Friday, August 10, 2007

Long For Escape

I badly needed a change in routine. I'm burning out from work and it shows in my quality scores these past few days.

My sis and I had a chance to don our Harry Potter costumes again before the New Worlds sci-fi and fantasy convention in October. Hogwarts Philippines (a.k.a. Pinoy Harry Potter), along with other fandoms, were invited to talk a bit about cosplaying (cosplay: short for costume play). I had to sacrifice my sleep time yesterday (slept only for 3 hours!!!) but it was worth it.

A TV program on one of the local channels asked us to wear our costumes. We met up at Fandom Cafe yesterday afternoon. There were a few people who showed probably because it's a weekday. The program was also able to film cosplayers from Star Wars Philippines and 501st Legion Philippine Outpost. It was a whole lotta fun!

We long for escape
Let the memory take shape
For the heroes we often see
I don't know if it's me or the movies we've seen
I don't remember as well as I should...

rebels versus jedi biker scout Rej me and Harry's birthday poster my sis and Harry's birthday poster

me and TK-2342 my sis and TK-2342 Chris and Rej

I know some people don't understand how it feels to be a part of something like this. People may have misconceptions about us and some even result to discrimation or scorn. Some people misunderstand or don't want to understand. Others may not even care at all. I don't blame them. Besides, we can't please everyone.

Throughout the years, friendships evolve and sometimes die a natural death. It is sad. Some friends are still there despite the changing times and the growing up. For that I'm glad.

I've probably blogged about this before and still, I'll type it again-- I'm glad I found a place where I know my so-called geekiness belongs. I have this outlet now for my passions and I get to meet friends in the process-- people with almost similar, if not the same, capacity to be a fan or fanatic. Hurrah! :)

* lyrics from the song "Movie" by Sponge Cola
(This ought to be a paid advertisement. Hehehe! Peace. ;p)


potions mistress said...

wow naman! i'll be waiting for that show, saturday db?

galenlondeien said...

Yep! This coming Saturday! :)