Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Some hard-core Transformers fan may not appreciate the changes this movie depicted, but I thouroughly enjoyed it. It's an action-packed, typical Michael Bay flick. If you love Transformers the anime, Transformers the action figures or general sci-fi or you want to see handsome men in uniform, kick-ass robots with human-like personalities, really (really!) awesome special effects, comedy in the right places, non-stop action that will literally keep you in the edge of your seats or you just want to be entertained, watch this movie. You may wanna watch this in a cinema with surround sound and comfortable seats and you won't be sorry. :)


robb said...

i totally agree :)

JV said...

The movie is getting good reviews! I must watch this one yet!

BTW, this will be my new blog now Karen, I've deleted my eccentric.wordpress.com blog.

Have a worry-free weekend!:)

galenlondeien said...

robb: Thanks for the comment. It's worth a second watch too. :)

jv: Updated the link. Thanks for informing me. :)