Sunday, July 27, 2008

Breaking the Routine

Change is welcome especially if it's for the better. I was given the choice to spend my weekend a bit differently from what I am used to and I grabbed that opportunity. I'm glad I did.

Yesterday, my parents and my sister spent almost the entire day in Lubao, Pampanga (almost a 2-hour bus ride from Manila). We attended the 7th birthday of my neice (my cousin's daughter). I was hesitant to go at first because most of the people there are strangers to me and I would prefer to just stay home. Then I thought it would be better to spend even a few hours of my weekend outside the city and it was good. Everyone was busy and we even helped out during the preparations but it was nice seeing a few of my relatives there.

On the other hand, I am assigned to the morning shift at work this past week and maybe stay there in the next few weeks too. My body is stil adjusting after working for more than 3 years straight in the night shift but I have no serious complaints. I am just missing my friends. I am not looking forward to traffic and the rush hour Makati crowd. I also am missing home-cooked meals and saving money for lunch, but I know this is just temporary. I miss sleeping at night time during work days and I am liking it now. =)

I know there will still be major career-related changes in my life in the next few weeks and I think I'm ready for that. Just bring it on!

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