Sunday, November 18, 2007

Midday Stroll

I sacrificed some sleep a couple of days ago to be with my friends from work. I miss hanging out with them and since I'm out of the office early, another friend and I had to kill time before the rest of the gang could get out of the office.

Since it was too early for mall hours, we went to Banchetta in Emerald Avenue. It was similar to Salcedo Market, where we often go during weekends after shift, but the space is more cramped and there are less choices. Good thing was I was able to buy a Jack Skeleton skinny tie and shoelaces. I'm sure my sister was glad! Haha! After breakfast, we killed more time and went on our way to meet our friends in Serendra. We ate lunch in Conti's, had desert in Sonja's cupcakes then strolled for a while. We just pigged out and it was fun despite the heat! I wanted to go back there at night when it's not so hot and I can probably try Xocolat's famous vodka.

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I just miss these moments and I hope I could experience more of that soon. :)

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