Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Crying Over 501

I bought a pair of these a few years back. It was a tight fit but since I swore to lose weight, I still bought one despite it being pricey for my income. I saved up. If there is such a thing as a "dream jeans", this is probably it. Button-fly. 501. Levi's.

I've lost a few pounds for the past months and I have been able to wear this pair (even with a belt) and I couldn't have been any prouder. I love the fit and the comfort. I love the style.

A couple of days ago, by some mean circumstance, this pair ended up in my brother's closet. It was probably misplaced. Due to a lapse of judgement on his part, my brother thought this was my cousin's old pair of jeans. My cousin used to live with us but he has been away for a long time. Without asking anyone, he went to the local tailor and cut my pair of Levi's so he can wear it as a below-the-knee shorts (sort of board shorts for his highly-anticipated beach vacation a few weeks from now). Since he has been busy in the gym for his beach escapade, he was able to fit his waist into my jeans! Without knowing the pair is mine, he flaunted the shorts and I was aghast! No, I really can't imagine how I felt the moment I laid my eyes on the pair I know so well. There was a moment of panic, then silence, immediately followed by a severe headache. I can see his reaction when I tried to explain it to him-- those are my pair of dream jeans! I would never be able to get something like that again. Ever. I know he was sorry, but I can't help it. It was his birthday a few days ago and I was thinking of something positive like giving the jeans to him as a birthday present but no...

I cried. I spent my entire Sunday thinking about it. I cried and cried until I fell asleep and I dreamed about Levi's jeans.

I hope blogging about it would help me get over it. That happened a couple of days ago. I get similar reactions from my friends-- pity combined with giggles. I even got the same reaction from my mother! Either I am overreacting or they just don't get what it means to have something I wanted and worked hard to get. =(

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