Friday, January 25, 2008


Destiny or Destination?

I haven’t had time to read nowadays. I think there are about 5 books on queue for me to finish ASAP but I have been spending my spare time finishing season 1 of "Ugly Betty" coz I have to return the DVD back to my friend. Aside from the occasional "kilig" moments my sister and I experience whenever I see Henry and Daniel grace the screen, the story is really quite entertaining and the last few episodes a bit captivating since the plot gets to thicken. I just finished it yesterday and hopefully I'd be able to go back to reading (and sleeping). Interesting how my mood changes with each character's personalities and decisions and how I can relate to their situations. The story is quite typical and I'm sure a lot of Filipino middle-class families can relate to. I am trying my best not to make a review here. It' just that it made me realize (again) how truly important family is and how priorities can make or break a person. The TV program proves that nobody is perfect but there are people who come close to it. It would always depend on what attracts a person to another. For example, there's Daniel who is rich, handsome, sexy, confident and very vulnerable, but he is a womanizer. There's another guy, Henry, who is smart, entertaining, cute and very sweet, but already has a girlfriend. It is difficult to choose between the two. Hahaha! Anyway, some parts made me teary-eyed and I have to admit the finale made me cry. The deep conversation when it comes to problems, the advice and the actions are really something people can relate to.

Watching the episodes make me reflect on my life a little. It makes me wonder now if it is the journey that makes everything worthwhile or is it the destination. Will a person rely on destiny and just enjoy the ride or will the person fight for something (or someone) he or she loves and focus on the destination? I don't know if I'm making sense here but I can't help but ponder.

Touch and Go

One of my co-supervisors, who also happen to be a close friend, is leaving today to work for another company. It makes me sad, at the same time, happy for his decision. I know he's really looking forward to it. There are actually several friends who already left the company and it always feels that way. I have experienced leaving two companies already and I know how it feels. The company I'm working for now is the longest I've stayed in. With these things happening, I get to assess my position too and my plans for the future. Honestly, I really can't see myself in a specific career 5 years from now. I just want it to be in another country. Haha! But then again, I'll take what life offers me but I'll try to grab every opportunity I get. I miss my friends-- those I left and those who left me. I'm just glad that communication lines are still open. I'm taking this one day at a time now. Lately, I have been busy with work and training at the same time. It's tiring. I'm just taking this a day at a time and now, I just want to spend a nice and peaceful day off and out-of-town if possible... I can still daydream, can't I? =)

Concerts Galore!

Ok so Incubus will be here on March. So, will Maroon 5. Also Backstreet Boys next month. There are rumors about other artists but I'm just thinking about the next two months and I feel broke already. The tickets are skyrocket high and I'm gonna feel really bad if I miss them. I just don't know what to do. =(

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