Thursday, March 06, 2008

Maroon 5: Sexy Time!

I just came from the Maroon 5 "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" concert. Whew!

Let me just catch my breath...


Ok, I like the band and their songs and my sister adores lusts for Adam Levine. There was this Maroon 5 interview in the "Rolling Stones" magazine and according to that interview, Adam has an ego befitting a rockstar. When I saw them perform live, I have to agree-- HE IS A ROCKSTAR! He's scorching, hormone-raging HOTT! Gawd!!! =p

I promised myself not to rave when I blog about this but I can't help it. The tickets were expensive compared to the usual ticket prices for foreign artists, but when I saw the stage and the performance, I knew it was worth it. My sis even said that they probably brought everything-- from stage props to lights, etc. (thus the expensive tickets) because everything was in sync to the music. The lights were so cool! I think she might be right.

They sang about 15 songs. "About" because there was a half song sang and it wasn't theirs. The performance lasted for about one and a half hours. It started late but at least Araneta Coliseum was almost filled up. They sang 3 of my fave songs-- "She Will Be Loved", "Won't Go Home Without You" and "Sunday Morning" so I am quite happy with that. I wish they could have added "Back At Your Door" but I can't ask for too much. The new drummer was great too. Of course, Mr. Levine couldn't stop introducing Mr. Valentine but then again, I have to say he was awesome! And Adam Levine! OMG! He was just sensual! Black sleeveless shirt, black skinny jeans, black leather boots, tattoos, good looks, the works! Yes, he's a good singer, he dances well (I call him "crazy legs" because of that) and he can still hit those high notes while performing live. But when he smiles (everytime the audience shouts or sings along), when he poses and strums his guitar, girls swoon! They ended with "Sweetest Goodbye" and Adam's rockin' solo. I think my sister cried. Hahaha! We were so glad he chose music over his basketball career. =)

My sister told me to view this "Soap Disco" video of Kara's Flowers (previous name of Maroon 5) and Adam looks more like a basketball star here. I think he's just 17 when this video was taken. He has always been a looker. Here it is. Enjoy! =)

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