Thursday, March 22, 2007

Out of Sync

If I were music I'd be out of sync.

I took my 2-year recertification written and typing exams last night. I failed my first try of the written exams. Was I nervous? Maybe. I passed the second try because I don't wanna find myself looking for another job. Not yet anyway. I don't need that now. The typing exam was ok. Better than last year's score. I am not looking forward to the call processing but I know I have to get it over with.

I've feel zoned out. I can't wait for May. One of my bestest friends will finally come back here after some years in the States. I long for the sea and the fresh air. I need to unwind. I can't wait for July. I long to be with fellow-geeks for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention. I wanna read the last Harry Potter book. I wanna watch the next Harry Potter movie. I need a change in the routine. I need to go out and mingle and have fun and get crazy.

I miss seeing the stars at night. I want a full-body massage. I want my paycheck to go back to normal. I wanna take pictures of beautiful sceneries. I am bothered. I am restless. I am bored. I hate it. I don't make sense and I know it.

Not-so-random thought:
I don't think there is any other guy who understands me more, but I doubt he can give me the love I need. So be it.


*T* said...

huggys, KK!

quite a long list of *i-wants*. that is great. i hope every thing from it gets crossed out soon!

oks lang yan. out of sync. =)

Jac said...

Haha I'm going through a transition myself :)

I'm moving to Ortigas monday!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

*T*: Oo nga eh. I'm trying to get my groove back. Hehe!

jac: Good luck on the move. Medyo mahirap talaga pag nag-aadjust. We'll get over this stage sooner or later. :)

Jaz said...

That's ok...i mean, am out of sync as well (am sure you've noticed since I haven't been blogging & bloghopping of late).

that's a long list of wants, syempre, i hope you get to enjoy em soon =)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

that's a long list of wants, syempre, i hope you get to enjoy em soon =)

Haha! I noticed. Hope you're doing ok. :)