Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post-Christmas Fun

I promised myself I won't be stuck at home during my days off. My mother is mad at me for doing so but I really need a break. I didn't even get to spend Christmas Eve with my family. At least I went to church with them before I dragged my butt to work. A couple of days ago, I tagged my sis along and we were up and running. Last December 26, Ian had a belated birthday treat and we watched The Bloomfields perform in Eastwood.

with drummer boy Rocky, my fave Bloomie

The Bloomfields on stage

More pictures here.

Last December 27, The Philippine Tolkien Society had its annual Christmas party at Reitch's place. It's been a while since I met with the hobbitsesss and it was fun! Ian took great pics and you can view them all here. Here are samples:

wacky group shot

serious group shot

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