Monday, October 10, 2011

Lenka Live in Manila

A few hours before the concert, my sister learned that she won two tickets for Lenka Live in Manila. She's always lucky that way (I told her next time to try the lottery). I am not really a hard-core Lenka fan, but I know some of her songs and I like them a lot. They make me feel good and they're mostly happy and would often urge you to dance or clap with the music.

We waited for quite a while and were entertained by three front acts. It was worth it because Lenka was cute. Listening to her was fun and I can almost believe myself when we chanted "We will not grow old" with her because her music has such a child-like quality to it. Speaking of "child", I love that baby bump she's sporting!

It felt wonderful when she sang my favorite song "Don't Let Me Fall" as a lullaby to her baby. It was a beautiful rendition and I never thought about it before, but the lyrics to that song can be applicable to any kind of love, not just in the romantic sense. The crowd's favorite was also the last song. We didn't want our "money" back because we just enjoyed "The Show" (of course).

Click to view full album.

Lenka Live in Manila

Click this to watch "Trouble is a Friend".

Click this to watch my favorite song "Don't Let Me Fall" and fave performance of the night.

Click here to watch the final song "The Show".

* All the puns in this post are intended.
** Thank you for the tickets, Manila Concert Scene!

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