Monday, January 28, 2008

Rollercoaster Weekend

Saturday, 26 January

It was my transition day off. We're going to have a different schedule at work. I had brunch with some of my friends from work because I won't be seeing some of them for the meantime because of the changes in work schedule. We ate at the Seafood Market in Macapagal Highway. It was really fun. The food was great and we even had a chance to listen to some of my friends sing in the videoke. Of course, it won't be complete without wacky photo ops. Click this to view the album.

After the brunch, I met with Ian and my sis in nearby Mall of Asia. We were planning to watch a movie but then we're going to miss the sunset in Manila Bay, so we skipped it and hung out in the bay area instead. It was way cheaper too. Haha! Watching the sun set was like witnessing a few seconds of miracle. Imagine that beauty happening everyday and we are just oblivious to its presence. I couldn't get enough pictures. Click this to view the album. Ian's pictures can be found here.

After that we strolled around and decided to check out the nearby Global Fun Carnival. I really wanted to go on the ferris wheel but then I wouldn't want to get a ride-all-you-can ticket because my stomach can't take the abrupt changes in position for some rides. It was still fun when we explored it.

Sunday, 27 January

It was my father's 66th birthday! Yay! We ate lunch at his fave resto. It has been so long since we did that. We were all so full so we decided to stroll around the nearby mall. My father treated himself to a movie and we just window-shopped. Click here to view the album

We were all having fun when my Ma received a call from the province telling her my Lola is in critical condition. She lost consciousness. I am not sure what happened but she is going to undergo tests, that's for sure. My mother was actually planning to visit her this coming March but because of what happened, she went home immediately, called her relatives there, took some money from our supposed-to-be rent payment and got a ticket. She's in Bacolod City now. I think the plane landed an hour ago. Another sudden change happened in our lives. We don't know how long my Ma's gonna stay there or how my Lola is. We're still waiting for news.

Today, 28 January

I woke up really early today. My father hadn't slept yet because he was anxious too. I was just glad it's still my day off or else I couldn't concentrate at work. I'm also glad we were able to take some pictures. The camera couldn't hide the happiness on our faces. I was just thinking about how unpredictable life is and how it is necessary to live life each day as if it were your last. At my age, it seems difficult but then again, it wouldn't hurt to try.


Robert said...

Wow, buffalo wings! I'm hungry!!!

And Manila Bay sunset is just glorious. :)

galenlondeien said...

Yeah, we love buffalo wings too! Hehe! I know. I miss seeing the sun set. =)

Jaz said...

Great photo shots you have there =) Love the sunset pics!

On a serious note, I hope your lola's fine now.

Mark said...

hey karen, been a long time since i dropped by here. glad you're having lots of good time with your family. i miss mine! =( nice sunset pic, love the third one! say happy birthday to your dad for me. =)

galenlondeien said...

Thanks, Jaz and Mark!

Mark: Hope you can come back to the Philippines soon. =)