Friday, October 19, 2007


The wedding ceremony I witnessed yesterday made me a little less jaded on my outlook in marriage. Nowadays a wedding is only a signing of a piece of paper and marriage is like a game. Get married out of convenience or out of shame and embarrassment. Try it out and if it doesn't work, game's over. Yesterday was different. My friends (also my officemates) attended a very beautiful ceremony and it was obvious that both their families really took part in it to make it successful. Rarely do I see a young couple in love and ready to face the challenges of married life with God as their number one source of strength. Also rarer is the fact that either family is willing to merge with one another and accept their differences out of respect.

They're one of the most selfless couples I've ever known. They're both talented musicians and active in their church. They even visited the hospital when my father was in the ICU and offered their prayers. It was so sincere that my mother cried. Right then and there I knew that what they have is different from the lovers (and relationships) that I've known. It's not just physical or emotional. Their bond is way beyond that. They share something spiritual and even when they prayed together, it felt like they were in sync with each other. I'm happy for them. I wish them all the wonderful things ahead. I know they will be great parents to the future children.

the newlyweds

the attendees

Thank you, Caris and Vijho. Again, congratulations and best wishes! *hugs*

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