Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter High

Finally! Movie 5 is out. Just waiting for book 7 and this Harry Potter-y month of July is gonna be complete. I was dog tired yesterday but tired doesn't mean I didn't have fun. I actually had the time of my life. If you saw the news last night and read today's paper (Manila Standard and Tempo), you'll know what I mean. Some people may find it embarrassing but since I shared this with my sister and my friends from Hogwarts Philippines, I learned that "acting" in front of the camera was actually fun. Hahaha!

We spent most of the day in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell since it was Harry Potter Day for New Worlds: Transformed and I didn't expect a number of media coverages (plugging QTV's Kids on Q this Saturday, July 14, 10AM-11AM and RPN 9's I-Watch News on July 12 at 10:00 PM). After that, my sis, mother and I went to Mall of Asia to catch the last full show of the movie. My sis and I just took off our Hogwarts robes and went there. Some people smiled, glanced and stared. Some were even snickering as we pass by. I couldn't care less.

Hogwarts girls
with my sis, Jovan and Princess

playing Gnome Toss
with my sis, Jovan, Princess, Ivy and (not in the picture Carlo)

with Carl, my sis, Ivy and pretty little Ella*

I won't make an official review of the movie or else I'll just gush. Yes, there were shortcomings but I really don't mind the disappointments that much because I know the movie is not be an exact copy of the book. It's an adaptation. I am scheduled to watch it again this Saturday, this time with my Pinoy Harry Potter family in Powerplant Mall and this time, in full robes too. I just wanna say that it was my first time to watch IMAX and the movie was worth it. Well, maybe I am just a biased fan but the fight at the Ministry scene in 3D was awesome!!! I'd do it again if only it weren't expensive. I wish it were longer too. Haha!

I slept most of the day on my birthday but yesterday made up for it. It was wonderful! Hope we can all have more days like that.

New Worlds: Transformed is ongoing in the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell until Sunday, July 15. Do check us out if you have the time or if you just happen to be there.

Thanks to all those who remembered to keep in touch with me on my natal day. :)

* pictures courtesy of Rej. View more pics in her Multiply album.

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