Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bite Me!

Carlisle bit me.

I wish!

Oh well, "Twilight" the movie is so-so. I didn't really except much. There were a lot of mushy moments and I don't think the cheesy cinematography and directing really helped at all. They could have cut down on the spinning, super close-up and supposedly romantic scenes, and added more action/adventure ones.

Surprisingly, I appreciated Kristen Stewart's acting as Bella. She was klutzy enough. Charlie was not really what I physically imagined but Billy Burke's acting gave justification to the character. I realized Robert Pattinson actually looked more yummy when the scene is a bit dark (during the dinner date and during prom night) and looked yucky with glaring lights on (cafeteria scenes). The smirks are nice. The makeup should have been applied evenly. Yes, that includes the neck and nape. The dazzling was ok, but I didn't like the background sound effects when he was dazzling. It made me think of fairy tales and Tinkerbell. In all fairness, he has a better bod compared to his Cedric Diggory days but he didn't actually made me fall in love with Edward all over again. No offense, R Pat fans! Cam Gigandet as James, on the other hand, made me love to hate him. I think he was the best actor to fit the character. I am saving the best for last. I have loved Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the book. Watching Peter Facinelli on screen made me love him more! I think I wanna watch the movie again because of him. *love*love*

I am counting the days. After more than 4 years, I am finally going to move on to (hopefully) somewhere better. I am crossing my fingers that everything will work out for me. I am going to miss a lot of moments and a lot of people. I am just doing this for myself this time. I guess there are going to be lessons learned, such as never taking someone important for granted. *sigh*

Here's to getting bitten... and moving on! =)

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