Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Fragile Things" by Neil Gaiman

I love reading Neil Gaiman's short stories. Not all stories made great impressions, but like "Smoke and Mirrors", I do have a handful of favorites-- those are the ones I can retell to others and will always remember. I am happy that the last time Neil Gaiman was here, I told him myself that "October in the Chair" is one of my favorites. That time, I wasn't finished with the book. I am also happy to read "The Problem of Susan" which made me remember how I miss Narnia and the Pevensies. "Sunbird" also has a very interesting plot which reminded me of "Baby Cakes". That's the type of story I wanted to read more of and hope Mr. Gaiman makes a novel out of it. "The Monarch of the Glen" was highly-recommended by a friend and sparked my interest to reread "American Gods". I can mention a lot more stories I like but I think you have to read this book to choose your own favorite.

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