Saturday, July 30, 2005

PC-less but Potter-full

Finally the weekend is here.

No, I am not at home, comfortably surfing the net after a tiring week at work. I am renting again. For four days I lost hours of sleeping trying to fix our 6-year-old PC. I have re-formatted and re-installed Windows. The problem is, I tried each CD-ROM and I can't seem to find the sound card driver and video card driver installer (whew!). Sorry to get a bit technical, I just learned a few lessons myself for the past few days. So, we can surf the net but there's no sound and the display looks awful because standard 16-bit color display shows on screen instead of the normal 64-bit. In other words, my monitor only shows 16 colors and it looks bad! Really. How bad? Let's just say, my siblings used the internet last night and they were laughing at what they're seeing. Laughing! After all my hard work... all the lost sleep... *sniff*

Oh well, at least I got to talk with my technical support loads of times this week because he helped me out. I can't believe we got to talk more in that span of four days compared to the previous three weeks!

Last but not the least, I finally finished "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" a couple of days ago! Yay for me! I don't want to put a review in yet. I have to let my sister finish it first and then we'll discuss about it (haha!) and I'll see if I get to write something about it. I know she'll be excited to finally read the book after a hard time in school for the past week... Yes, you read that right the BOOK (not e-book). My cousin Peter wanted to give her a gift and this weekend, she'll be finally buying her first ever hardbound copy of Harry Potter. I wonder now what would happen because all our HP books are in paperback. Sell the hard-bound and buy the paperback next year when it comes out? Hahaha!


Rob said...

good for ava! :) hehe.. well, hard bound looks good nman e.. ;)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

i think she's almost through the ebook. she can't wait for the book tomorrow, so she's finishing the ebook today. haha!