Sunday, October 28, 2007

SIM and Sniffles

I had a fever last week. It's probably partly because of the weather and partly because of overwork. I stayed at home during my days off and this is one boring week. I'm feeling better now but it started drizzling again. I love the rain but I'd rather stay at home during the cold days and nights. I am still adjusting with the new job and hopefully, I'll do and feel better after a few more weeks. Even my body clock is still adjusting to my schedule.

It's nearly Christmas. I should know because I get out of the office at about 6AM and it's still dark outside. Time flies fast.

I missed the 5th Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention yesterday. It was my first time to miss an annual NWA convention. I was a bit hesitant to go because of the recent Glorietta blast. Then my boss didn't approve my leave for yesterday. That plus the fact that I'm still not well are just enough signs for me not to go. I know there will be more chances to hang out with the fun geeky crowd and I'll be looking forward to that.

Oh and my SIM card is broken. Lucky huh? I think it is my SIM card and not my mobile phone because other SIM cards work on it. It has no signal for about a day now and I am thinking of getting a new number. So, if I know you personally, please email me your contact number or PM me through Friendster or Multiply. Changing numbers is a hassle but I have no choice. I'll be getting back at you soon. Thanks! :)

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