Friday, October 09, 2009


My Friday is almost ending.

Friendship. Food. Music. Love. I had a mish-mash of them today. I consider myself lucky.

The past few months, I have learned to appreciate what life has to offer. After the storm, I found myself finding reasons to be happy. Life will never be perfect nor fair, but this is what is given to me. I won't always be contented. I have my weaknesses. There will be things I think I need to do or find, but don't know what or how to or don't have the guts to. I won't please everyone, but when I have the peace of mind I needed to sleep soundly at the end of my day, I survive.

I am grateful to the people and events that help me know myself more. The journey will have its bumps and bruises but the lessons are there to be learned. There will be crappy and bullshitty days, but I will find another B.S. -- life's Brighter Sides.