Thursday, July 21, 2005

of e-books and e-jobs

I never thought I would feel this in the middle of the year. I am getting tired of my job. Usually, I say this after a year in a company. But now, I've been in the company for about 5 months and I'm losing interest. If only I can find another one that offers as much as this or more, I'd be happy to apply. I rarely get nice calls from nice people that make me appreciate what I do. Yes, there are valid calls, but when I get these terrible calls, my spirit deflates. These instances make me wish I were in some beautiful far-away place with no worries in life.

If I were to choose I don't want to take calls anymore. Some people think it's easy but it's tiring (and fattening too!) After a while, it gets boring and stagnant. Sure, the pay is pretty ok but I'd rather have a job that pays well, offers benefits, makes me feel good about myself and people appreciate what I do at the same time. If possible, I wanna travel or write or help others or all of the above. Is there such a thing as a perfect job?

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A few days ago, I received an ebook of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" from a good friend. I am not really a fan of ebooks coz I still prefer the traditional ones with their musky, old smell. They make the phrase "curling up with a good book" possible to do. I like to sit in a comfy chair or lay down while I'm reading. I don't want to read ebooks because I get more eye strain from being in front of the PC-- 9 hours for my work shift and 2 or more hours of internet at home. I didn't want to do that... until I got this particular ebook. So now, I have sacrificed 1 or 2 hours of sleeping time just to read a few chapters per day. I ruined my own obsessive-compulsive schedule. My brother even laughs at me whenever I bargain with myself everytime I open another chapter and lose more sleep. I hope I could finish it soon... before my sister gets a break from all her school work. Hehe!

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Isn't this cool? Great article, Faith! :)


loryces said...

hey pa-send ng ebook! havent bought my copy yet. walang pera eh hehe.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

sent it to your gmail account. :)