Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I realized that...

... I can't please everybody.
... I can't force someone to like me. Nobody really knows me like I know myself.
... People come and go in my life as they please, but there will always be reasons why they leave or why they stay.
... Music inspires real life.
... Real life experiences make good music.
... Love can be expressed in many ways.
... A good laugh is one cure for emo-ness.
... Any relationship should be nurtured by two people and not just one.
... Impressions will always remain just impressions unless proven otherwise.
... My family will always accept me and love me, whatever I may become and whatever decisions I may make.
... When there comes a time when I think nobody believes in me, I just believe in myself and the rest will follow.
... Communication is the key to still keep people a part of my life.
... Communication, like love, is a two-way street.
... Time waits for no one.
... When I lose someone, that's when I realize his or her importance.
... When someone makes bad choices that doesn't mean he or she is a bad person.
... There should always be balance between time with friends, family and self.
... I can never be too careful especially if I hurt easily.
... I should learn from past mistakes. Experiences teach lessons and lessons are there to be learned.
... Reality is subjective.

[More realizations to come.]

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