Monday, November 29, 2004

the real deal

I thought it was just because of my sister's antic that my Ma found disrespectful that's why she did not go with us to watch a movie yesterday. I thought my Ma's pride is ruling her again that's why she has not been speaking to us for the past couple of days. My sis is even attempting to apologize to her but she won't open her door (literally!) Then I learned from my Pa that my Lola (Ma's mother) is very ill right now. I think this is the real and deeper reason why my Ma is not herself lately.

My Lola is 93 years old. She is very weak and the news right now is that she is coughing up blood. My suspect: Pulmonary Tuberculosis. TB is easy to cure especially with meds and proper care. I am just worried that due to financial difficulties in the province and due to her age as well, that a cure won't be a possibility. My mother wanted to go home to the province to see her Ma. That means, no more cellphone for me. She needs the money for her fare and for the meds when she gets there. I am also worried that she may catch TB out there especially with her weak lungs.

I wonder why this always happens whenever I look forward to something wonderful in my life. I was going to make this Christmas one memorable season for us but I guess it's going to be a sad one. Am I cursed? =(

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