Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stress Attack!

*scribbled on 13 October 2007 | 3:30 P.M.

Stress is always a part of life. It's just that each person has different ways on how to cope with stress. I experience falling of my hair, breaking of my skin and missing my periods. The goal is to cope with the changes in environment. That's what I've been trying to do.

I have to adjust my body clock to the time changes my job requires. Even my days off has changed to Wednesday and Thursday now and some of my plans are ruined. I was expecting that though so despite my obsessive-compulsive reaction to that change, I had to find alternatives. Next week, my father will have a follow-up appointment with the doctor. That's another anxiety that's looming around the corner and I don't want to think about it yet or I'll go crazy.

Yesterday, my mother was vomiting, feeling nauseated and complaining of stomach pains. I knew it without a doubt that it was gastric ulcer. My mother has been stressed out since my father was hospitalized. We never failed to remind her to take care of herself too and not forget to eat properly, but she has been skipping meals and lacking sleep.She looked so weak and was losing weight that yesterday, I had to force her to eat soup. She vomited again and I was just so frustrated that I cried! She won't even let me bring her to the hospital. I felt so torn between leaving my father home alone and forcing my mother into a cab (coz my sibs were out at that time). I know my mother and she is one stubborn woman! She won't see the doctor. Maybe she's concerned again about the expenses but I didn't care. We're deep in debt anyway.

Today, I've convinced her to see the health center doctor instead if she's worried about the added expenses. I want her to go to the doctor on Monday because she cannot self-treat her condition. She needs medications. Since I'm working 6 days straight now, I think I need some sleep so I'm off to dream land! May reality be better than my dreams soon! Hah!

*scribbled today...

I'm in an internet cafe and for the first time, I left the office with just the first rays of sunlight touching the ground. I felt good. Since it's not yet too hot to walk, I'll walk a few blocks and take the long and cheaper route home instead of taking a cab. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! =)

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