Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm a BeLEEver

I was alone but I had to see him. Made a couple of acquaintances as I found myself falling in line at least 2 hours before the show was supposed to start. I have this silly infatuation for him since his audition day for American Idol season 9. I never missed an episode. I was ecstatic when he won. I knew he'd be coming to my country and when I heard the news, it didn't matter if I had company or not, I told myself by hook or by crook, I'd be watching him live!

There I was on May 7th at the Venice Piazza. It looked like it was about to rain after the sweltering heat that day. I didn't mind. I was just so excited! I got a copy of his album because I know I had to be up close to him and have him sign it. I was nervous but I had the guts to thank him for coming to Manila and greeted his mom a "Happy Mother's Day" in advance. It was a wonderful experience. =)

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