Thursday, October 11, 2007

Across The Wall

I'm gonna miss not working on weekends. I am already missing my friends at work and I know I still am gonna miss most of the coming NWA happenings. It's sad. I guess change is always a part of life. No matter how secure I feel in my comfort zone, there will always be moments when I have to get out of it and cross the wall. =)

It was my interim off yesterday and I decided to cheer up myself a bit and watch "Stardust" with my family (minus my bro who had work). It was the first movie my father watched after he was out of the hospital and he doesn't normally watch fantasy movies, but he didn't have a choice. That's three (me, my sis and my mother) against one. He can't be left home alone too. Hehe!


I love the movie! Of course, there were deviations from the book but I like the ending and the character of Robert de Niro. He was a laugh! We were also surprised to see Harry Potter's Mr. Weasley there. He was the goat turned Billy. The actors did well on their roles but I still can't seem to accept Claire Danes as Yvaine, even when she's glowing and all that. Hmmm... Oh well. My sis and I were also surprised to learn that it was Henry Cavill who played Humphrey. He's gorgeous! He looked more mature and thinner but he's still my choice for Cedric Diggory. Hahaha! I still can't get over it. I first saw Henry Cavill play the son of Jim Caviezel in "The Count of Monte Cristo" and he was also in "Tristan and Isolde". He is gorgeous! (Did I already mention that?) =)

Tonight at 8PM is going to be my first shift for this week. Next week, my days off will be on Monday and Tuesday. I'm still not used to it but such is life. I'm gonna cross the wall and find my star. Maybe I'll find my Tristan Thorne too. =)

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