Monday, June 18, 2007

For Better or For Worse

You Are A Professional Girlfriend!

You are the perfect girlfriend - big surprise!
Heaven knows you've had enough practice. That's why you're a total pro.
If there was an Emily Post of girlfriends, it would be you.
You know how to act in every situation ... to make both you and your guy happy.


You deserve someone better...

...One of the most bullshit reasons I've ever heard.


...because he could have been better if he tried to

...and it could have been me if he just wanted to.


Prudence said...

Being in a relationship is a choice so naturally, anyone could be the best boyfriend/girlfriend for their partner. It's frustrating to be with a partner who perpetually couldn't make up his/her mind.

galenlondeien said...

Yeah, it sucks when you've tried your best and he/she can't do the same for you.