Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to the City of Smiles

This weekend is going to be a long one for me. Our flight leaves very early tomorrow morning. I am expecting longer nights as we wait for my grandmother's burial on Sunday, October 19. I bet there is going to be a sort-of family reunion. This year is history in the making for me. We are going back to my hometown for the second time within one year after not going home in more than 12 years. If I were going there for a vacation leave instead of a bereavement leave, I wouldn't mind the sleepless nights. This Sunday also happens to be the culminating day of the MassKara Fetival. I haven't witnessed that live since I was in elementary school. I am expecting to see a very busy and crowded city tomorrow. That also explains the sky-rocketing prices of airplane tickets. Oh well, I don't know if we can attend that. Maybe my grandmother wouldn't mind. Hehe! =)

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