Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Ending

I wish you a story with a happy ending and the wisdom to look for it.
~ "My Sassy Girl"

This is what I get for watching mushy love stories when I'm bored, but this makes sense. A happy ending doesn't just come and happen. I have to do something in order to get what I want. That's why I believe in both destiny and free-will.

This year is about to end like all chapters in the book and I have to start a new one. My story, so far, is not as exciting or interesting as I would want it to be. Nevertheless, it is full of significant events and roller-coaster emotions. I am grateful for this year. I have learned a lot from my mistakes and experiences. I have also learned to treasure the people who love and care for me. This year also introduced me to new-found friends whom I know I will always remember.

I am looking forward to next year. I just have the feeling that I can finally start on working to get the happy ending that I wanted.

Happy New Year, everyone! =)


gene said...

Happy New Year, girl!!!

Wish ko lang magka-lovelife ka na...hehe. Kung wala naman, ok lang rin...basta happy...di ba.

Kita-kita naman tayo ulit...

galenlondeien said...

Happy New Year, Mama Gene!

Oo nga meet naman tayo one of these days. Wish ko rin love will find me this year preo ok lang din na hindi. Ganun talaga eh. Haha!