Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life Goes On

Life continues for most of us.

I've been working for the past week with only 3-4 hours of sleep a day. I'm glad I took last Friday off. I have yet to catch up on sleep so I am really looking forward to the weekend. A couple of days ago I had a presentation and an interview for the supervisory position I'm applying for. Wish me luck on the results. For those who are concerned, my father was out of the ICU last Sunday and is now better. He actually wanted to get out of the hospital but due to the bills, they won't allow him to be discharged yet. Meds and bills are burning holes in our already empty pockets. My sibs and I would probably work for the next couple of years or so just paying off debts but I'm sure we'll get there. I'm just grateful my father is doing well.

I got this quote from my sister:
Don't count your friends on a sunny day when the sky is blue and laughter is abundant. Instead, wait for a storm when the clouds are dark and smiles are scarce. When someone stands beside you and lifts your spirits to the sky, then you'll know who deserves to be called a friend.

I would like to thank the people who shared their thoughts, prayers and help in any way possible. Prayers are powerful and I'm happy ours are being heard. It just goes to show that during the tough times, one would know who really and truly cares.

Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is not enough to show how grateful we are. This is one of those times. But still I say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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