Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Watch

The 4th and last installment of the Night Watch series is fast-paced and the most page-turning book of them all. "The Last Watch" (a.k.a. "Final Watch") has revelations that surprised me and made me want to know more. The book brings to light some mysteries that the previous books imparted. I was not a big fan of the ending though. I found it a bit anti-climactic. Will there be more action to follow with the young heroine as main protagonist? I hope so.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twilight Watch

The third installment of this four-book series is more fast-paced and action-packed than the first two books I've read. This is the part where everything falls into place and starts to make sense. New and interesting characters are introduced in this book. Main characters get developed in a way that is both unexpected and well-thought-of. It's the kind of writing that makes me enjoy reading. Again, I have experienced that instance when I can't stop my eyes from scanning the page and jumping from one phrase to another just to fast-forward the scenes in my mind. I couldn't wait to know what happens next.

Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm a BeLEEver

I was alone but I had to see him. Made a couple of acquaintances as I found myself falling in line at least 2 hours before the show was supposed to start. I have this silly infatuation for him since his audition day for American Idol season 9. I never missed an episode. I was ecstatic when he won. I knew he'd be coming to my country and when I heard the news, it didn't matter if I had company or not, I told myself by hook or by crook, I'd be watching him live!

There I was on May 7th at the Venice Piazza. It looked like it was about to rain after the sweltering heat that day. I didn't mind. I was just so excited! I got a copy of his album because I know I had to be up close to him and have him sign it. I was nervous but I had the guts to thank him for coming to Manila and greeted his mom a "Happy Mother's Day" in advance. It was a wonderful experience. =)