Monday, July 04, 2005

falls apart

She falls apart by herself
No one’s there to talk or understand

I can't press the Go-to option on my cell phone or else it hangs and restarts by itself. My wallet's zipper can't be closed so the coins keep falling out. My trusty ol' rubber shoes are tattered. My closet fell apart (and is currently being fixed by my bro). My watch's case has a huge crack on it (and is currently being examined by my father to see if he can still fix it). I did washed my bag and sneakers but it seems like it would rain. My so-called love life is in a hold and I woke up with my neighbor loudly playing these mushy love songs such as "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" and stuff like that. Aaargh!

Feels the sting dries her eyes
Finds herself opens the door and sighs

It seems like everything in my life is falling a part. And it's only a few days before I turn a quarter of a century. *sigh*

People see right through you
Everyone who knew you well

At least it turned out my sister has no duty this July 11, so she can attend the Gaiman writers' forum with me. Now, let me find some other reasons to smile about.

Falls apart might as well
Day is long and nothing is wasted

~Falls Apart by Sugar Ray


Padawan Hobbit Witch said...

there's only one solution ofr all your problems: money.

pero dun sa love prob mo, di ko lam eh... :p naku, baka tumuloy na sa "leaving you" yan...

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

maghanap ng boyfriend na mayaman. hehehe. abangan ko hanggang "leaving you" ito...