Saturday, August 28, 2010


Earlier today, I spent some precious moments with most of my teammates. That was the last breakfast/get-together we will have as Team Vauxhall. Those people were part of my first team in the company where I work and I am grateful that I shared my first one year and seven months with them. Yes, we will still see each other at times, but not as often as we used to. So, to those who have been a part of Team Vauxhall, thank you so much for the memories!

Together, we are one of a kind.
Cheers to friendship!
Viva La Vauxhall!

You and I will meet again,
When we're least expecting it,
One day in some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
I won't say goodbye my friend,
For you and I will meet again.
-- Tom Petty

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