Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Irish Goodness

Earlier today, I was lucky enough to be online and catch Mark Feehily (my favorite Westlife lad) start a live stream of him getting made up for a morning show in London. I was there to witness the number of viewers grow from less than a hundred to almost 500 in a few minutes. 

Since I am a fan girl, I was chatting like crazy wishing he would read through my tweet. At 15:02, Mark said "Karen from the Philippines" as he read what I tweeted. I can die happy now. =)

Notable times:
10:02 Shane got his top off
10:14 Mark suggested Shane gets his top off on the Farewell Tour
13:09 Mark and Shane started singing The Birthday Song to a fan named Priscilla from the Philippines
16:17 Shane enjoying his morning coffee and Danish pastry
20:58 "Why is Nicky so cranky?"
21:09 Mark starts singing "That's Kian in the corner" to the tune of "Losing My Religion" and the rest of the lads follow -- This is my second favorite part of the stream.


Raine said...

Ah, so that was you :) I also tuned in but I let everyone do the chatting. lolz.

galenlondeien said...

Haha! I just couldn't miss that chance, so I tweeted like crazy. =)