Monday, July 25, 2005

If Only

Right now, I can't a recall a movie wherein the lead actor shed more tears than the lead actress. It was full of male tears and sensitivity that it was a bit ironic they chose a Brit, with their "stiff upper lip and all", to play the male lead role. But the since the lead actor, Paul Nicholls, kinda looked like Jude Law, it was cool. It's a highly-recommended movie date. Oh and while I'm in the topic of dates, it's been almost a month since we last saw each other. I try to not think about it and minimize talking about him. Yes, we still communicate through mobile phone but that's it. I was thinking of watching it with him so he can take some hints on how to make a woman feel loved/appreciated/special. I decided against it. Maybe because of pride. Maybe because I want to save myself from more heartaches brought about by these so-called dates. I watched it alone coz I felt like being alone with myself for a change. I cried inside the theater and I realized it's good I didn't watch it with him lest I look stupid for crying in front of him (again). I can't control my tears when it comes to issues* like that and I don't want to cry in front of Mr. Insensitive (again). I wonder what will happen to us.

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Today, today I bet my life
You have no idea what I feel inside
Don't, be afraid to let it show
For you'll never know If you let it hide

~"Love Will Show You Everything", Jennifer Love Hewitt

Well, there goes my weekend. I plan to finish the Harry Potter ebook before I go to the Monday night. Everyone here is having a holiday because of the SONA. But as people in the call center industry know, there's no such thing as holiday.

According to some scenes in the movie, "In every relationship, there's one who loves more. I don't want to know I'm that one."; "You should learn to appreciate her... Just love her."; "Thank you for teaching me how to love." (Yeah, like the song. Haha!); etc., etc.


Jezza poh.. said...


maganda nga raw ung movie na 2 classmates told me..Gusto ko rin siya panoorin...siguro sa Friday..hehehe=)

Masaya bang manod mag-isa?? D ba malungkot???

Good Day!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

hahaha! try mo. ok lang naman. maiiyak ka at least walang makakakita na umiiyak ka pag mag-isa ka lang. hehe! :)