Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ice Breaker: Sponge Cola Talk

It was just small talk in the washroom, of all places. I didn't even know her. I just know she also works in same company as I do because of her ID. I just had this urge to open up my mouth and say something. She was playing this song by Sponge Cola-- "Tuliro", which happened to be my fave song in their Transit album. I would have ignored that but the song was in repeat mode. I couldn't help but sing along. We were in front of this huge mirror. She was brushing her teeth and I was combing my hair.

"Excuse me, you like Sponge Cola huh?", I asked. I just had to. I can't help it. She smiled and said yes. "Let me guess, your fave's Yael, right?", I asked again. Big mouth, I know. She laughed. I knew I was right. "I like them too. Have you watched any of their gigs?", I asked again just to keep the conversation going. She said she did once in Cavite. "They're big in Cavite", she said. People just clamor for them. I bet. Haha! I then learned her name, where she works, where she's from and who our common acquaintances are. I told her it would be great to watch the band perform live again. She said she's a bit scared because it's her first time to work outside Cavite and she might get lost. I told her she'll get used to it. She might wanna try it some time. It's fun. Hopefully there's gonna be a gig somewhere near Makati soon. *hint*hint*

"Are they married?", she asked. I was taken off-guard but I kept my cool and just laughed out loud. I wouldn't wonder why she asked this. I told her they're not but I enumerated the members who are already "taken". I told her they're young and talented (obviously). Next question she asked was "Mababait ba sila?". Of course! I continued blabbing again and she was smiling all the time. I told her they will be releasing their next single soon and I even let her listen to it from my phone.

We were there, just the two of us with a common topic in mind. She would have wanted to stay longer to chat but she had to go back to work and I had to meet some friends. I know we'll meet again one of these days. It's just a small world. =)

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