Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pointless Questions

In my line of work, I have encountered almost all kinds of attitudes. Last night, I just realized people also ask pointless questions. I'm sure we all have encountered these instances and some don't mind anymore but I just get annoyed whenever I get asked these. In order to get what I mean, here are a couple of examples:

How are you? ~ then person would suddenly talk without even listening to the answer or even caring to know the answer.

May I put you on hold? ~ then you suddenly hear music playing and you were on hold without even letting you decide if you want to be placed on hold or not.

Why would people even bother to ask these questions if they are not even remotely interested to know the answer? They might think it's like "asking permission" but I think it's impolite to ask and not wait for an answer. Whenever that happens to me, I feel like the person is shutting me up, taking me out of the picture or making me feel unimportant.

Any other pointless questions you wanna share?

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