Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of New Worlds: Transformed (NeWT), so if you haven't dropped by 2nd floor. Archaeology Hall, Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati in the past week, you just missed your chance. Hehehe!

wand duel with Carl

we *heart* Hiro Nakamura!

My sis and I went there last July 11, which is Harry Potter Day. We watched the last full show of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on IMAX after our volunteering duties. We went back to NeWT on July 14 and watched the movie again, for free this time, courtesy of Powerplant Cinemas. We had free snacks (Yay!) and we were in our Hogwarts Philippines uniforms.

Potterheads in Powerplant Cinemas
picture taken from Rocky's album

We went back yesterday, July 15, to witness The Philippine Tolkien Society's "The Hobbit" storytelling in Fully Booked.

Benc as Gandalf

There were more people during the weekends. A lot of different fandoms were visible and thus, we met a lot of our friends too! There was a cosplay contest last Saturday. First place went to Optimus Prime (woohoo!), second place went to the ever-charming Jack Sparrow of Black Pearl Philippines (way to go Hank! Note to self: must take my picture with him next time) and third place went to cutie Bumblebee. Congratulations! :)

with Optimus Prime

with my sis versus Optimus Prime
picture taken from Mark's album

with Nina and Bumblebee

There was another cosplay contest yesterday but we went home early. If you missed your chance to see all these, well better luck next time. :)

Click this link to watch GMA's Saksi clip of Harry Potter Day.


JV said...

Cute outfits, cute everything! Ito na pala bagong blog ko, Karen. Dinelete ko na yung ko. =D

galenlondeien said...

jv: Thanks! I've already updated my blogroll. :)