certain circumstances, good things come to those who wait.

Last Saturday was my brother's birthday (Belated Happy Birthday, dear Bro! Mwah!). That was also the same day when management announced that out of the 5 of us who applied for the position, I am one of the two who got the job. I actually felt surreal that time. I was still taking my calls and I couldn't concentrate. I was itching to tell my family about it because I know the promotion will help our finances. My friends were there to congratulate me and with that, I am truly grateful.

I see this as a blessing and I know there are going to be some sacrifices too. I'm gonna miss the beks-- my friends and shift-mates because I won't be having the same shift anymore. I might not be getting weekends off too. I'm gonna miss waking up late than usual. I'm gonna miss a lot of people and a lot of things but change is the only thing that's constant. I'm just happy this opportunity was given to me. I'll just do my best and show them they didn't make a mistake in choosing me. Hahaha!

I know not everyone will be pleased about this but I don't care. There will always be people who will accept me and love me for who I am. Thanks to those who sent their congratulations and regards. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tick Tock

Earlier today, I had breakfast with a couple of my girlfriends and we talked about the usual stuff. One of those usual stuffs is the topic about relationships in general and I remembered something that happened a few days ago.

I was compiling some papers needed to file my mother's Philhealth application. My sister and I saw my parents' marriage certificate. My sis noticed that my mother got married at the age of 26 and she turned to me and told me that I'm already 27. I actually didn't care about my age but I was a bit surprised too. I used to say that I don't wanna be too old to start a family because I want to have kids and see them grow up. Like in our case: my sister's the youngest and she's turning 21 but my father is already 65. I think it would be better if the age gap isn't that wide. If I'm gonna be a mother, I wanna see my kid grow up and enjoy his or her youth without me getting tired easily... but I guess it's a bit late for that. Hahaha!

A few days from now, I will be attending a wedding of one of my officemates. I really think my age is ideal for marriage BUT in the course of my life right now, I am not thinking of marriage, commitment, (more) responsibilities and (happily?) ever after. I actually am quite content about my love life (or the lack of it). I am glad to say my biological clock is not ticking yet. I wonder why. Maybe it's because I have been supporting my family and I know how hard it is to a have a family of my own. When (or if?) I get there, I wanna be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Of course, when I am prepared I wanna fall in love too. I have been single for some months now and love is actually a bit elusive nowadays. At my age and in my line of work, I am exposed mostly to gorgeous gay men and married/taken men so there is not really a lot to choose from out there. It's not that I am choosy. I actually fall in love easily but I get hurt easily too so I am just being careful.

I know a lot of my contemporaries feel the same way I do. Others may feel the other way around with their biological clock ticking and I don't blame them. I just think of the things I am enjoying now-- time I am spending with my friends and family, single (and free-flirting?) time and alone time, and I appreciate them. I get to focus on myself, the people I care about and things I love to do. Yes, I do miss the hugging, kissing and cuddling and all that. I miss the feeling of being in love. It is still one of the greatest feelings in the world, but I guess now's not the time. At the moment, I just think "Sex and the City" and "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving" (from the movie "13 Going On 30") and I'm ok. Besides, there are still a lot of (other) things to do during the cold and rainy days. Hahaha! =)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Blogthings: On Men

Some fillers. Just bored.

Men See You As: A Difficult Challenge

You must be an incredible hottie...
Because it's the only way you can pull of the ice queen act
You're the type of woman that men love to chase
But if you don't stop running, you'll never get caught!

You Don't Need a Man ... or Want One!

Generally, you're very happy being a single woman.
And anyone who has a problem with that... well, that's their problem.
Not that you wouldn't share your life with the almost perfect guy.
You simply won't settle though. Your life is too good to share with some substandard

You Are 32% Scary
You scare men off ocassionaly, but only very weak men.
You're a normal woman. You're not perfect, but you're pretty darn close.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm not ready

You're not even a maybe

Pieces broken

But my heart you have stolen

I want it back!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Worlds 5

New Worlds Alliance

New Worlds 5: The Fifth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is happening on October 27, 2007, at the Glorietta Activity Center!

Step through the stargate or through the wardrobe in costume or in Muggle clothing! Bring your lightsabers and phasers, your amulets and cutlasses and wooden stakes, or even the One Ring and your chakram! Scoot over in a 1976 Chevy Impala or park your Viper nearby! Watch the Activity Center transform into a hub of science fiction and fantasy for Daleks and the Losties and heroes, where vampires and mecha converge over dice and boardgames!

New Worlds 5 is presented to you by the New Worlds Alliance. Spread the word of sci-fi and fantasy! Be a geek and be proud!

Visit for updates. :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Music and Men

I need some distraction... oh a beautiful release...

Fireworks at SM Mall of Asia

Fall Out Boy autograph signing
21 September 2007, SM Mall of Asia

view of the stage

view from the 2nd floor

autographed CD inlay

falling for the boys

Sponge Cola at the Candy Fair
22 September 2007, NBC Tent, The Fort


Armo (and Chris)

Chris and Jillian

Chris's stormtrooper tattoo

soundtripping with my sis

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Secret

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming.

We are all great people. Let's go out there and live the life that we really, truly want. Have a great week ahead everyone! :)

What Is The Secret

Friday, September 14, 2007


With everything that's been happening, what I need is something else to focus on. I need a distraction. If I have the means, I would prefer to be in a place I have never been before, or maybe go some place cold like Baguio City, or go to a beach somewhere in the north.

Someone asked me why I seem to be ok despite the stress at home. Yes, there are times when I'm not ok. I cry. I pray. Sometimes I do both at the same time, but life goes on. Besides, I still need to earn a living. I don't want to dwell in the sadness because I don't want to spend my time just crying, moping and wallowing in self-pity.


Next week, my sis and I are looking forward to the Candy Fair (the magazine, not the food. Haha!) We went to the fair last year and really enjoyed it. This year, Sponge Cola will still be performing so if anyone I know will be there, let's meet up! :)

Hopefully, Papa will be ok. The swelling (edema) is still there though it is getting smaller. As I write this, he, my mother and my sister are in the hospital for a check-up and we are always anxious of what the doctor would say. I hope the edema disappears so that he won't undergo expensive dialysis sessions. I'd rather spend my October preparing and attending the New Worlds Alliance 5th Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention. I don't want to see myself frequenting the hospital again.

Anyway, on November there is "Unreality Bites: The Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards 2". We also attended the first one, Unmasked, last year. Neil Gaiman will be stepping on Philippine soil again for the awards night and the launch of "Expeditions: The 1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Compilation". I believe, he will also give a talk about “Imagination and Creativity in the Contemporary World” at the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress to be held on November 21-24 at the Subic Bay Convention Center.


There is also a sort-of unwelcome distraction. I liked this guy... I'm trying to deny it. Ok, I still like this guy but let's just say the circumstances don't allow us to be more than just friends. I'm not complaining. I know I am not ready to be in another serious romantic relationship. The last thing I need is another bout of "unrequited love". Feels like high school all over again. Geez...

Oh well, I'm taking this a day at a time. There are still A LOT of things in this life I am looking forward to and I am very grateful of. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Prayers Needed

I thought that the worst is over. I really hope it is.

Papa has edema of both feet-- one of the signs of kidney failure. That is also one of the effects of his diabetes. He will maintain his meds but his weekly injection would increase to twice a week. More holes in our pockets. Without any changes, he will undergo dialysis, I just hope and pray it won't lead to that. I feel so helpless.

Again, your prayers are more than welcome. My family truly appreciates them.

The heart remembers all special moments when kindness made the difference. May the kindness you often give return to you in countless special ways.

Monday, September 10, 2007


The words that would mend the things that were broken
But now it's far too late, she's gone away
Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking: "Why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?"
Hard to believe that
It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right

~* "Won't Go Home Without You" by Maroon 5 *~

I am back to work and back to the usual routine. I'm just glad I have weekends off. I wish I have more rest days so I can sleep longer. Wishiful thinking, I know.

I went to TriNoma last Saturday to meet a friend who gave me some meds and fruits for my father. It was my first time there because it's far from my home and office. The place is huge! It's nice too. It's not yet complete but I'm sure it's gonna be more beautiful when it's finished. Going there and spending time with my friend gave me a much-needed distraction.

I also want to go to the beach or to some place cold because it's too hot to be September here. I want to watch some gigs coz I miss listening to live music. I want to travel. I want to love and be all romantic again. I want someone to hug me. Maybe that's the reason why I want to have a dog but I know my parents won't want to have a pet dog. I want to be free-- free of responsibilities, free of burdens, free of worries, free of debts, free of nagging thoughts and restess sleep. I'm just tired. I want to fly.

Some of my snapshots of the week:

Makati Ave. corner Gil Puyat Ave.
view from the 17th floor

Makati City (city hall jutting on the left side)
view from the 17th floor

Found this cutie in Bioresearch Glorietta and I can't help but take some pics:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thought for the Day

Got this from a friend's text message:

A turtle once taught me that no matter how heavy his bearings are, it's his choice to carry the luggage for it is the only way he feels protected.

Have a nice day everyone! :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

The 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

(Reposting Prof. Meann's announcement)

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked present:

The 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards!

Calling all Filipino writers, artists, and just about anyone with a wild imagination! Neil Gaiman wants YOU to join this nationwide writing competition to seek out excellent work in two categories: comics and prose fiction.

The contest starts on September 1 and deadline of submission of entries is on October 31, 2007.

Over P300,000 in prizes, including P100,000 grand prize for the first place winners!

1st Prize - P100,000
2nd Prize - P30,000
3rd Prize - P15,000

1st Prize - P100,000
2nd Prize - P30,000
3rd Prize - P15,000

Download the Contest Guidelines here.
Download the Official Application Form here.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Practicing PT

My PRC license expired on my birthday. Since I don't work as a physical therapist, I didn't bother renewing it yet. That might change.

My Papa was discharged from the hospital yesterday after a week of confinement. There really are angels out there who were kind enough to open their hearts to my family. He was in the ER and OR on his first day and spent 2 days in the ICU. He has diabetes, a disease also threatening me and my siblings. Three of his major body parts were affected when he nearly died-- heart, kidneys and prostate. That required the services of several specialists as well.

Today, his legs are weak and he is unable to stand. He still has a catheter and will keep it for the next month. He will continue his medications for maintenance and will have several follow-up check ups with his doctors in the next few weeks as an out-patient. Now, we have a patient at home and I found myself planning on therapeutic goals for my father. It's time for me to make use of my rusty PT skills once more.

In other news, I can't believe it's September already. I'm seeing this as a new beginning for all of us. I'm also glad it's the weekend because I promised myself I'll be catching some sleep. I miss sleeping! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life Goes On

Life continues for most of us.

I've been working for the past week with only 3-4 hours of sleep a day. I'm glad I took last Friday off. I have yet to catch up on sleep so I am really looking forward to the weekend. A couple of days ago I had a presentation and an interview for the supervisory position I'm applying for. Wish me luck on the results. For those who are concerned, my father was out of the ICU last Sunday and is now better. He actually wanted to get out of the hospital but due to the bills, they won't allow him to be discharged yet. Meds and bills are burning holes in our already empty pockets. My sibs and I would probably work for the next couple of years or so just paying off debts but I'm sure we'll get there. I'm just grateful my father is doing well.

I got this quote from my sister:
Don't count your friends on a sunny day when the sky is blue and laughter is abundant. Instead, wait for a storm when the clouds are dark and smiles are scarce. When someone stands beside you and lifts your spirits to the sky, then you'll know who deserves to be called a friend.

I would like to thank the people who shared their thoughts, prayers and help in any way possible. Prayers are powerful and I'm happy ours are being heard. It just goes to show that during the tough times, one would know who really and truly cares.

Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is not enough to show how grateful we are. This is one of those times. But still I say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prayers Needed

This is a public plea.

Our father was rushed to the ER last Friday afternoon. My father is diabetic. He had a seizure and nearly died. His kidney and heart are failing him as a complication to his diabetes. He's been in the ICU since then and the cardiologist is advising against letting him out of the ICU because his heart cannot beat normally on its own yet. He has a temporary pacemaker and needs to be constantly monitored.

Now, he will undergo tests to rule out prostate cancer because it runs in the family and he bled when he tried to pee. Your prayers are needed. I know how strong prayers are and I hope you join me, my family and friends in praying for my father. Thank you very much in advance.

with my Papa during his birthday

If you happen to know a philanthropist or you are one, financial help is greatly appreciated too. Our financial resources are really low as of the moment. *sigh*

Thursday, August 23, 2007


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We all go through changes. These transitions would often, if not always, require adjustments. Adjusting would mean altering the state of being and even the routine. If I had autism or severe OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), my world would be falling apart. Well, I'm keeping an open mind. If a transition is not as natural as changing clouds into rain, then somehow, these transitions we go through can be difficult-- like changing the status of a couple from lovers to friends.

Some say it's impossible for former lovers to be friends but I'm giving it my best shot. I've already gone through the most awkward and uncomfortable first step (after 5 months of sort-of estrangement), but I think I'm gonna be ok. We're gonna be ok. It's like not letting it all go because I'm holding on to something precious. Yes, I still have my selfish side. *insert evil laugh*

Would it have been easier if we didn't just "fade silently into the night"? What if we fell apart because of some ubiquitous reason such as a third party? Would it have been easier if we broke up because he made me really angry and made me mad enough to stay away? Would it be ok after crying or shouting or throwing things away like some people do? Maybe it's all a matter of perspective. Maybe it's all the same. Whatever the reason, falling apart in any way is still as tough as it gets.